10 Best Fumari Flavors Premium Shisha Worth Trying Immediately

10 Best Fumari Flavors: Premium Shisha Worth Trying

Fumari is one of the famous shisha brands raised in San Diego. Since 1997 Fumari makes one of the best shishas recognizable by its incredibly good tastes and long-lasting sessions, it’s also one of the juiciest shishas on the market.

If you never tried Fumari, chances are you are missing a lot. The cut of the tobacco and its wetness is something I personally love about Fumari, but delicious flavors and massive thick and milky clouds are really something that Fumari is recognizable for.

In our latest article, you will get to know everything about Fumari as a brand + our pick of the top 10 Fumari flavors worth buying today.

So lets get started. Jump over to each section you are interested in.

What is Fumari Flavor?

Fumari logo with text what Fumari shisha is

If you’re here today wondering what Fumari is, then we can safely assume you are new to your hookah smoking habit, because if you’re not then, are you living under a rock?

That’s because Fumari produces high-quality, premium shisha tobacco, beautifully packed together in small quantities as it is carefully picked out tobacco. Since 1997, Fumari has been at the front of blessing us all with some super long-lasting flavors! As you may know, Fumari is most beginner-friendly shisha, because they use washed shisha for making their flavors.

There’s a big difference between unwashed and washed shisha Fumari Produce. Fumari tobacco contains a lower amount of nicotine (which means less buzz) and that’s why this brand is our best pick for newbies.

Is Fumari Shisha Good?

loaded bowl with Fumari shisha and two pouch of tobacco

Many times, for questions asking whether a brand is good or not, a common answer you hear is “Depends on your taste!”.

But with Fumari, you won’t find anyone saying that because it has everything for everyone!

So whether you didn’t like the shisha flavor it is not because Fumari is bad, but rather because the flavor was probably not what you preferred smoking!

The thing is, Fumari has 34 flavors to choose from! Now please, don’t tell us you did not like any one of them!

Not sure which one to choose?  Too many choices, many seem interesting but you don’t know if you’re willing to try?

Worry not, this is why we are here!

We will be talking about our favorite Fumari shisha flavors today based on the many hookah sessions we’ve had smoking these exotic flavors!

What Are The Top 10 Fumari Flavors?

After having smoked Fumari for a long time, we believe we can give you a list of the top and MUST TRY Fumari hookah flavors!

Image DescriptionScore Check Price
Fumari Blueberry Muffin

Fumari Blueberry Muffin

Fumari Ambrosia Shisha Flavor

Fumari Ambrosia Shisha Flavor

Fumari Lemon Mint Shisha

Fumari Lemon Mint Shisha

Fumari Mandarin Zest Shisha

Fumari Mandarin Zest Shisha

Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill Hookah Tobacco

Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill Hookah Tobacco

Fumari Mojito Mojo Tobacco

Fumari Mojito Mojo Tobacco

Fumari Spiced Chai Shisha

Fumari Spiced Chai Shisha

Fumari Tobacco Nectarine

Fumari Tobacco Nectarine

Fumari Shisha Red Gummy Bear

Fumari Shisha Red Gummy Bear

Fumari Tropical Punch

Fumari Tropical Punch

But wait, this is only the tip of the iceberg, check out our complete Fumari flavors review.

Our Fumari Shisha List & Full Review

1. Fumari Blueberry Muffin

pouch of Fumari blueberry muffin shisha

Have you ever eaten a blueberry muffin? Chances are that you have!

Well, let’s just say the Fumari Blueberry Muffin flavor tastes like you are chewing on a blueberry muffin because that is just how accurately they have recreated the hookah flavor!

One can always trust Fumari to turn your snack or breakfast routine into a hookah flavor you are smoking! Keep your cup of coffee nearby, who knows, maybe you will want to have some while you puff on your hookah.

That is because the powerful, sweet smell of the Fumari Blueberry Muffin might just confuse your brain into thinking you are eating a blueberry flavored muffin right now!

The flavor, like all Fumari flavors, will last you a long session of approximately an hour (Depending on how you smoke it of course). Make sure you keep in mind that Blueberry has a reputation of being a relatively stronger flavor compared to many.
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2. Ambrosia

pouch of Fumari ambrosia shisha tobacco

How awesome does any hookah flavor smell? But with most flavors, they do not taste as good when smoked, because, well, of course, we taste them after they’re burning under coals right?

How amazing would it feel if you smell a bag of sweet melon hookah tobacco, and then after you have done the hard work of packing it all together, you burn it up and it tastes exactly like the beautiful smell! Well, that is exactly the case with Fumari’s Ambrosia, which is why we chose it to be one of our top 10 choices!

If you find the name confusing, we can just make it easy for you and let you know it tastes exactly like the Sweet Melon fruit. Do you know what else is the greatest thing about the Fumari Ambrosia? We already know it is your favorite thing. Well, it produces THICK-CLOUDS AT EVERY PUFF!

We would always recommend trying Fumari Ambrosia at least once in your hookah journey. It is a high-quality and long-lasting choice to go for!
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3. Fumari Lemon Mint

pouch of Fumari lemon mint shisha flavor

This flavor is as straightforward as its name suggests it to be. A great, refreshing kick of lemon and mint to satisfy your hookah cravings! It is definitely one of those flavors that smell so powerful it can wake you up even on your sleepiest moments.

Due to the freshness we always love in any lemon and mint flavor, we love that Fumari packs its tobacco in zip-lock bags and that it really comes in handy for such hookah tobacco!

After having regularly smoked it, we can assure you that the flavor you taste is exactly how it smells, which is a positive indication of the quality of the tobacco you are smoking!

Every session we have had with the Fumari Lemon Mint, has lasted more than one hour, and no matter which flavor we like to try every time, the Lemon Mint is one which we always make sure to have in our stock!
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4. Fumari Mandarin Zest

pouch of Fumari mandarin zest shisha flavor

Picture a farm full of trees that only grow mandarins. Think of yourself walking down the farm, finding hundreds of mandarins to choose from, and then finally finding your favorite mandarin. You pick that mandarin out, carefully peel it, and you get a burst of its beautiful scent.

That same exact feeling is replicated when you open the zip-lock bag of Fumari Mandarin Zest! Once you prepare the hookah head and start smoking, the same smell comes to you in the form of taste and you ask yourself, am I smoking hookah or am I eating some fresh mandarins?

For those looking for a fruity flavor, which is the preference of many, we would always recommend trying the Fumari Mandarin Zest because it is a very inviting flavor for both, smell and taste. Moreover, it can be smoked during hot days and even cold nights.
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5. Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill

pouch of Fumari mint chocolate chill shisha flavor

The Fumari Mint Chocolate Chilli is a show of tobacco excellence. In my personal opinion, this flavor is a reflection of how great Fumari is able to score the correct smell and taste of the most exotic flavors of exquisite things like Mint Chocolate.

Considering Mint Chocolate is only liked by a few, but those who do are highly loyal to it, therefore if you are one of those who enjoy Mint Chocolate, we would absolutely recommend you buy yourself a pack of the Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill, it tastes just like a fresh box of chocolates gifted to you by your favorite aunt on a party at home!

The cool breeze of the mint goes hand in hand with the chocolate smell and taste, which also allows the flavor to last much longer than one would expect a chocolate tobacco flavor to last. Overall, this pack takes all the points; quality, smell, taste, and exoticness!
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6. Fumari Mojito Mojo

pouch of Fumari mojito mojo hookah tobacco

Just like a Mojito, the Fumari Mojito Mojo is just the choice you would pick during summer. With the perfect blend of tangy limes with mint. The flavor hits you on your sweet spots when smoking; what do we mean by that you ask?

Well, for starters, it’s refreshing, with a cool breeze, a sweet taste, a sour-lime touch, a powerful and beautiful smell. It is easily not just one of the best Fumari flavors, it is one of the best shisha flavors in the market of all shisha flavors! So out of your Fumari flavor list, you better not be leaving this one out of your bucket list!

Reminder: All the flavors we are choosing for this list include multiple smoking sessions to accurately let you know that they are long-lasting and produce a significant amount of smoke throughout the session. We can assure you once you buy the flavor and simply smell it, you will not regret your decision!
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7. Fumari Spiced Chai

pouch of Fumari spiced chai tobacco

Many do not know this but Chai simply translates to tea in many languages, most commonly in Hindi (India). I think after having smoked the Fumari Spiced Chai, we can also say Chai now also means Fumari Spiced Chai because of how accurately they have managed to copy the taste!

This flavor may taste odd to many, but we will say that unique is always fun, so you should definitely try to smoke this hookah flavor as it can be fun to experiment with other flavors in your list!
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8. Fumari Nectarine

pouch of Fumari nectarine shisha flavor

The Fumari Nectarine smells exactly like the Nectarine candy that we used to eat growing up as kids, who would have thought we’d then be smoking it in our hookahs! How times change!

Once you open the pack, you will find yourself juicy, wet, and of course a great quality, fine-cut tobacco as with all Fumari tobacco you would find in the market.

Upon smoking, this flavor produces pillow-like clouds with a very smooth nectarine flavor throughout, which is not too common in fruity flavors as they tend to get slightly stronger or harsh according to some people.

Since the tobacco is so powerful in its fruitiness, some may feel that it could be better if it is complemented with another flavor, however, we feel that we should give credit to stand-alone fruity flavors as well! SO, if you want a sweet and fruity rush in your hookah, you can always grab yourself a pack of Fumari’s Nectarine.
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9. Fumari Red Gummy Bear

pouch of Fumari white gummi bear shisha

No fun in smoking hookah if you are not willing to explore and experiment, right? Why not try the most unique flavors that no one has tried perfecting, because they are so hard to perfect?

When someone tells you that there is a high-quality Gummy Bear flavored tobacco for you to smoke in your hookah, why would you not want to try it?

Of course, you should try it! That is why Fumari Red Gummy Bear is a popular flavor amongst us all, because WHY NOT?

It smells like our happy childhood, it tastes funny and it smokes well! Normally, I don’t need more than one reason to buy a hookah flavor for the sake of experimenting, but this flavor becomes a habitual purchase after you have bought it once, not only for yourself but also because you start to enjoy the reaction of your friends or family who want to join you on your hookah session.
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10. Fumari Tropical Punch

pouch of Fumari tropical punch hookah tobacco

For all those lazy days, where you do not want to do anything, you’re bored, you want to smoke your hookah but you do not want to put in any effort to wash the hookah, light up coals, put a bowl together, poke nice holes and then smoke. How do you solve this issue?

A punch in the face to wake you up? That is a little extreme, so why not the Fumari Tropical Punch?

This flavor makes your taste buds dance because of how happy they get enjoying a smooth rush down the throat during your hookah session.

The tobacco is finely cut, with the typical Fumari flavored molasses and you can expect your hookah session to last a full one hour without any disturbances, and easily one and a half hours if you use your coals right.

We hope that this Fumari flavors review was helpful to you! Now let’s move on.
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Complete Fumari Flavor Guide

pouch of Fumari shisha and loaded shisha bowl

Fumari has proven itself against its competitors which is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to their unique and distinct flavors. Their wide variety and palette of flavors have made them rise and compete with giants like Starbuzz. With a large variety they already present, they do not leave any preference out.

Red Gummi Bear

two loaded bowls with Fumari shisha

Its flavor has a mix of red gummy bears and something similar to Hawaiian Punch. It has a large output like Fumari flavors and will last at least one hour, once you add your new set of coals, you can expect the flavors to start fading and see notable smoke volume reduction.

Lemon Mint

hookah bowl loaded with Fumari lemon-mint shisha

Is a unique blend, that focuses more on the citrus than the mint, however it is still smooth. It smells something like a lemon-scented cleaner. It does not smell strongly of menthol. However, do not let the smell deter you as it does not taste how it smells. Once the coals are on, it is smooth and citrusy with a stronger kick of mint than you would expect, judging by its smell. It can last one set of coals fairly well; heat management is important to maximize the flavor. There is a noticeable reduction in smoke and flavor after the second set of coals is added.


pouch of Fumari ambrosia on the shelf

This is a very sweet, melon-like flavor, that is similar to sweet melon or honeydew. It is a good flavor for those seeking sweetness in their sessions. It tastes almost identical to how it smells. It produces large clouds like any other Fumari flavors and gives a solid and accurate flavor to the first set of coals that begins to reduce as the session progresses beyond 45 minutes. It is a perfect standalone flavor as well as a good flavor to use to compliment others, such as mint and lemon.

Fumari Ingredients

Fumari has set a new standard when it comes to the freshness of their flavors by choosing premium flue-cured Virginia tobacco that is cut up into small pieces and homemade molasses and vegetable glycerine to ensure premium quality reaches their consumers that is easy to pack in all different varieties of shisha bowl shapes that are available in the market today.

These ingredients are mixed and left to mature until the tobacco reaches the proper consistency and beautiful golden color. The glycerine allows their tobacco to retain higher volumes of heat and make their tobacco burn longer and it also helps in increasing smoke volume to produce those large, milky clouds that are almost distinct to Fumari.

These flavors are produced in small batches, to ensure each flavor from each batch is tested before being sold so that the customer receives premium quality every time.

What Are Good Fumari Flavor Combinations?

Fumari has a wide palette of flavors that can be mixed however you want to experiment them with, however, people who are new to this may find it intimidating to experiment with flavor combinations so here are some recommendations to you:

Bluberry Muffin & French Vanilla

mix of Fumari blue muffin and french vanilla

Since the Blueberry Muffin is a standalone flavor, it allows it to blend in well with other flavors. Usually, we advise mixing flavors that are highly contrasting in taste and one should be lighter than the other. In this case, the Blueberry Muffin is powerful, whilst the French Vanilla is soft.

The combination of the two gives you a bakery like cake-mix! You would feel like you are smoking a piece of cake, so why not?

Mandarin Zest & Mint Chocolate Chill

mix of mandarin zest and chocolate chill shisha mix

A common flavor among chocolate lovers is Orange flavored chocolates, for example, Lindt and even Kitkat. This is because the combination of the two goes beautifully together. Based on this inspiration, we thought the Fumari Chocolate Chilli would blend well with Mandarin Zest, and boy was we right! You should try it and let us know in the comments!

What Do You Mix Fumari Ambrosia With

Ambrosia is a unique and versatile flavor that can be added to many different flavors to give amazing results. Its sweet overpowering melon is already good enough as it is stand-alone, however, if you want to taper it down, it is safe to mix it with mint 50/50. Another combination you would want to try is mixing it with gum and mint 50/25/25.

Both these combinations provide a slightly sweet, menthol kick to the melon flavor. Another popular flavor mix with Ambrosia is with White Gumi Bear, also at 50/50, the sweetness of the Ambrosia and the citrus punch of White Gumi Bear make this a great fruit combination, perfect for the summertime.

Best Fumari Flavors Q & A

How Do You Store Fumari?

Not just Fumari actually, what we are about to tell you is important for any hookah flavor you buy. For properly storing hookah tobacco try to ensure no extreme measures are followed. For example, do not leave your pack of tobacco in an extremely hot place, such as in the outdoors, or your car, which is a commonplace people often forget their flavor.

Secondly, make sure it is stored in a dry and airtight place so the tobacco does not dry out. Lucky for you, Fumari has made it easier by coming in a zip-lock bag, therefore allowing the hookah flavor to remain fresh even after it is open.

Does Fumari Have Nicotine?

Yes. Since Fumari flavors are made with tobacco, they do have 0.05% nicotine in their flavors, which is on par with many hookah tobacco brands, although it is much lower than Nakhla’s 0.5% nicotine.

Where Can I Buy Fumari Shisha?

The best part about Fumari is that it is not a small hookah brand that you will have trouble finding elsewhere, it is rather one of the biggest names in the hookah industry and it has become much more accessible than it ever was. You can buy your favorite flavor right now at South Smoke.

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