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Best Coconut Coals For Hookah: Find Top 10 Hookah Coals in 2019

Hello, Friends, we are here to tell you about best shisha coals. Hookah was being used in ancient time. But again it is in trend and now hookah in your home! Leaves a nice impression. Right? As you know that one uses different kinds of coals for hookah. So, It is sometimes confusing to choose coal. Every shisha charcoal has its own features.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you out to choose which are the best coals. Today’s era is called the digital era so, why to go here and there, Let’s visit the most versatile online store AMAZON.

After searching for many different coals, we presenting here some best coals having different features. In total, they are 10.

What are Best Hookah Coals in 2019?

COCO NARA1.5 HOUR5/5buy button
RED CUBE1 HOUR4.5/5buy button
black diamond coconut hookah coalsBLACK DIAMOND1 HOUR4.5/5 buy button
pharaoh's coconut coals for hookahPHARAOH'S1 HOUR4/5buy button
TITANIUM45 MIN4/5buy button
COCO ALA45 MIN 4/5buy button
ECHOCHA 40 MIN 4/5buy button
NEVER EXHALE30 MIN4/5buy button
THREE KING30 MIN3.5/5buy button

If that is not enough for you to choose, here is the list and review of each and every single one.

1. Coco Nara-Top Rated Natural Charcoals

Editor Choice

coco nara best coconut coals for hookah

This is one of the best coconut coals for hookah. Coco Nara has occupied plenty of customers in the hookah market. Made of compressed coconut shells.

Once you start lighting these coal on your gas stove or electric burner, it takes up to 5-8 minutes to burn and glow red. It is tasteless and maintains your incense taste.

Lasts up to 1 hour. Let us tell about some specifications/features of this product. It does not contain sulfur and leaves less than 5% ash.

Does not produce any spark and burns nicely. It is economical as well as environment-friendly. Again a worth of money product.

But the best part is, This is one of the best choices of all the hookah lovers.

Coco Nara best natural hookah coals

2. RED CUBE-Best Coconut Shisha Charcoals

red cube coconut coals for hookah

This is a high-quality coal for hookah and made of coconut shell. So, It is environment-Friendly and also chemical free. Let’s see some specifications of coconut hookah shisha charcoal.

It is smokeless, Does not produce any smell and no spark also. Non-toxic, easy to light and longer burning time. Has minimal ash residue and superior burning time.

It contains very few percentages of moisture. Comes in cubical shape which is again very attractive. Its name itself is red cube because after getting hot this cube-shaped coal really looks like a red hot cube.

3. Titanium Coconut Shell Hookah Coals

titanium coconut coals for hookah

These coals are made of 100% natural compressed coconut shells. Titanium is known as one of the best brands for hookah coals.

Titanium coals are mere symmetrical, It is less porous, Which leads to longer burns in lower temperature. It results in best testing bowls. Interestingly, you when you’ll put off the ash then you’ll find it is lesser in quantity than other coals produce. It lasts up to 45 minutes to an hour generally.

While lightning it won’t smell much like other coals do. It won’t take away your actual flavor of tobacco. This is a buy once and again kind of coal. We will recommend you to buy it and test it and again compare with other coal’s experience.

You will find on your own, why we speaking highly of these coals. These coals are worth buying and again one of the best coconut coals for hookah.

4. Three King Incense Hookah Coals

three king coconut coals for hookah

It is a pack of self-lighting charcoal disks. It’s burning time is greater than half an hour and does not produce any kind of odor. It gets lighten easily and burns nicely. This is a worth of money product.

It gives you a better quality product at a lesser price. Its size is not very large and comes in a very beautiful round shaped disks/tablets.

It is a dense charcoal with slow burning and minimal smoking. Its shape itself is so satisfying that we personally recommend you to try it once.

5. Black Diamond Natural  Hookah Charcoal

2 kg black diamond hookah coals

This is a purely natural product made of 100% natural coconut shell. It is a large cube-shaped hookah charcoal which burns hotter, long lasting and produces less amount of ash.

As we said it is natural, so it does not contain glues, fillers or nitrates. The product is eco-friendly and does not contain any pesticides or repellents.

It won’t leave any kind of charcoal taste. So, you can enjoy your hookah pretty nicely. We recommend you to try it once as it is worth for money product.

 6. NeverXhale Natural Coconut Charcoal

never exhale hookah coconut coals

It is made of 100% natural coconut husks. It comes in beautiful cube shape and works awesome when turns red. The coal is tasteless and odorless.

It lasts longer than other charcoals and maintains original incense smell. Not porous and usually comes in 1 inches cubical shape.

Lasts over an hour. As it is natural, It does not have any toxic chemicals too. Can take up to 10 minutes to get it lightened.

It does not contain sulfur and it burns up to 3 times than another charcoal. Its name itself tells once you inhale, you would never want to exhale it from your mouth.

7. Pharaoh’s  Natural Hookah Charcoal

pharaoh's coconut coals for hookah

It is 100% natural coconut shell hookah. Comes in a rectangular shape. It is tasteless and odorless. Does not even produce the spark when lighting.

As it is natural, So doesn’t contain sulfur. It lasts longer and easily gets lighten on your stove.

It does not leave too much ash after getting done with your hookah. Like other coals, it is also imported.

8. Coco Ala Natural Hookah Shisha Coals

coco ala hookah cocnut coals

It is 100% natural hookah shisha charcoals. It is made of compressed coconut shells and lasts 3 times longer than other charcoals.

Its briquettes are made of all natural materials like coconut shell charcoal. One thing to pay attention towards it is, it uses natural starch as a binder.

Which we didn’t find till now in any other hookah charcoal producing companies.

Natural starch won’t harm your body at all and on the other hand, it won’t let the briquette break into small pieces to spoil your excellent hookah experience.

Now, let us tell you a secret behind the briquette to burn easily, It is because during the compression of the material the temperature rises sufficiently to make moisture inside coconut shell charcoal to evaporate.

It does not contain borax, nitrate, and anthracite.

9. Ecocha Coconut Hookah Charcoals

Again a product which is 100% natural. But this product has a specification i.e. it is made of a special breed of coconut palms which is only grown up in Indonesia.

It does not influence your flavor of hookah and burns hot. Most importantly it lasts longer by showing excellent burning time. It is made from the shell of Borneo palm nuts.

The proof of its being natural is, It is made of only water and manioca organic starch. It is free of chemicals and propellant and one of the best coconut coals for hookah.

It supplies 40-50 minutes burning time for each coal. The flat version of coconut charcoals are compressed into rectangles, So it does not produce much ash.

It does not contain any quick lighting chemicals so one needs a gas burner to lighten these charcoal cubes. We recommend you to try it once, it can be your one of the best choices for coal.

10. Lemon Mint Hookah Charcoals

lemon mint flavored hookah coals

It is a natural product but having a different feature, which separates it from other coals for hookah. That special feature is Its lemon flavor.

These charcoals contain a hole in the middle which makes it look more attractive.

Comes in round shape unlike others in a cube or rectangular shape. Considered to be one of the best coals.

It concentrates the heat better and gives you a different and amazing smoking experience. Comes in a variety of pineapple also.

It is eco-friendly and pocket-friendly also.

Hookah Coal Guide – Important Things to Know

Best Way to Light Hookah Coals

1. You need to put the coal(s) on the burner either single or if more then one then touching each other.

We made a complete review of the top hookah coal heaters which have proven to be the best for burning natural coal.

Some of them will be listed here.

2. Turn the heat on and set it on the highest flame.

3. As you know depending on shape, size, and compositions, every coal has different burning time. But if taken on average, Then to heat up one side, It takes 4-5 minutes.

4. You don’t need to provide this much of time on another side to heat it up.

5. Let the coal turn red and now it is ready to be placed on a hookah. It’s time to enjoy.

Now as we know how to heat hookah coals, so can’t we have some variety of the coals?

Human nature, won’t let you stay on the boundary of just one choice.

Natural VS Quick Light Coals

If you beginner smoker you may wonder which is better natural or quick light coals, so we want to break things down for you and compare these two coals.

First, we start talking about natural coals.

They are made from coconut shell the less known to be made from bamboo, but coconut shells are the best and most recognizable.

Adventages and disadventages of coconut coals are:

  • Burn longer.
  • Better taste.
  • Made from natural ingredients.

  • You need an electronic burner to turn it in red color.
  • They need more time to get red.

Let’s say a few words about quick light coals and also a pros and cons of it.

Quick burning coals are supplied with chemicals for quick lighting, usually sulfur.

Most often you would like to use them when you are away from home and you can not use an electrical device. You can burn these coals with a lighter.

Pros and cons of quick light coals are:

  • It should take no more than one minute to go red.
  • Due to light ignition, you can easily replace them with a new one when burned.

  • They kill the flavor.
  • It lasts from half an hour to 45 minutes maximum.
  • have chemical ingredients for faster burning.
  • They leave more ashes.

That’s all you need to know when making a decision.

Which Are The Best Natural Coals You Can Buy?

So Now, You know about 10 different varieties of best natural hookah coals. Which, in our research, we found the best.

But in starting we told, human nature! It is now confusing you which to buy and which not to? People are thinking about what to do now? Don’t get panic.

We are here to help you out. It’s comparison time. Out of all these 10 different kinds of coals, we have found 2 choices for us. We will tell you also that why we chose that coals for hookah.

Presenting the king of hookah charcoals, COCO NARA. Yes, as we told previously also, it is the most wanted charcoal and most used coal for hookah lovers. Its pack itself is a state of art. For different quantity different color packs and spot UV.

They established in 2005 and now you know where it is. Most trustworthy brand for hookah lovers. You will always find a golden seal label and a hologram on the outer box of Coco Nara which proves its authenticity.

Apart from Coco Nara, it gives different variations like Coco Mazaya, Coco Stix, and Coco Brix. You will find Coco Nara tobacco range also. It comes in flat and cube, two different shapes.

So, this was the king of coals Coco Nara. Now let’s move to our other choices. That is Titanium Coconut shell hookah coals. Its name itself contains Titanium. It comes in 3 different shapes i.e. flats, cubes, cubettes. Its cutting is very fine with sharp edges which form actual mathematical shape.

The best thing about Titanium coal is, It provides consistent and even heat. This is leading to some customer migration from Coco Nara to Titanium. The rectangularly shaped Titanium coals are one of the best coals you can buy.

Want to know why? It’s because It burns up to 1 and half hour. Lasts longer and gives what exactly you want. Titanium has set a benchmark in the hookah market. You won’t get any flavor or smell in your hookah at all.


Now it would be clear to you which coal to buy. Everyone has their own choice, own taste and of course own flavor.

Some choose coals based on their time to burn. Rather some select it on basis of being natural or synthetic. Some want different flavors.

Everyone has their own way of being a perfectionist. We have given you our opinions but its all up to you which coal you buy.

After doing too much research over best coals, These 10 which we described above, we chose.

Keeping in mind that different parameters and aspects which people used to think before purchasing the best shisha coals.

But suggesting one thing, one should try different coals every time. Which changes their flavor. And also if you try different coals one after another, you will find your best choice out of these 10. Right?

Different Brands, Shapes, Sizes and of course different flavors. Try it enjoy it and find which are the best for you. We hope we have helped you to evaluate every coal in different parameters.

That’s all from our side. Now it’s your turn to visit AMAZON and buy the best out of the best coconut coals for hookah.

After all, hookah is classy and as we told in beginning, it sets a standard and leaves an impression on the people.

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