Best Hookah Flavors 2018: 10+ Top Flavors That You Don’t Want to Miss

Top 10+ Best Hookah Flavors in The World Review

If you are trying to find the best hookah flavors in the world, which everyone will like, you are in the right place to find out which flavors are definitely blown your mind.

After a deep research we ready to represent you the top-rated hookah flavors that we could find online.

It’s hard to discuss the tastes, but we still think there are those who would like everyone.

Our chosen flavors are those that are the easiest to mix with other flavors, and those we believe are definitely not to be missed.

We want to present you a list of the top 10+ best of the best, which, in our opinion, do not deserve to be left untested. We recommend the tastes you have already heard, but also those who will surprise you without a doubt. On this list, we are pleased to present our winners.

But first, we want to answer a popular question.

Which is The Best Hookah Flavor?

The first thing that beginners ask us when it comes to discussing the tastes is which is the best shisha flavor,  so let’s answer this question.

As we already mentioned about the tastes it’s really difficult to discuss, personally, I love tropical flavors so I would always choose Starbuzz Queen of sex, this flavor is awesome and that is the flavor to which I would always return.

The next best tropical flavor on my list is Fumari Ambrosia and when I had to choose between these two tastes, I would choose an Ambrosia.

For you, it may be some other brand or taste, But it is very important to choose a quality tobacco, and how to recognize quality you can find in our ultimate hookah guide.  

There are so many flavors, you will surely find something you love but stick with the popular brands because they guaranteed quality.

This list includes best flavors to mix, top rated and top selling brands but let us start from Starbuzz and Fumari.

  What is the best Starbuzz flavor?

Starbuzz has so many different and creative flavors combinations but we choose the two icons of Strabuzz.
starbuzz blue mist blueberry hookah flavor
This product is one of the most famous, best-selling and best hookah flavor.

Blue Mist shisha has a wonderful blueberry taste with very little mint, but you can still feel the cooling in your mouth.

The taste of blueberries is much stronger than the flavor of mint. However, the combination of these two flavors is an absolutely winning combination.

It’s very wet and sticky and you can expect really huge clouds of smoke.

One charge should last about 1 hour, it is easy to clean and there is no buzz unless you overdo it.

You can mix it with the taste of lemon or vanilla depends on you.

Blue mist is an icon of Starbuzz, and this has become for a reason, why veterans sure know about it, and anyone who does not know should definitely try it.

Smell: Fantastic.

Duration: 1  hour.

Buzz: Little, if any at all.

Overall: 9.5/10

Another one Starbuzz product on our list of the best hookah flavors is their well-known  Queen of Sex flavor.

This is a  Starbuzz citrus mix, the smell is beautiful and it reminds on strawberry and lemon, but when you take the first smoke,  you will feel orange and lemon with just a little bit of mint.

The flavor is very strong and sweet and for the real hookah lovers, this is very important. Smoke is great typical for Starbuzz product and you can enjoy the quality smoke.

All natural and you will not feel the buzz, although it is individual. We recommend making a mix of blue mist or adding more mint flavor depends on you.

This is one of the better flavors, so we recommend it to all lovers of good taste.

Smell: Strong and amazing smell.

Duration: 2+ hours, even one without nicotine.

Buzz: Relaxing and pretty much strong with tobacco in it, but those without tobacco is great too.

Overall: 10/10

What is the Best Fumari Flavor?

There is a not only one but three best of Fumari so you can make a good pick.
fumari white gummi bear best hookah flavor
We love Fumari for a reason and our pleasure is to present to you another taste that meets all the criteria you should keep in mind when choosing the best hookah flavor for you.

White gummi bear flavor has a fantastic smell if you ask us this is a combination of lemon, orange, and pineapple. Smoky clouds are pretty big, and this will appeal to anyone who enjoys quality tobacco.

Smells like a citrus mix but the taste is different, you will feel the authentic gummy candy taste when you inhale the smoke.

Buzz is a little bit weak, For this reason, we would recommend beginners to start with a little bit weaker things, and this is absolutely the right thing to start.

You’ll enjoy the taste for hours, and for us, it’s proved to be the best mixing with a little mint and some beautiful fruit flavors such as peach.

Smell:   Excellent.

Duration: More than 1 hour.

Buzz: There will be a light buzz.

Overall: 9/10

This phenomenal flavor is inspired by a well-known ambrosia salad, this food of the gods turned into a fantastic hookah flavor for which the Fumari were taken care of.

Top and authentic taste of each ingredient individually. You can expect the taste of orange, cherry, pineapple, marshmallow, and coconut.

This combination gives a fantastic sweet taste and beautiful smell.

Clouds are huge as you can expect from the Fumari.

The buzz is weaker, but it’s great for beginners or for those who want something a bit weaker to change. It will easily put it in the bowl and will last about 1 hour or more.

You can mix this flavor with any other fruit flavor, and the mint flavor is pretty good for the mixed it.

Definitely one of the best hookah flavors, It’s a favorite for many people and you will definitely not make a mistake if you choose it.

Smell: Pretty good.

Duration: Over 1 hour.

Buzz: Relaxing and you can get a buzz.

Overall: 9.5/10

fumari island papaya tropical shisha flavorThis exotic tropical taste will surely delight you, close your eyes, take the smoke and it takes you right to an exotic island.

Fumari island papaya has a perfect smell which leaves an impression when you inhale, you have a very sweet taste in your mouth, really refreshing and tropical taste you will definitely taste the papaya, with this product you will be able to create really huge clouds of smoke.

It burns long enough, and when we talk about the buzz we have to say that if you have it at all, it’s much weaker than, for example, Nakhla product.

We are satisfied with the island of papaya and for us can pass as one of the best hookah flavors in the world.

For people who prefer an exotic taste, this will definitely be the right choice.

Our rating would be pure 10, but we leave it to you to see and bring your own assessment that you would like to share with us.

Smell: Fumari tobacco smell freaking awesome you must like it.

Duration: 2 hours.

Buzz: A little bit weaker but still relaxing.

Overall: 10\10

 Nakhla Double Apple Hookah Flavor

nahkhla duble apple best shisha flavor

Double Apple is the best traditional hookah flavor that has not changed for decades you can expect a little bit lighter and sweeter apple flavor but for those who like apple flavor, it’s a bull’s eye.

Most people from the Middle East simply adore this taste, most people who smoke hookah have already tried it and this is one of the best hookah flavors ever.

It’s one of the oldest and cheapest shishas but this is the first taste that we tried and it’s really fantastic, so we recommend it to you as well.

With a double apple, you will have an excellent smoking experience. It can be mixed with a little bit of mint to get the freshness of taste or you can experiment with it, with your own personal mix of flavors depends on what you like.

It’s definitely worth a try and we want you to relax with this fantastic taste.

Smell: Good and pretty much strong smell.

Duration: 2+ hours

Buzz: Very strong for someone who first tries it, you will not make a mistake if you try the one without tobacco.

Overall: 10/10

 Al Fakher Mint Hookah Flavor

al fakher mint top rated shisha flavor

Everybody knows about Al Fakher and it’s famous for a big reason, their best hookah flavor for all time is definitely mint flavor, they have a very special taste and mint can be mix with all most every flavor in the world.

The clouds are excellent and you can expect a lot of satisfaction. Al Fakher mint is one of those shishas that burns pretty fast but if you pack it well there will be no problem.

It’s a very standard flavor and everybody who enjoy hookah they certainly have already tried. If you open a box and smell it you will feel that minty freshness coming from the box and you will be thrilled at the moment.

Anyone who wants to bring some freshness into their hookah smoking, we definitely recommend Al Fakher mint as one of the best hookah flavors available on the market.

You can mix this good old flavor with almost every flavor.

Smell: Excellent smell.

Duration: If you pack it well, at last, 2 hours.

Buzz: Very relaxing.

Overall: 10/10

Beamer Watermelon Hookah Flavor

Beamer ice drops water melon the best replacement for the shisha

At the very thought of the taste of watermelon, you already have the desire to try it, do not you? If you love the watermelon, then Beamer ice-drops gel is a right choice for you.

Do not be skeptical about gel because you will like more than anything you’ve tried before.

This staff has a very nice smell and it so delicious too, you can smoke it more than 2 hours. It’s miss good old buzz but is very nice for a change.

Offer a lot of thick smoke so you can make big clouds and another good thing is that there is no rough throat and it will be very easy to clean.

If you like to enjoy with hookah flavors we recommend you to mix it with a little bit of mint, lemon, grape or some citrus flavor all in one or you can also enjoy at pure watermelon flavor.

This is the first one on our list must-try flavors.

Smell: Great.

Duration: Definitely 2+ hours.

Buzz: None.

Overall: 9.5/10

 Beamer Vanilla Hookah Flavor

best hookah flavor beamer vanilla

We have chosen Beamer vanilla as the best hookah flavor from all other vanilla flavors, because of the most authentic fragrance of vanilla that can be found on the Internet.

This is definitely the taste of vanilla, the smell is very good, the clouds are huge, the taste is perfect and all of you who love vanilla stuff will definitely love this product.

This is a natural tobacco and there is no buzz in this vanilla taste, but you can mix it with other flavors if you want a buzz.

Vanilla is well mixed, and you can mix it with almost every fruit flavor, it depends on which taste you like.

For us mixing it with blue mist is a great combination. Vanilla is also a great mix of chocolate flavors or you can enjoy with vanilla flavor without any mix at all.

Smell: Fantastic.

Buzz: None.

Duration: You can smoke this thing for about an hour.

Overall: 9/10 Smell, flavor, smoke was amazing. You must try this stuff.

 Hydro Herbal Peach Hookah Flavor

best hookah flavor hidro herbal peach

If you don’t like tobacco but you still love to smoke shisha this staff is more then good for you. Hydro Herbal peach is one of the best hookah flavors without a tobacco in it, it’s healthy and it literally produces everything the same as a shisha with nicotine.

It looks fantastic, it’s very wet and when you open the package, it’s clear to you that it’s a pretty good product.

The smell is beautiful and gives the authentic aroma of peach, but it has that sweet taste like peach candy which gives it a very seductive scent of peach.

The taste is a bit weaker than the smell, but it’s pretty good and authentic and you will definitely feel the peach in your mouth.

The clouds of smoke are huge, dense and they will fulfill the expectations and you would never think that there is no tobacco in this stuff at all.

Because is herbal there is no buzz, but everyone would recommend this taste because it is very good, and you can mix it with most of the fruit flavors that exist.

Smell: Has a great smell but little bit weaker taste.

Duration: Less than 2 hours.

Buzz: None.

Overall: 10/10

 Shiazo Cappuccino Orange Hookah Flavor

If you try Shiazo cappuccino orange flavor you will get a guaranteed very strong taste, and long lasting hookah experience.

This is definitely a great mix of flavors and you feel the both of tastes together.

The taste of orange is a bit stronger than the taste of cappuccino, but the perfect combination of these two tastes is fantastic.

After a lot of research before ordering, we found that there are very few bad reviews of this flavor and generally this brand.

Although it was already clear after the first smoking that this is a good substitute for a shisha, which means it does not contain any tobacco, nicotine, sugar, molasses, or artificial dyes.

After use, you will only remain small stones, which makes it very easy to clean your bowl.

This is the German-made shisha alternative, the smoke produced is water vapor and quite the healthy difference.

What you get for a very low price really deserves a place on the list of the best hookah flavors.

With this product, Shiazo can proudly come out on the market, with a strong competition.

Smell: The smell is strong, and the taste is very rich.

Duration: More than 2 hours.

Buzz: No buzz.

Overall: 10/10 because of an excellent concept.


Tastes are really different but here we tried to present you some of which we think are the best hookah flavors. If you agree please leave your comment if you have something to suggest or ask we want to know.

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