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There is a wide range of shisha brands in the hookah market. Knowing the features and quality is vital for all the hookah fanatics. Whether you have experience in smoking or not at all, you must be aware and not pick the wrong one. Therefore to avoid confusions, I’ve boiled down everything you want to know about the shisha that suits you the best. Continue reading Washed VS Unwashed Shisha: What is The Difference?

As you may know, hookah coals can make or break your session, see, using a bad coals can completely ruin your smoking experience, it can kill the flavor pretty bad, so in this article, we want to tell you what is the best hookah coal you can buy in 2019 as well as quick buying guide to let you know why you should seriously consider buying natural coconut coals, so before we start our review, let’s jump out to the quick look of the table.
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Starbuzz company has gained a lot of popularity over the years, and their most popular flavor is,  you guess, Blue Mist. This shisha flavor is the most basic flavor, easy to mix and recommendable from the beginners to advanced hookah smokers. Here is our view of this most reviewed flavor in the earth, we represent to you complete Starbuzz blue mist review.  Continue reading Starbuzz Blue Mist Review 2019

Coco Nara’s are definitely one of the best natural hookah coals out there, one of those coals that last longer and does not leave many ashes behind. These coals are earned a reputation among hookah smokers for a reason and today we’ll tell you why.

So, here’s our complete Coco Nara coals review.

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There are many premium hookahs available on the market with a wide array of a traditional and modern touch. To avoid confusions regarding your choices, it is important to know the features and experience it delivers. Therefore, depending on whether you’re a seasoned smoker or just starting out, you can treat yourself with one of the following hookahs. Continue reading Best Cheap Hookahs Under $100 – IceD Smoking Pro

Are you searching for a good hookah hose? The shisha hoses are important in helping enhance the smoke experience. These hoses come in various sizes, colors, styles, and prices ranging between affordable and crazy expensive. The hose is probably the most important part of the entire hookah where the smoke passes through. For collectors, it is also an interesting decorative piece. Continue reading Best Hookah Hoses in 2019: Top Hose & Outstanding Buyer’s Guide

This article will guide you through the process of how to set up the hookah properly. This can be a complicated process for beginners, so we’ve made this guide to make your life easier.  Here, you will find step by step instructions as well as some tips for the best smoking experience. Continue reading How to Set Up a Hookah: Guide for Beginners (Infographic)

The rise of silicone in the hookah industry has continued to grow, and it’s not likely that will ever stop.

BudPro is another product on our list of best hookah bowls with a bunch of good reviews, ratings, and really fair price so we couldn’t resist to un-accept their offer.

After a lot of hours of smoking from this bowl, here’s our full BudPro silicone bowl review.

Reviewed Product BudPro Bowl
Type of the Bowl Phunnel
Material Silicone
Size Large
Editor’s Rating 5 star rating
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Khalil Mamoon hookahs are one of those old-fashioned hookahs which are on the market for years, their hookah brought many of us into the world of smoking so we decided to put one of their timeless hookahs on a list of best hookahs in 2019. We’ve collected the data and opinions from various websites and here you can find our complete Khalil Mamoon ice chamber review.

Reviewed Product Khalil Mamoon Ice Chamber
Hookah Type Traditional
Number of Hoses 1 Hose
Editor Rating 5 star rating

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