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Are you looking for the best hookah tobacco brands?

Well, you are at the right place, we have created a list of the top 20 shisha brands that you can find online.

With a good brand you will never again have a bad smoking session, Run through this article and learn a lot about good shishas.

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According to many good ratings for this brand, we decided to order and test this hookah in order to make a complete Lit hookah review. Well here’s our report.

Reviewed Product Lit Hookah
Hookah Type Glass
Number of Hose 2 Hoses
Editor’s Rating 5 star rating

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Here, you will get to know all about the Top 6 best hookahs on the market in 2019, Reviews and which one to choose? Hookah inhaling sessions are surely fun and cool but yes, they are as addictive and as harmful as cigarettes! A plethora of options to get your hands-on and you’re confused? We give you an insight into the 6 best hookahs to buy, reviews and more… Read on to find out about the best hookahs on Amazon. Continue reading Best Hookahs on The Market: Complete Guide (Updated 2019)

We’ve already had written an article about our opinion of the top hookahs on the market but now I want to show you something better.

This guide will show you 30+ most popular hookah brands.

In our other articles, we’ve covered some of the best shisha flavors and hookah accessories and this is our ultimate guide which will help you to find the top hookah brand for you.

In a crowd of different brands, you’re surely confused and overwhelmed. If you do not want to look further, I’ve put everything in one place.

So let’s get started.

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Starbuzz,  have you heard for that name? If you’re a hookah smoker for a while you must have heard, but if not, basically that is the number one brand in the hookah industry. Some people call it a brand for beginners, some people will disagree with that but the truth is, this brand makes some of the best and most creative flavors on the market. Continue reading Best Starbuzz Flavors: 14 Best & Top-Selling Flavors (2019 Review)

Are you searching for the best hookah flavors?  Well, you definitely came to the right place. Here you’ll find our list of some of the best selling, most reviewed and top shishas of all time. Choosing the right shisha is become an overwhelming process, due to many different brands and tastes. Continue reading Best Hookah Flavors: Our list of Top shisha flavors of all time

You’re planning to buy Hookah but you’re confused about, what to look for in a good hookah? Well! Don’t worry because today we’re here to help. This brief will answer all your questions and tell you all you have to take into consideration when buying hookah. To be precise there are several factors but am going to share some of the main things that you should take into consideration. Continue reading How to Buy a Hookah: Check Out Best Hookah Guide (2019)

Every hookah preparations need a separate layer between the coal and the tobacco.  Aluminum foil is the most common cover for hookah bowls.

The foil offers mediation between tobacco and the coals used to heat. As an alternative, some people use a metal screen for the same reason.

Although most of them say that Aluminum foil is better, it all depends on personal preferences.

Therefore, you should ask yourself which one you prefer.

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The Hookah or: shisha, pipewater pipe, peace pipe, hubble-bubblechillumnarghilekalian.

These are all different names for the same thing that come from different parts of the world.

Nargile has always inspired poets and writers, but let’s go back to the origin of the hookah and present it from its existence to this day.

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