Best Hookah Bowls of 2021: Top 6 Kickass Shisha Bowls

Best Hookah Bowls of 2021: Top 6 Kickass Shisha Bowls

So you’re searching for the best hookah bowls?

Hookah head is an important factor when it comes to the quality of the smoking session.

Bearing in mind that different types of bowls are suitable for different types of tobacco, that different materials and styles can greatly affect the quality of smoking, I reviewed the 6 best shisha bowls currently on the market.

But that’s not all.

I’ve made the complete buying guide, where you’ll learn everything about different types, materials, sizes, and more. In the following article, I’ve put more than 10 years of experience with shisha smoking.

Ready? Let’s get started.

These Are The Top-Rated Shisha Bowls of 2021

Image DescriptionScore Check Price
Editor choice
BudPro Hookah Silicone Phunnel Bowl

BudPro Hookah Silicone Phunnel Bowl

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2 Tangier’s Phunnel Hookah Bowl

Tangier’s Phunnel Hookah Bowl


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3 Kitosun Clay Shisha Bowl

Kitosun Clay Shisha Bowl

Best value
4 Apple on The Top Hookah Bowl

Apple on The Top Hookah Bowl

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5 Kaloud Samsaris Vitria II Silicone Hookah Bowl

Kaloud Samsaris Vitria II Silicone Hookah Bowl

6 Pharaoh’s Hydra Shisha Bowl

Pharaoh’s Hydra Shisha Bowl

Need more information? Just keep reading.

List of Best Hookah Heads Available on The Market

  1. BudPro silicone phunnel hookah bowl
  2. Tangiers phunnel hookah bowl
  3. Kitosun Unglazed shisha bowl
  4. Apple on The Top shisha bowl
  5. Kaloud Samsaris Vitria II
  6. Pharaoh’s Hydra shisha bowl

    How to Choose a Top Hookah Head

    Normally, the best ones are those that can hold up to 15-25 grams. This will make your session last around an hour, but it depends on different factors. If you wish to have one which could be suitable for a group of people or when you’re smoking with friends, then you need to go for a larger size which can hold up to 40g. Each bowl comes with its own characteristics and advantages, in the following section, I’ll compare them for you so you can make the best choice.

1. BudPro Hookah Bowl With Phunnel Silicone

BudPro silicone hookah bowl
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One of the biggest problems with clay or ceramic heads is that if they fall they will break. As a replacement, BudPro has come up with the Phunnel Silicone type with 7 holes at the bottom. The bowl comes in blue shade, although the HMD that comes with this bowl is pretty good, BudPro is also compatible with Kaloud Lotus as well.

This is a pretty big hookah bowl, it can hold around 30 to 40 g of shisha, with the help of HMD smoking session will last for hours. For those who don’t know, the heat management device will help you easily control the heat, by opening the wholes you’re releasing the heat accumulated in HMD, you should close the wholes once you want more heat from coals.
BudPro hookah bowl with shisha in it

Why had we chosen BudPro as the best shisha head in 2021?

Phunnel style is always a better option than traditionally styled heads, that’s because such bowls are designed with the goal to save the juiciness of the shisha. More juiciness is equal, more flavor, better smoke, and longer smoking sessions.

Heat management is also awesome, as a very good copy of the famous and much more expensive cousin Klaoud Lotus, BudPro HMD will do literally everything KL does, ash from the coals won’t get in touch with shisha, and if you choose good coconut hookah coals the session will last much longer.  After spending some time smoking from this bowl, here’s what we’ve found as the biggest advantages and disadvantages.

Shows BudPro bowl and metal screen


  • The entire body is heat resistant and can withstand high temperatures with ease.
  • The bowl is so designed that it can protect the flavor by preventing spillage of shisha juices and keeping the tobacco moist.
  • It is considered unbreakable compared to traditional clay or ceramic ones.
  • It heats up faster than other bowls using less Shisha and charcoal.


  • Because of its size, it may not fit all hookahs.
  • The coals need 5 to 7 minutes to heat up the tobacco.

Check Out Full Review: BudPro Silicone Bowl Review

2. Tangiers Phunnel Hookah Bowl

Tangiers shisha bowls in various sizes
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Tangiers revolutionized a sleepy shisha market by releasing their first phunnel bowl, so this list can’t pass without this brand. This particular head is handmade of clay and can handle a maximum of 20 grams of shisha if you overpack it. It’s 4 inches long and weighs around 2 pounds because it’s handmade, their sizes may vary. This is one of the best clay shisha bowls and lots of passionate smokers always stick with Tangiers.

It’s no secret that Tangiers will provide excellent heat distribution, it’s designed with the purpose of replacing the traditional bowl and its disadvantages such as leaking juice of shisha down to the base. Tangiers is the first brand that started to produce phunnel style bowls, by choosing their product you’ll never make a mistake.

small Tangiers bowl on the top of the hookah

Why had we chosen the Tangiers clay bowl as the best in 2021?

It’s a true piece of art, carefully hand-crafted with passion, Tangiers is always providing a great smoking experience. As I already mentioned, it’s a great heat conductor, flavor, and shisha savior heads as this one will definitely save you some money in the long run.

As it’s designed in a way that saves the juice from shisha, the clouds will always be better, to take a maximum from it, I always pack Tangiers semi-dense, this way, I never had an issue with burned tobacco, even when I smoked less juicy shisha. Here’s what I’ve found as the main pros and cons.

Tangiers small bowl and package of Al Fakher mint


  • Because of the great heat management of this bowl, your smoking session will last 2 hours.
  • This bowl is made to hold moisture of the shisha, the result is a huge cloud of smoke.
  • The top quality material used to make these Phunnel bowls is prevalent in managing heat when compared with clay bowls.


  • The only small con of Tangiers bowls is that they do not look very attractive, but again it is an individual matter.
  • This particular bowl can hold only 25 g of shisha which I found as a con if you want to smoke with your friends.

Read the Full Review: Tangiers Phunnel Bowl Review

KitoSun Hookah Bowl

Kitosun unglazed shisha bowl made of clay
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Why had we chosen KitoSun Hookah Bowl as the best shisha head in 2021?

The KitoSun is a bowl that is made from a unique, high-quality clay that is highly heat resistant and allows retaining flavor in its most pure form that may be lost using silicone bowls that may cause the flavor’s taste to distort and taste burnt. It is the perfect bowl for users who do not prefer the use of silicone, it can store more flavor than the traditional bowl and the session just lasts forever when you are using it!

It has good control over its heat management as the top comes with expandable air vents that either trap or release heat that you can control as per what your shisha needs. The vents are to be closed if your shisha is not heating and to be opened if it is too harsh.

Kitosun hookah bowl on the top of the hookah

However, using such a bowl does has its pros and cons like every other thing.

  • For example, the pros of KitoSun are that it is a traditional bowl with a modern twist, for those who want to upgrade to bowls that are similar to silicone bowls but cannot get themselves to purchase a bowl they do not enjoy using.
  • It has a larger flavor capacity than other bowls, so sessions last longer than usual, which is possibly one of the biggest pros for owning this KitoSun. It also has an easy heating control system and handles for the hot pan to ensure you do not get burnt!

As of now, the cons  Some of the cons, however, are up for personal debate on whether or not it classifies as a con.

  • The first most obvious being that it is a bigger head that requires extra coal for heating and more flavor that may be unnecessary, otherwise for people who do not prefer having longer sessions, this may be an additional waste of flavor and coals, especially in regions where tobacco is more expensive.
  • Another potential con is that it may not fit in all different hookahs, as it is a little bulky in size that may not be the best fit for thinner or smaller hookahs.

3. Apple on Top Hookah Bowl

blue color Apple on the top shisha bowlCheck Out The Best Deal
Inspired by the fruit hookah head the designer’s goal was transparent. They wanted to create a product that would be completely practical to handle while providing the full hookah experience. The Apple on Top bowl is an improved version of the Vortex hookah bowls, it works on the same principle, the only difference is the design.

Apple on the top is designed in such a way so you can handle it very easily, silicone is all around the bowl so there’s no way for you to get your hands burned. The silicone handle on the coal lid will make it easier for you to change the coals or remove the hot lid after the session.

Why We Had Chosen Apple on The Top As The Top Shisha Head in 2021?

Except for the unusual design, this head has great features. Since the metal part can hold anywhere from 30 to 40 g of tobacco, it’s recommended to place more shisha in it to allow a slower burning time. Even if the size of the bowl seems small at first, actually, it can hold a good amount of shisha.

Its Vortex style feature will allow you to smoke your shisha longer and enjoy the flavor more. Basically, the principle it works on is simple, it keeps all shisha juiciness in the bowl so the tobacco is more like cooked than burned. It will fit all medium and large hookahs, traditional as well as modern ones so if you have a hookah like Khalil Mamoon Ice Chamber, for example, you are golden.


  • The entire bowl is shatterproof so that it can be handled easily.
  • The flavor tends to last long.
  • The entire object has been made smaller to take up less space and can be easily transported.


  • There are too many fake apples on the top bowls, so be aware of that.

4. Kaloud Samsaris Vitria II

Kaloud Samsaris Vitria II shisha bowl
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Kaloud Samsaris Vitria II comes as the evolution of the previous version of Samsaris Vitria. Its successor came as the world’s first Glass-Silicone Hybrid Bowl, and this product comes as an evolved version with added benefits.

The improved version esthetically looks a lot better, the glass part can be removed for cleaning or loading but can’t work without the silicone part.

In addition to the great look, the combination of glass, silicone, and Kaloud Lotus HMD turned out to be awesome, great clouds, better flavor, and longer sessions are the features of Vitria II. Here is one interesting feature to see for this type of bowl.

Why Had We Chosen Samsaris Vitria II As The Best Hookah Bowl of 2021?

Samsaris Vitria II is an awesome cloud producer, very easy to use and it can be cleaned with ease. The upgraded version was made especially for Kaloud lotus, it fits perfectly on the glass part and can be set up without much effort. Besides that, it fits perfectly on any medium and large hookah without the use of a grommet.

Like the older version, Vitra II has those grooves at the bottom of the bowl, those groves were made to even allow airflow, but it also allows the tobacco to heat more evenly as you smoke. Packing isn’t rocket science, it’s lightning and semi-thick packing I’ve found as the best way to pack the bowl, it will allow nice airflow through the tobacco and the smoke will be nice and thick.

Recommended tobacco is Tangiers, Al-Fakher, Starbuzz, Haze, Al-Waha, and all sorts of modern hookah tobacco. Are you having trouble setting up the HMD? Leave me a comment and I’ll help you out with everything you may find difficult.

Kaloud Vitria bowl with Kaloud Lotus heat manage device


  • The bow fits perfectly with Kaloud Lotus and other Kaloud products and is difficult to knock it off.
  • The Central Air Channel provides for better juice retention in the flavor chamber.
  • It is very easy and user-friendly, allowing for efficient packing and cleaning.
  • Grommets are not at all necessary for this particular hookah bowl.


  • The hole in the middle is too small.
  • If you use Kaloud Lotus with it, there is a possibility that it will be more difficult to remove from the bowl.

5. Pharaoh’s Hydra Hookah Bowl

Pharaohs Hydra green hookah head
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Pharaoh’s Hydra is one solution for shisha smokers. There are three extensions for Hydra, in traditional Egyptian, Vortex, and phunnel style, all of them are made of unglazed clay.

The amazing thing with this bowl is you’ll get all of the benefits from clay while you can handle it as you like because the silicone part will stay cool during the session.

A good feature of silicone is that it is very durable while clay is an excellent heat conductor, the combination of these two materials is a really great idea considering that clay bowls are one of the top shisha heads on the market.

As with every bowl, this one also has its cons and the main one is that famous flavor ghosting. the unglazed clay will keep the flavor from the previous session, you can avoid that by cleaning the bowl right after a session but this is not a long-term solution, the real solution would be to have one extension for each flavor you smoke.

More on the cons of the bowl will be below this overview, but now let me tell you why I’ve chosen Pharaoh’s Hydra.

closer look to the Pharaohs Hydra hookah head

Why Had We Chosen Pharaoh’s Hydra As The Best Shisha Bowl in 2021?

It’s pretty much all you need for a good smoking session, Hydra will break down for you all the advantages and disadvantages from the most popular hookah head styles like traditional, phunnel, and vortex. If you have an HMD like Kaloud Lotus you could easily use it with Hydra, it won’t fit perfectly as on Kaloud Vitria II but far from not being able to use it.

Pharaohs Hydra shisha bowl on the top of Khalil Mamoon hookah

The silicone body is very thick and really nice quality, it seems like designers put much effort into the silicone part, as for the clay heart, it works like any other unglazed clay bowl it’s medium-sized allowing you to put about 25g of shisha in it. Fluffy packing is the best way to pack this bowl, depending on which type of tobacco you’re using, you can choose between three different styles, or just by personal preference or experimenting purposes.

Beginners Guide on Buying a Hookah Bowl

When you’re ready to buy a new bowl for your hookah you need to consider a few things and those are:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Type

Depending on your needs, you’ll choose the one that suits you best, but the goal of this article is to make it easier for you to choose. Here is the complete hookah bowl buying guide, in the following section you’ll find everything that I found important when it comes to buying.

12 Different Types of Hookah Bowls (Pros, Cons & Recommendations)

different types of shisha bowls

The classification of hookah heads available on the market can be divided into several types:

Crown bowl

Crown type of shisha bowl

The crown type of bowl has a very attractive look, but is that all that it has? Let’s find out. This bowl has an inverted design (coals go below the shisha) like iPuff. This is a very good system because you can control the heat and you can do that by moving up and down the part where coals go. It’s made of stainless steel, the size of the bowl is pretty much the same as Tangier’s Phunnel type. This is the easiest bowl to clean after smoking.


  • Easy to keep clean
  • You can control the heat, there is no chance to burn your tobacco
  • There will be no taste of coal in the smoke
  • Because of stainless steel construction, it is unbreakable


  • It is a bit pricey compared to the others
  • You need to dry the shisha because juice may drip down
  • hard to pack, especially for beginners
  • It’ takes a little longer to heat up


Use at least 2 or 3 coals, if you use a juice shisha to dry it a little bit before smoking, the best way to pack is to lighten the pack.

Phunnel bowl

Phunnel type of hookah bowl

This is the most popular, and most used head by many hookah enthusiasts. The best Phunnel bowls are Tangier’s and BudPro, you can read a full review above. This type is made mostly of clay ceramic and silicon. It features one raised hole in the middle, and because of that,  the juice cannot drain through the hole.

The best feature of this bowl is that the user can draw a lot more smoke compared to the traditional ones. With this bowl you will never get a bad smoking session, it keeps the flavor, shisha juice, and you can expect a great smoke delivery.  Another great feature of this type is that you can pack it however you want including the crazy overpacking.


  • Great heating system
  • Affordable prices
  • Coals cannot come into contact with tobacco.
  • Good clouds of smoke
  • Keep the juice = Keep the flavor


  • Ash passes through the foil and gets into the shisha
  • If it’s made from clay, it can break easily
  • Takes some time to cook tobacco


Use at least 2 or 3 natural coals. Use your finger to close the hole in the middle then pack it. If you use foil, drill a lot of smaller holes. Do not drill holes in the middle.

Vortex bowl

vortex type of hookah bowl

Vortex is the strongest competitor to the Phunnel bowls. There is a lot of debate around which type is better. Vortex is something between a traditional and a Phunnel bowl. Similar to the Phunnel, this type is designed in such a way so it allows a better amount of airflow. It’s made from clay, pyrex, silicon, and even wood.

how vortex shisha bowl works

Holes in the middle are made to utilize the maximum amount of airflow, tobacco will burn slowly and you will get a fantastic smoking experience. The juice from the shisha will keep the flavor. Vortex usually has 4-5 holes on the sides inside a bowl.


  • Good heating shisha
  • Keep the shisha juice which means a longer session
  • Good smoke and taste
  • You can get yours at a really affordable price


  • Ash can get into the foil
  • Chance of burning tobacco
  • If it’s made from clay it can break
  •  Hard to clean


Use a juicy shisha for the best smoking experience, keep the shisha below the edges, if it touches the foil, it will burn, drill holes all around but skip the middle.

Egyptian bowl

Egyptian type of hookah bowl

This is a traditional handmade hookah head, it has four to six holes at the bottom, but the usual number is five. When you’re buying a new hookah in most cases you will get Egyptian style. It’s made from clay or ceramic at the same time. This is the best and most common material. When it comes to quality you can easily recognize by looking at the holes If you see symmetrical holes and if the shape is good, this usually means that the craftsman has invested his time and efforts to craft it.

This bowl will not perform as well as the above-mentioned Vortex and Phunnel, because shisha juice will drain through holes at the bottom and will end up in the base. According to some reviews, this bowl will lose shisha flavor by 50 percent.

Let’s see the pros and cons of this type.


  • Affordable Price


  • Lost shisha flavor
  • Leaves a mess
  • The possibility of burning tobacco
  • It can break easily
  • Ash can get into shisha


Using two pairs of foils, it is better to use a less juicy shisha, natural coals are always a better option.

Syrian bowl

difference between Egyptian and Syrian shisha bowl

The Egyptian and Syrian bowls are pretty much the same but there is one small difference. As you can see from the image above, the only difference is that the Syrian-type base of the bowl goes into the hookah stem, while the Egyptian stem goes inside of the bowl. Pros and Cons are pretty much the same as Egyptian type but let me repeat, in case you skipped that section.


  • Affordable Price


  • lost shisha flavor
  • leaves a mess
  • the possibility of burning tobacco
  • It can break easily
  • Ash can get into shisha

The same recommendations apply to this as well as to the Egyptian variant.

Glass Bowl

Fumos glass type of hookah bowl

Anyone who smoked from the glass bowl knows that this is a fantastic feeling, you will always feel the pure taste of the shisha and it will be very easy to clean after use.

There are several types of glass shisha bowls:

  • Molded
  • Hand-blown

The molded type is cheaper, easier to break, and simply not worth money, while the hand-blown bowls are better quality, that type of craft is used by brands that made some of the best glass hookahs such as Evolution, Lavoo, Fumo, etc. Also, you can find it in different styles (Funnel, Vortex, Egyptian, Syrian.) They look fantastic, but whatever type they are, it’s very likely they will crack, at high temperatures.

Let’s take a clear picture.


  • Keeps the shisha flavor.
  • Very attractive design.
  • Easy to clean.


  • It can break at a high temperature
  • Holds a low amount of tobacco
  • If it falls, it’ll break.


DO NOT put a heated glass bowl under cold water, use the windguard for a better smoking experience.

Inverted bowl

inverted type of hookah bowl

This is something quite new on the market, this bowl works in such a way that it’s necessary to place the coals on the bottom of the bowl and tobacco goes above the coals on the top of the bowl, just because of that reversed system, it was named inverted bowl.

The main idea here is that you can control the heat, just by moving the part where the coals are located.

Another good thing is that this way the ash cannot get into the tobacco. Let me summarize this by showing you the pros, cons, and recommendations for this inverted style.


  • Great flavor and clouds
  • You can control the heat by adjusting the distance of the coal bowl
  • A very small amount of ash gets into the tobacco if it falls, it will not break
  • A modern and extraordinary look


  • There can be problems finding the right heat angle.
  • Extra juicy shisha will drip into the coals.
  • It’s a bit expensive.
  • Not easy to set up for beginners.
  • If you get shisha close to coal, it’s possible that you will burn the tobacco.


Before you begin the session, be sure that the coals are far enough away from the tobacco, experiment until you find a good distance. Use the foil to cover the part of the bowl where the tobacco is located. Use a good, long hose. Set of three coals.

Glider bowl

glider type of shisha bowl

Another fairly new concept made by Elite, this bowl is designed so that there is a drawer where the tobacco goes, and the coals, the same as every other type ( except inverted) goes to the top.

It’s made out of silicon, it can fit all hookah sizes without a problem, the drawer has two separate bulkheads so you can mix your favorite flavors with ease.

Here the foil is not necessary because it comes with a metal screen where the coals go, so you don’t need to use a foil at all.

Now I’ll show you UP and DOWNSIDES


  • Easy to use
  • Ash can get into the tobacco.
  • You can use it on almost all sizes of hookah.
  • You’ll get better airflow.
  • You can mix flavors with ease by putting two different flavors in a separate drawer.


  • It can only fit 10 to 15 g of tobacco.
  • Juicy tobacco will drip down into the base.
  • If you overpack it, you’ll burn the tobacco.


Use three coals, clean them regularly, and do not overpack them.

Dome Bowl

dome style shisha bowl

The design of the bowl is one of the factors that impact your hookah experience. The dome-style bowl is one such example. Unlike other bowls with flat bottoms, this bowl has a bulging or convex shape at the center.

With few openings on the dome, it has a wide conduit that aids proper airflow to the distal end of the shaft. Generally made of silicone, this bowl is sturdy, heat resistant, and easier to handle.


  • Good ventilation for proper heat distribution
  • Minimizes the taste of coal and balances the flavor intensity (especially strong flavors)
  • Low cost and durable


  • Packs less shisha because of the raised dome at the center
  • Not ideal for steam stones and gel flavors as they occupy space
  • Shisha particles often drip down into the base water

Multihead Bowl

multi head shisha bowl

This bowl is something that could remind you of multiheaded beasts from movies. Generally, it uses a vortex or Syrian bowl with two, three, or even four heads. Multiple heads mean a treasure of flavors and enormous clouds.

This bowl is appreciated for its uniqueness, however, equally criticized for its functionality. A multihead hookah bowl might be difficult to handle but it’s a test of your dexterity and patience. You’ll definitely find yourself busier throughout the session.


  • Multiple bowls facilitate better airflow, which kicks in massive clouds and rich flavors.
  • You mix different shisha in a regular bowl. But here you pack different flavors in different bowls.
  • This helps shisha smoke blend in the stem chamber, giving you the smoothest and freshly formed flavor.


  • Heat management is quite a rigorous process
  • Time and money aren’t on your side. The bowl uses more coal, more shisha, more foil and, more time to prepare.
  • Windcover isn’t compatible as you can’t cover the bowl.
  • If a single bowl is in use and others are left open, you’re probably smoking more air than the flavor.

Keep the empty bowls foiled up when only one bowl is in use.
Always prefer multiple hosed hookahs.

Fruit Bowls

shisha bowls made of various fruits

You’ve definitely seen all those fruit heads on Instagram, and we sure agree that they look attractive, but how effective are they?

Let’s see both pros and cons and how you can make one for yourself.

The principle of a bowl made out of fruit is the same as the regular ones but it looks fancier. The good thing is you can make one easily, just slice the upper part of the fruit and gently carve the interiors.

Remember to leave the walls thick enough to give structural support. Cut some holes and fix them with the bowl grommets. That’s all you require.

For an ideal fruit bowl, I recommend orange, pomegranate, grapefruit, or pineapple.


  • Gives you a hint of the fruity flavor
  • Helps dry shisha to maintain moisture
  • Prevents shisha from overheating
  • Pack your shisha well enough like the regular ones


  • Takes time to prepare for the session
  • Lacks airtight seals
  • May spoil the original shisha taste that doesn’t blend well
  • Use for a few hours or a day (maximum)
  • Poor heat management

E Bowl

three electric shisha bowls in different colors

This may be the future of smoking but that is not the case at this time. This is not what you’re used to, you can not even smoke tobacco, instead, you need to use e-liquid (same principle as e-hookah.)

Most of them are made of high-quality materials, along with it, you will get a charger, in the place where usually coal goes, there will be a digital screen that will alert you when the battery is discharged.

It fits every nargile, but this is not something I would recommend. Maybe better days will come for this device, but that’s definitely not right now.

We Reviewed 6 Different Hookah Bowl Materials

1. Ceramic Bowls

hookah bowls made of ceramic

Ceramic bowls are commonly used by shisha smokers. Originated in China, ceramic bowls are easily available at a very cheap price. They’re generally glazed and the material doesn’t retain any flavor.
They’re easy to wash and come in multi-colored enamel. But frequent washes don’t fade away the color. However, they have poor heat distribution that causes uneven cooking of shisha. But with a little heat management, it works fine. Also, they score less in terms of built quality. The bowl is hollow and weak in some areas and may cause molasses to leak into the base. Overall it’s good if you’re on a tight budget.

2. Clay Bowls

Clay bowl is yet another commonly used product that has been the core of hookah tradition. There are two main variants of clay bowls – Egyptian and Turkish.

The only difference is that the Original Turkish bowl has a raw appearance with a larger and uneven hole size. However, the hole placement doesn’t suit well with juicy shisha. They either end up blocking the holes or dripping down into the base.

The clay bowl has thicker walls and a rounded bottom. But most importantly, the bowl has excellent heat distribution. Because of the microscopic pores in the clay material, the bowl evenly cooks the shisha. Any excess heat so formed evaporates gradually through the pores.

NOTE: Clay bowl is often confused or interchangeably used with Ceramics. However, both materials are different. Clay is naturally found in the earth and its bowls are generally handmade. Whereas, ceramic bowls are prepared in factories which may or may not include clay.

3. Glazed vs Unglazed Clay Bowls

Glazed vs Unglazed Bowls

Glazed clay bowls are coated with layers of enamel. Besides its shiny appearance, the glazed bowl plays an important role while using different flavors. Because of the coating, the bowl doesn’t penetrate any flavor.
This makes it easy to rinse and prepare for another flavor. However, the glaze accumulates excess heat and may burn shisha unless used with heat management.

Unglazed clay bowls are the raw ones that don’t undergo any coating process. They are popular among traditional smokers. They have good heat management as well.

But due to direct contact with the molasses, the clay pores retain the flavor. This may interfere with the taste when you switch the flavor.

4. Metal Bowls

shisha bowl made of metal

Metal bowls have one clear benefit – they’re tough and durable. Besides, they come in different attractive shapes and add to the aesthetics. However, there is one common complaint that they heat up quite fast.
You may get a taste of overcooked shisha if you’re not careful about heat management. In this case, you must not pack your shisha densely to avoid any burns.

Metal bowls are generally made of brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and even in combination with silicone.
Now unlike clay, ceramic, or glass bowl, it doesn’t break. Though mishandling the bowl may leave dents, so handle it gently.

5. Glass Bowls

shisha bowl made of glass

Glass bowls are not quite popular among traditional smokers but especially for party goers or urban communities. Features like craftsmanship, ergonomic, and precise design make it a premium product.
A good quality bowl is produced from Schott German Borosilicate tubing.

The material is durable, heat resistant, and handles minor jerks. But because it is expensive, a broken glass bowl may break your heart.

In comparison, Chinese glass bowls are made of soda-lime glass that is much cheaper. They’re nowhere near borosilicate glass in terms of durability and heat retention.

Not only do they have poor design, but the holes are also unevenly drilled which makes them prone to cracks.

6. Silicone Bowls

BudPro silicone hookah bowl

Bowls made of silicone have a material advantage over others. They’re unbreakable how hard it hits the ground. You can enjoy any type of shisha, juicier to drier.

Interiors are specifically made to avoid any leakage and retain moisture. Silicone has low heat conductivity. Therefore, it has much better insulation that you can literally handle while your shisha burns.
Because of this property, however, shisha at the bottom end sometimes remains uncooked. Also, it’s highly recommended to use medical-grade silicone bowls only. Low quality or cheap bowls emit silicone dioxide which may harm your lungs.

Hookah Bowl Sizes

When it comes to the size of the bowl you need to consider a couple of things, first, do you like to smoke hookah alone, or with your friends, and how long would you like your session to last.

There are three hookah bowl sizes:

  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small

When you are about to decide how long your hookah session will last, keep in mind that an important rule that plays here is how do you pack your bowl, which coals you use, what kind of tobacco you are smoking as well as the size of the bowl. All these factors have an impact on how long the smoking session will last.

For example, if you overpack a small bowl which is not recommended,  your session will last at least 1 hour. On the other hand with the large bowl (my pick is BudPro) your smoking session can reach 2 hours easily. The medium size is anywhere in the middle and you can smoke for about one and half hours.

Note: Size, material, and type of shisha head also affect heat management. In other words, you don’t want your bowl to get too hot or you will end up burning your shisha. It’s true that smaller bowls tend to get hot faster, but that also depends on the material as well as the type.

Which Are The Most Popular Shisha Bowls?

As you know or may not know, the most popular hookah bowls among smokers are phunnel and vortex. 

Phunnel Vs Vortex Bowl

comparison between vortex and phunnel shisha bowl

What is a vortex hookah bowl?

Vortex style of the bowl made of clay

It’s a bit shorter and wider compared to a phunnel bowl. There are 4 to 5 holes on top when smoking, air will flow through the holes, which will lead to lengthening the session. The Vortex Bowl is a very reliable choice for hookah veterans and an inspiration for the new models that are yet to come. You will generally be able to use it with every hookah size.

What is a Phunnel hookah bowl?

Phunnel style of the bowl made of clay

It can hold 20 grams, which is less compared to the vortex, but it looks much more elegant and attractive. This bowl is narrower, higher, and fits perfectly with almost all hookahs. Many experienced smokers prefer this kind of bowl, but that’s just because of its appearance. There are many different phunnel bowls, the best among them are convincingly handmade Tangier’s bowls, but there should also be no neglect of silicone type that also has its advantages.


These are some of the most popular and best hookah bowls readily available on the internet. I tried to answer the most popular question when it comes to choosing your first or new bowl. Wishing you a wonderful hookah experience in the future.ion

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