Best Al-Fakher Flavors in 2021: Review & Buying Guide

Best Al-Fakher Flavors in 2021: Review & Buying Guide

Everyone knows about Al-Fakher, it’s because this is one of the most popular shishas of all time.

Their products are made of the finest tobacco varieties, and that is something that every hookah smoker needs to try. In this article, we will discuss what is Al-Fakher? How to buy Al-Fakher shisha? How to pack Al-Fakher flavors?

We’ll tell you what are the best Al-Fakher flavor mixes and Finally, we chose the top ten best Al-Fakher flavors and you will get the complete list and review of each one. After reading this article, you will know exactly which are the best flavors in our opinion and the opinion of many fans of this famous brand.

So, let’s dive in.

What are the Best Al-Fakher Flavors?

Image DescriptionScore Check Price
Al-Fakher Shisha Grape with Mint

Al-Fakher Shisha Grape with Mint

2 Al-Fakher Double Apple with Mint

Al-Fakher Double Apple with Mint

3 Al-Fakher Shisha Mint

Al-Fakher Shisha Mint

4 Al Fakher Bubble Gum

Al Fakher Bubble Gum

5 Al-Fakher Jasmine Flavor

Al-Fakher Jasmine Flavor

6 Al-Fakher Cola Flavor

Al-Fakher Cola Flavor

7 Al-Fakher Vanilla

Al-Fakher Vanilla

8 Al-Fakher Apricot

Al-Fakher Apricot

9 Al-Fakher Cappuccino

Al-Fakher Cappuccino

10 Al-Fakher Herbal Mix 

Al-Fakher Herbal Mix 

Here is the top 10 Al-Fakher flavors list?

We made a complete review of each one so you get a clear picture. Also, we’ll tell you some of the cons of those flavors so you decide on your own which one is the best for you.

  1. Al-Fakher Shisha Grape with Mint
  2. Al-Fakher Herbal Mix
  3. Al-Fakher Double Apple with Mint
  4. Al-Fakher Shisha Mint
  5. Al Fakher Bubble Gum
  6. Al-Fakher Jasmine Flavor
  7. Al-Fakher Coca-Cola Flavor
  8. Al-Fakher Vanilla
  9. Al-Fakher Apricot
  10. Al-Fakher Cappuccino

Al-Fakher Flavor List & Review

1. Al-Fakher Shisha (Grape with Mint)

Al Fakher grape shisha flavorCheck Out The Best Deal
If you are a fruit flavor fan, the Al Fakher tobacco (Grape with Mint) Flavor is definitely worth trying. It is a perfect choice for grape flavor lovers looking for a mint taste in the background.

This flavor leaves a rich grape taste and smell in the mouth, making it one of the best Al-Fakher flavors on the top of our list. It is a non-tobacco product and is hence ideal for beginner smokers looking to experience the joy of smoking shisha. For most smokers who have not tried a fruit and mint mix flavor before, Grape with Mint Flavor is the ideal option.


According to some reviews, beginners may experience a gasp due to the mint taste. Moreover, the mint also makes it lighter than other flavors and is hence not the best for ring blowers or vapers.

2. Al Fakher Double Apple with Mint

Al Fakher Double Apple shisha
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In their series of double fruit and mint flavor editions, the Al-Fakher Double Apple with Mint Flavor remains one of the most sought after by consumers worldwide. Numerous consumer reviews praised the flavor immensely after its production sometime in 2012. It is a mixture of double grape and a touch of mint in the background.

This makes it one of the sweetest flavors on our list due to the rich grape taste left behind when smoking. The mild mint complements the grapefruit taste minimizing the instances of coughing, which is common in other mint flavors.

After the success of the flavor in the market, Al-Fakher went ahead to produce other double fruit and single mint mix flavors that many enthusiasts have welcomed. On top of the rich, sweet taste, the double apple and mint also give a good buzz like other tobacco shisha flavors.

According to sentiments from cloud and ring blowers, the flavor is one of the best in blowing rings, unlike other minted flavors. Very few flavors can match the taste and experience gotten from smoking the double apple and mint flavor from Al-Fakher.


There are few negative sentiments about this particular flavor. It is not the best option for consumers looking for a rich mint taste in a fruit-based flavor.

3. Al-Fakher Pure Mint

Al Fakher mint shisha
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For smokers looking to smoke a purely mint flavor without any fruit mix accompaniments, then the Al-Fakher non-tobacco Mint Flavor is an ideal option. It contains 100% mint leaves flavor with no additional mixtures.

Further, the company produces both tobacco and non-tobacco options for the same flavor and is hence important to state your preferred type to the seller. Mint flavor revolutionized the hookah industry due to the unique taste and aroma experienced when smoking.

Previous flavors that contained no mint proved difficult to smoke, especially for new shisha enthusiasts. The mint flavor hence made it easier and comfortable to smoke other flavors without having to worry about the aftertaste.

It is also smooth and rich in taste, making it the most common flavor that can be mixed with other fruit and flower flavors. Nevertheless, it is a rich flavor worth considering before moving on to other mint flavors available in the market.


The Al Fakher Mint shisha is not the ideal option for smokers seeking to get high or feel the buzz associated with shisha since it contains no tobacco. According to consumer reviews, the flavor induces gasping, especially in new mint smokers.

4. Al Fakher (Bubble Gum)

Al Fakher Bubble gum flavor
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The Bubble Gum is by far one of the top Al-Fakher flavors we have come across, making it the editor’s pick in this review. This is the flavor to settle for if you are looking for an explosion of different fruit tastes in your mouth, giving you the bubblegum richness when smoking.

According to numerous consumer reviews on various websites, the Al-Fakher non-tobacco bubblegum flavor is the ideal taste to offer a beginner. The rich and mesmerizing taste makes newbies love shisha smoking almost instantly hence the numerous positive reception by consumers.

The most outstanding aspect of the flavor is the sweet taste of numerous fruit mixtures and the ease of smoking. It is also one of the few flavors that can be smoked for a long time without the need to add more flavor to the hookah. Further, the bubblegum flavor produces a thick cloud of smoke, making it ideal for cloud and ring blowing.

There are entirely no sentiments of cases of choking from smoking the flavor irrespective of experience in shisha smoking. According to us, this is the flavor to start with if you have never tried smoking shisha.


This is, however, lighter than others and is hence not the best for ring blowers, vapers, or mint-based flavor fanatics.

5. Al-Fakher Jasmine Flavor

box of Al Fakher Jasmine hookah flavor
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Shisha lovers who prefer flower-based flavors to fruit-based flavors will find Jasmine Flavor quite mesmerizing. The flavor stands-out from the other flower-based flavors by Al-Fakher due to its rich aroma and mesmerizing taste. According to reviews from a variety of authority websites, the flavor is relatively lighter than most other flavors.

This makes it ideal for consumers looking for a sweet-tasting flavor with light smoke but rich in flavor. It is light enough to mitigate instances of choking when smoking. Due to the natural aroma produced by jasmine, the flavor is quite strong.

Experienced shisha smokers hence recommend the flavor to people looking for a somewhat strong aroma and taste. It is sold by S & L Wholesale and comes with a pair of small and large-sized, male, and female mouthpiece tips that are disposable. The tips make smoking more comfortable and efficient as compared to smoking directly from the pipe.


Due to its lightness, the flavors burn quicker than other options. Further, its lightness makes it a wrong choice for smokers looking for a cloudy flavor capable of producing smoke rings.

6. Al Fakher Cola Flavor

box of Al Fakher Cola shisha
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The Al-Fakher Cola Flavor is one of the products that make the company one of the most dynamic in relation to flavor production. Before its introduction, there were no available cola flavors for hookahs in the market. The flavor is one of the sweetest and richest in taste, making it a preference for many smokers, both experienced and newbies.

Just like the normal taste of cola from the Coca-Cola beverage, the flavor leaves a refreshing and mesmerizing taste in your mouth every time it is inhaled and exhaled. Due to the prevalence of the Coca-Cola drink, many consumers find the flavor quite comfortable and worth trying. It also makes it an ideal option for beginners.

The heaviness, on the other hand, makes it an ideal option for consumers looking to vape or produce incredible smoke rings. It is also sold by S & L Wholesale and comes with a pair of small and large-sized, male and female mouthpiece disposable tips that make smoking more comfortable and efficient as compared to smoking directly from the pipe.


It produces heavy smoke and hence burns relatively faster than most other flavors. According to sentiments on various sites, however, the Al Fakher Cola is not the ideal choice for someone seeking to mix it with other flavors due to its unique taste and smell.

7. Al-Fakher Vanilla

box of Al Fakher Vanilla tobacco flavor
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If you are a fan of vanilla, whether in ice cream, milk, etc., then you will love this Al-Fakher tobacco flavor. The flavor tastes like the conventional vanilla and leaves a sugary taste during use. Many people are already conversant with vanilla flavor, which makes it comfortable and sweet to many users.

According to reviews, the flavor is also quite dense and burns relatively slower than most other flavors. Despite the density of the smoke, the flavor does not cause gasping unless inhaled in immense amounts. It is also ideal for smokers seeking a flavor for vaping or smoke-ring blowing.

Like the two other flavors above, it comes with a pair of small and large-sized, mouthpiece disposable tips that make smoking more comfortable and efficient as compared to smoking directly from the pipe.


It is not an ideal flavor for mixtures since the vanilla aroma is easily subdued by other stronger flavors.

8. Al Fakher Apricot

box of Al Fakher Apricot hookah shisha
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The Al-Fakher Apricot Flavor is worth considering especially if taste and buzz are what you are looking for in a hookah flavor. It produces some of the richest aromas of apricot fruit flavor while leaving behind a smooth and sweet taste. Although many consumers liken the smell to that of the Peach Flavor, there is a clear distinction between the two.

The smoke is relatively smoother than other fruit flavors like orange and peach. Due to this, it burns relatively slower than other options, with minimal instances of coughing. Sentiments from authority websites rate the smoothness of this flavor above other popular ones like orange and blueberry.

This is hence an ideal option for first-time shisha smokers and provides just the right amount of buzz needed. Further, it comes with a pair of small and large-sized, mouthpiece disposable tips that make smoking more comfortable and efficient as compared to smoking directly from the pipe.


The flavor’s lightness makes it a wrong choice for smokers looking for a cloudy flavor capable of producing smoke rings.

9.Al-Fakher Cappuccino

box of Al Fakher Caffee shisha Flavor
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If you are a coffee enthusiast, you will definitely love the Cappuccino Flavor. Just as the name suggests, the flavor comes with the strong and sweet aroma that accompanies the regular cappuccino at Starbucks. The flavor is strong and sweet as compared to the other available options.

Since most consumers are coffee lovers ( which is not so strange because the coffee goes well with shisha smoking.) there are very few complaints about this particular flavor.

The smoke is smooth and does not choke unless for beginners. Moreover, the after-taste is sweet and mesmerizing, leaving the consumer with relatively fresher breath. Nevertheless, it comes with a pair of small and large-sized, mouthpiece disposable tips that make smoking more comfortable and efficient as compared to smoking directly from the pipe.


According to consumer sentiments, the Al Fakher 250g Cappuccino Flavor is best smoked solely, without mixing with other flavors. This is because the flavor is quite strong and may not mix well with lighter options.

10. Al-Fakher Herbal Mix

various jars of Al Fakher herbal shisha
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For shisha enthusiasts looking for a healthier option, the Al-Fakher Herbal Shisha package is worth considering. The package contains an array of different herbal flavors including fresh mint, apple, strawberry, lemon, grape, peach, rose, orange, double apple, and watermelon.

The flavors are not only tasty and refreshing but also relatively safer than other options available in the market. The different flavors to choose from in the package gives the user the liberty to mix different flavors and come up with a unique mix.

Mint lovers especially have the chance to mix different fruit flavors with the mint without necessarily purchasing a particular mint and fruit flavor combination. Moreover, those who do not fancy mint, maybe due to coughing, can smoke the other flavors comfortably. All the flavors contained in the package are processed with precision to leave you with a rich and smooth taste every time you smoke.


The Al Fakher Herbal Shisha Hookah Non-Tobacco, however, is not the ideal option for smokers looking for a buzz since they are both non-tobacco and herbal flavors.

Best Al-Fakher Shisha-Buyer’s Guide

What is Al-Fakher?

Al-Fakher is a company founded in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 1999, as a tobacco processing plant specializing in the production of shisha tobacco. Shisha smoking dates back over 5 centuries ago, mainly in the Middle East region, and has since spread to other parts of the world.

Al-Fakher remains one of the most renowned processors of shisha flavors consumed worldwide. They mix exquisite European flavors to produce the richest smoking experience for shisha enthusiasts across the globe. There are numerous types of flavors and flavor mixes to choose from, depending on preference.

Al-Fakher periodically tests and introduces new flavors in the market according to consumer taste and preferences. The package sizes range from 50 grams to 1000 grams for all their flavors. This brand is number #1 in the world of smoking shisha.

How to buy Al-Fakher Shisha?

Al-Fakher products and shisha flavors are available for purchase on both online and physical stockists’ locations across the globe. The company sells its products through its official website as well as various authority websites like Amazon and eBay.

Further, various affiliate sites and stockists sell the products and flavors. Most sellers require the customer to have attained the age of majority, which is 18 or 21 years depending on the location.

How to Spot Fake Al-Fakher?

Looking out for genuine Al-Fakher products is crucial to give you the best experience and taste when smoking. There are various things to look out for both on the product and the package to determine its authenticity.

  1. Genuine Al Fakher package contains an est before’ date printed on the top of the lid, something that fake ones lack.
  2.  Fake flavors are bright-colored, with a sharp hue and a light texture. Al-Fakher’s fresh flavors are dark with a paste-like texture.
  3. The print on original products is eligible and bright whereas fake ones are faded and ineligible.
  4. The bag containing the flavor is smaller and brightly colored on fake products. Genuine Al-Fakher flavor is packed in a dark and slightly larger paper.
  5. Fake flavors contain a pull tab to open the lid, which the original Al Fakher flavors lack.
  6.  Below Gold Crown, there is a gold oval print written in red Arabic letters. There is also a gold ribbon written Al-Fakher in red letters in English. Fake flavors lack these characteristics.

How to pack Al Fakher flavors?

The method of packing and loading Al-Fakher flavors varies with the preferences of the consumer. Packing determines the comfortability and easiness of your hookah experience irrespective of the type of flavor. The most ideal way of loading or packing shisha is by doing so in light amounts.

A considerable amount of flavor burns smoothly and evenly, giving out a strong cloud of smoke, a strong aroma, and a rich taste. It is prudent to avoid packing too much flavor since it may burn unevenly and result in an unenjoyable hookah experience. The lighter the packaging/loading, the better your hookah experience becomes. Also, remember to use the best burning charcoal to guarantee even and complete burning of the flavor when smoking.

The Best Al-Fakher Mixes

Every hookah enthusiast has their own preference when it comes to mixing the various flavors on the market. Here are the four most outstanding Al-Fakher Flavor Mixes worth trying out.

1. Blueberry/Orange/Vanilla.

Commonly known as the Blueberry Buckle, this mix contains ¼ Vanilla, ¼ Orange, and Blueberry flavors. The powerful blueberry flavor is complemented evenly by both orange and vanilla flavors. It is both a sweet and smooth tasting mix worth trying out.

2. Lemon Rose.

This comprises equal amounts of both lemon and rose. Since it is both a fruit and flower-based mix, it gives an unpredictable and mesmerizing taste when consumed. Neither the rose nor lemon flavor dominates the other, guaranteeing a sweet, unique taste.

3. Blueberry/Golden Grape.

This is a mixture of two strong and sweet fruit flavors. They are both mixed in equal amounts and leaves a wine-like taste upon exhalation. This is an ideal mix for wine and fruit lovers. It is both sweet and smooth, with no instances of choking.

4. Watermelon Mint/Vanilla.

The two flavors are some of the most popular options from Al Fakher. When mixed in equal measure, the aroma and taste are simply indescribable, with a slight touch of mint. The vanilla flavor leaves a creamy taste of awesomeness when exhaled, making it one of the best mixes available.


That’s it, we believe that you got here everything you need to know about this brand. Our complete guide covered every single thing that we believe you must know before you decide to buy. Remember that the flavor choices are very different, Something good for us maybe is not for you.

We have done thorough research before publishing this article and these tastes are most loved by many shisha smokers. In the sea of different brands, this is definitely one of the best.

We hope that you learned something here. We touch everything that you may want to know as a beginner, so when you’re next time ready to change your favorite flavor, just look at this list you’ll definitely find something for you.

If you like this article let us know in the comment section or just share it with someone who must know about this ultimate guide.

Which is your list of the best Al-Fakher flavors?

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