19 Best Hookah Flavors: List of Top Shisha Flavors EVER

19 Best Hookah Flavors: List of Top Shisha Flavors EVER

So you are looking for the best hookah flavors?

Well, you definitely came to the right place.

Here you’ll find my list of best-selling, most reviewed, and top shishas of all time. Choosing the right shisha is become an overwhelming process, due to many different brands and tastes.

Back to the day when there were only a few flavors on the market, you didn’t have a lot of options, many experienced smokers started with the very basic flavor like Nakhla Two Apples.

Today, we have a great choice of tastes, so I listed here only the best out of the best and I truly believe that you will love the taste and smoke of each and every single one.

Still can’t find good hookah? Here’s the list of 30+ best hookah brands so take a look.

Top Shisha Flavors Of All Time

  • Starbuzz Blue Mist
  • Fumari Ambrosia
  • Nakhla Double Apple
  • Hydro Herbal Peach
  • Tangier’s Cane Mint
  • Fumari Island Papaya
  • Starbuzz Queen of Sex
  • Shiazo Stones Cappuccino Orange
  • Fumari White Gummi Bear
  • Beamer Vanilla
  • Starbuzz Lebanese Bomb
  • Al-Fakher Mint
  • Beamer Ice-drops Watermelon
  • Khalil Mamoon Mango

Best Shisha Flavors For Beginners

I’m considering Starbuzz, Fumari, and Al-Fakher as the most beginner-friendly shisha brands, so choosing by the brand that would be these three.

These shishas are good for beginners because of low amount of nicotine content in hookah tobacco, which means you’ll feel a mild buzz compared to more advanced stuff like Thangiers or Nakhla.

So, if you want shisha with tobacco but you don’t want strong buzz these brands are for you. Anyway, for total rookies, I would recommend herbal shisha to start with.

Herbal shisha doesn’t contain tobacco, nicotine, or tar. Brands like Hydro Herbal, Beamer, Shiazo, or Fantasia’s herbal shisha line are good for beginners.

You’ll experience good clouds and long-lasting sessions with no buzz or dizzy feeling.

Most of the popular brands have their own tobacco-free line so it wouldn’t be so hard to pick one of them but here’s my recommendation.

List of The Best Tobacco-Free Shisha Flavors

Image DescriptionScore Check Price
Best value
Al Fakher Herbal Shisha Mint Hookah Shisha Molasses Al Fakher 200gr Jar

Al Fakher Herbal Shisha Mint Hookah Shisha Molasses Al Fakher 200gr Jar

View Product
2 Hydro Herbal Peach Shisha (Tobacco Free)

Hydro Herbal Peach Shisha (Tobacco Free)

View Product
3 Kraze Hookah Tobacco-Free Herbal Shisha Molasses, 125g (Berry Chill)

Kraze Hookah Tobacco-Free Herbal Shisha Molasses, 125g (Berry Chill)

Best price
4 Beamer Watermelon Ice Drops (50g)

Beamer Watermelon Ice Drops (50g)

$7.99 $5.39
View Product
Best seller
5 Fantasia Herbal Shisha 50g – Hookah Flavors (Rainbow Burst)

Fantasia Herbal Shisha 50g – Hookah Flavors (Rainbow Burst)

View Product

Hookah Flavors List & Review

Starbuzz Blue Mist Most Popular Hookah Flavor Ever

shows Starbuzz Blue Mist tobacco jar
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Starbuzz has so many different and creative shisha flavor combinations but I’ve chosen their most popular flavor of all time, you guess, it’s a Blue Mist. This product is one of the most popular, best-selling, and definitely one of the best shisha tobacco. Blue Mist is a brown color-washed shisha made of blonde leaf tobacco with a low percentage of nicotine ( less than 1%).

Smell and Taste

Starbuzz Blue Mist shisha flavor and packed clay bowl

I felt like someone smash packed fresh blueberries. But wait, every time I sniffed over the mix, I sensed a peppermint-like nuance. Simply a classic Starbuzzy. You’ll love how tart berry brings an overwhelming flavor but you won’t get any mint there, to be honest. Take a hit and swoosh! Let the oceanic breeze leave a cooling sensation in your throat and chest. But that’s not very minty.


Starbuzz Blue Mist tobacco smoke clouds
If it’s Starbuzz, you shouldn’t worry about the clouds even though the shisha has a little drier texture. I got nice uplifting clouds and really liked the after-smoke aroma. So make sure to fluff pack your shisha with any bowl you like.


One charge should last between 1 and 1 and half hours depends on how you pack the bowl and which coal you use, your smoking session can easily reach 2 or more hours. When I Throw 2 coals my session easily lasts for about an hour. I’m always using medium Egyptian bowl and really enjoying the flavor durability throughout the session.


My favorite flavors to mix with Blue Mist are lemon flavor or vanilla. If you would like to have a stronger flavor of mint, just mix with Starbuzz spearmint and thank me later. Some of the best shisha flavors to mix with Blue Mist can be found in my complete review of this flavor in the link below.


You know their exotic lines use washed brown tobacco leaves, so you don’t need to be an expert. I love subtle tingles that give me a relaxing sensation.

two packages of Starbuzz Blue Mist shisha flavor


The Blue Mist has such a fantastic performance and never fails to deliver a ‘bluemistic’ experience. It’s worth every single penny. I felt like blueberry candy floss instantly melting in my mouth and leaving the smoothest flavor. But remember to store in an airtight container otherwise; you may smoke a cough syrup. My personal rating and overall experience with Blue Mist is 10/10 although some passionate smokers would disagree with me.

Read Full Review: Starbuzz Blue Mist Shisha Review

Fumari Ambrosia Shisha Flavor

pouch of Fumari Ambrosia shisha tobacco flavor
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Fumari is known as the juiciest shishas on the market and Ambrosia is one of their top-selling shisha flavors.

Ambrosia was the food of gods in Greek mythology, also the name of a very famous salad, and one of the best shishas.

Fumari Ambrosia is based on brown leaf washed tobacco, containing 0.05% of nicotine, airthight pouch is perfect for keeping shisha, it saves the taste and juices.

Smell and Taste

The smell is the first thing that would deceive you. I won’t lie, I actually thought if I could eat the shisha. Truly a mesmerizing aroma just like fruit candy. It’s hard to describe but this is the best way I could.

The very first draw will put you in metathoughts. I didn’t feel the taste as strong as the smell, but yes it made me feel like how Greek gods appreciated the flavor.

Take a hit and you get melon on the front followed by an aftertaste of delicious marshmallow.


As you can expect from the brands like Fumari the clouds are phenomenal, this shisha will provide you with large and thick clouds even with the use of one or two coals.

Boy, you would smoke like a modern-day god of clouds. Fumari makers understand that we love to play with clouds, and so they come up with the best composition of shisha juices. I can now say, smoke an Ambrosia and let the people become your disciple.

Fumari Ambrosia flavor and loaded Alpaca hookah head


A medium Phunnel or Vortex bowl helped me to achieve an hour-long session easily. The flavors are so consistent that you’ll only wish the pleasures of god to never end.


The flavor I think is subtle and so I tried the combination with Mandarin Zest. Seriously you’ll enjoy the flavor of gods and keep coming back with this mix. You can also mix it with any other fruit flavor especially lemon and mint, guava also comes into consideration.
pouch of Fumari Ambrosia shisha flavor and clay bowl


The buzz is weaker but great for beginners or those who want something a bit weaker for change. Fumari tries to reach hookah lovers of all levels. That’s why we are so pleased with its mellow buzz. I think it’s a go for brand for starters.


Ambrosia was the source of immortality in ancient Greek. But I don’t think this would happen to us. I can only say the flavor, clouds, and aroma would make your senses crank up to eleven and you will only ask for more. I would give 9/10 for Ambrosia.

Nakhla Tobacco Double Apple

different package sizes of Nakhla Double Apple
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Nakhla Double Apple is a traditional shisha flavor produced in Egypt by the most experienced shisha tobacco company that is on a market for decades. Nakhla company hasn’t changed this flavor and its texture for years, this shisha is one of the most used hookah tobacco flavors on the planet.

This is unwashed tobacco with a higher percentage of nicotine, it’s not recommendable for beginners. Double Apple is a traditional and favorite flavor of Middle Eastern people, but it is also must-have flavor for many hookah bars.

Smell and Taste

You can expect something between anise and sweet apple flavor but definitely a more dominant flavor is anise. This is a spicy based flavor, it’s not so strong in taste, on the first inhale you will feel the anise, and the apple flavor comes as an aftertaste.

It’s the same apple-like traditional aroma that would bring you some 1913 vibes. Yes, Nakhla is that old. I barely see anyone who could maintain the legacy for a century. Nakhla has a classic taste and I don’t think it would ever die. Initially, I thought much like an apple drink. But as I took the first draw, it welcomed with the vibrant anise flavor which was awesome. You will also notice mild hints of earthy tobacco but it won’t give you any harshness.
Nakhla Double Apple hookah tobacco and loaded unglazed bowl


The clouds are huge, if you’re a fan of big clouds, you will get what you want from this tobacco. The Nakhla isn’t the juiciest tobacco in the world but the clouds are great. I found that Nakhla’s newer shisha has a juicier texture than the older ones. So the puffs were nice and dense. I loved this modernized version of Nakhla.


Nakhla’s Double Apple made me feel the Egyptian vibes for straight 1.5 hours. I prefer a mid-sized unglazed Egyptian bowl a traditional bowl for a traditional flavor. But it’s great that Nakhla isn’t so heating sensitive. So you can overpack and throw extra coal as well.


various Nakhla flavor packages
My summer days are exhaustive and so I always use Nakhla with something refreshing like Lemon mint. It’s utterly relaxing and makes me feel energetic again. Also, it can be mixed with a little bit of mint to get the freshness of taste, some spicy based flavor is also a good option to mix with.


If you’re a newbie, it’s better to skip this flavor and try something lighter. It induces a typical dose of nicotine due to dark tobacco leaves. And that’s enough to cause coughing and nausea and you won’t like that to happen. Although it’s very strong for newbies alternatively you could try a non-tobacco version of this flavor.


Visit somewhere in the Middle East and you’ll hear 90% of folks talking about the double apple. If you’re smoking for a while but new to Nakhla, I definitely recommend this flavor. Take some Nakhla shots AND you’ll feel very Egyptian.

Tangiers Cane Mint Shisha Tobacco

Tangiers Cane Mint shisha flavor
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The Tangier’s Cane Mint should be on your must-try list. I personally prefer Al Fakher’s Mint, but I must say that this has really caught me unawares.

Along with the Nakhla, Tangier’s Cane Mint is made of Dark leaf tobacco, it belongs to the unwashed type of shisha tobacco, which means it has a higher percentage. Learn more about the difference between washed vs unwashed tobacco.

Smell and Taste

The flavor is so intense you don’t want to sniff directly over the shisha. The menthol is so noticeable that you would know if someone unpacks the Cane Mint quietly in your room.

I didn’t find much sweetness that I expected with a candy cane. But what I felt after each draw was a chilling sensation as if I am breathing in Antarctica.

Believe me, I never expected a strong punch of icy cold mint from any flavor but Tangiers.


I didn’t find clouds as intense as the flavors. But as the cooling smoke goes down to the throat, you may not bother much about the clouds and simply enjoy the delight.


Tangiers phunnel bowl loaded with Cane Mint shisha
I tried normal packing with a Tangiers phunnel bowl that gave me 1.5 hours of a chill pill. I really liked the flavor retention and never felt it anytime fading away.


The combination with Tangiers Kashmir black (noir) really helps me to take a pause from the daily hustle and just appreciate the moment.

The minty-spice blend is so amusing that it really changes your mood and makes you feel fresh like mornings.


If you’re just a starter and know about Birquq line, it’s better to keep a distance. It induces a strong buzz enough to spin your head. If you ask any expert, smoking Tangiers is dope for them.


It’s a perfect treat for the elite hookah lovers. For me, it really fulfills the smoking appetite and awakens my senses.

I don’t think any dark line maker could deliver such an intense minty experience like Tangiers.

I usually like to gift Cane mint to my friends who are elite smokers and they appreciate it so much.

Fumari Island Papaya Shisha Flavor

pouch of Fumari Island Papaya shisha flavor

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This exotic tropical taste will surely delight you, close your eyes, take the smoke and it takes you right to an exotic island.

Smell and Taste

Fumari always greets you with its mouthwatering smell of real fruit pulp. You will have the same experience with Island Papaya but make sure you don’t have to eat them. If you love juicy papaya, then this shisha is definitely a bang for the buck.

I felt the real Papaya taste in full effect followed by something like a citrus melon. I never get bored with such a delicious flavor. Fumari Island Papaya leaves a nice impression when you inhale it, you will have a very sweet taste in your mouth, really refreshing and tropical flavor, you will definitely taste the Papaya.


It’s better to say that you would smoke big white tropical clouds. Fumari always wants you to make the best smokes out of their shisha and deliver some creative rings. The experience is out of this world. With any Fumari flavor, you will be able to create really huge clouds of smoke.

pouch of Fumari Island Papaya and loaded tradition bowl


Frankly speaking, I wanted to have it all day but it can’t go beyond 1.5 hours. The best I could do is to pack them lightly with a Phunnel or Vortex bowl and burn under medium heat.


Mixing a special Fumari shisha with another Fumari always works wonder. I wanted to get some tang and paired with Mandarin Zest. Now I can say my summers are very exciting. Also, I love to mix it with guava, but mixing with Fumari Ambrosia is another good option.


The flavors are so overpowering that you will only receive slight buzz. By the way, who cares about the buzz when you have a Fumari by your side!


If you are a fruit lover, Island papaya would surely take your imagination to the coastal heavens. Treat this to your guests and they will remember you for your hospitality. Next time, pack an Island papaya for your beach holidays and thank me later for this advice. 10/10

Al Fakher’s Mint Shisha

box of Al Fakter Mint shisha

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Everybody talks about Al-Fakher and this brand is popular for a big reason. Their best hookah flavor of all time is definitely mint. This is a very special taste, and mint can be mixed with most of the flavors.

Smell and Taste

I don’t think you need a room freshener if you have Al Fakher with you. Keep this shisha unpacked in your room and someone might sense if you’re chewing a pack of peppermint gum. I could literally feel as if I was drinking fresh mountain water.

The sensation sends a wave of cool mint throughout your mouth, nose, throat, and chest. After a while, my eyes too started to give off the tears of joy. And trust me, have a session and you will love your breath all day.


It’s no surprise, you will be greeted with rich white puffs. You may go for extra charcoal to get even better clouds. But please don’t take heavy pulls. The shisha may induce harsh flavor and you may end up coughing a lot.
box of Al Fakher mint shisha flavor and clay phunnel bowl


On average, I spend an easy-breezy 1.5 hours using the Al-Fakher Ceramic bowl. I think this is the best hookah flavor for your sunny days. When the heat is sucking you up, smoke Al Fakher for an hour or two and you’ll be alright.


Mint is so versatile, it can be mixed with almost every flavor. If you ask some connoisseurs, they use Al Fakher in nearly every shisha cocktail they prepare. My personal preference is lemon and it’s a bang on with the aroma and taste.


Al-Fakher produces a typical buzz that most people love. For me, the buzz was good enough to induce a nice and moderate tingling sensation. Though I didn’t feel the effect as strong as Nakhla, so, I think it’s a perfect shisha for newbies.


Some people with sinuses claimed to me that their nostrils surprisingly unblocked during the session. I believe Al-Fakher offers a cheap thrill to make our summer days exciting. And so I often preserve some Al-Fakher’s for those boring days.

Starbuzz Queen of Sex

jar of Starbuzz Queen of Sex shisha
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Another Starbuzz product on my list of the best hookah flavors is their well-known Queen of Sex.

Smell and Taste

You might get curious about the name. But there is something else that would grab your attention and that is the smell. Your nose would never have smelled a lime so different and yet, seductive. There are so many clichéd flavors that resemble each other. But one thing you may not know is that Starbuzz surprises us by bringing uniqueness in those flavors. I really liked the authentic taste of sweet lime with a hint of mint.


For me, this is definitely the queen of clouds. I really felt my senses aroused that tempted me to smoke clusters of clouds. I think it would have been better if Starbuzz had come up with the name, Queen of Clouds.

Starbuzz Queen of sex shisha and quick light coals


If you’re getting an hour and a half long session, you might not get consistency with the flavor. Once I smoked with a Phunnel bowl and the flavor started fading after 45 minutes. But hey, nothing to worry about. Pick an unglazed Egyptian bowl and pack your shisha light. And don’t forget to use a wind cover. Your flavors will definitely last longer.


I don’t think the flavor profile is compatible with a wider range of flavors. The best mix I tried was with Starbuzz Blue mist. You may also prefer orange flavor for zingy notes which I think everyone likes.


The queen serves you with a gentle buzz and leaves you fantasizing about the smoking experience. I bet you won’t feel the same tingles with other Starbuzz flavors.


I don’t know what the name has to do with the flavor but definitely to make you crave for more. So keep your worries at bay and let this queen turn your senses on with her intense flavor. Try once and you will always keep visiting her back again.

Khalil Mamoon Mango

jar of Khalil Mamoon shisha tobacco
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Hookah enthusiasts who love fruity flavor will most definitely like the Khalil Mamoon Mango. If you are looking for a rich mango taste and smell, this is by far the strongest and sweetest I have tasted on the market.

It leaves a taste of pure mango in your mouth without any other background tastes. The smoke is mild and light, making this a perfect choice for beginners and light smokers. It gives you a mild buzz and taste for the summer.

Smell and Taste

The first time I smelled this KM, I was so impressed and wondered how it would smoke. I sensed well-detailed mango notes, not a usual mango but something like a premium. I was speechless the moment I took my first draw.

I don’t know how to define this mango flavor but it’s a very sophisticated punch of tang on your taste buds. I really liked the balanced sweetness. Take a number of draws and feel your tongue being enveloped with mango juice.


Simply let your shisha get enough heat. You will smoke and wonder, “Did I just blow that?”. I had a similar reaction when I first tried KM shisha. But I think it’s their age-old tradition of offering the best smoking experience for all generations.

phunnel bowl with tobacco and jar of Khalil Mamoon shisha


I always use a KM for my KM flavor and it easily allows me to enjoy 2 hours long. So whenever I think about disconnecting from the world, I grab my KM set, prepare the shisha and forget everything.


I haven’t tried many combinations with KM mango. But I really love my combination with mint or spiced flavors. Trust me it tastes ‘mangolicious’.


I bet you would love the traditional tingling sensation. Many KM flavors deliver strong buzz but with KM mango, I think even beginners would love the light sensations.


Close your eyes and you’re in the mango orchard. Trust me, take a try and you’ll only ask for more. KM has a rich history of the hookah ritual and people enjoy the same experience even today. It’s definitely in my bucket list for my next bonfire camp. It’s lit.

Fumari White Gummy Bear

pouch of Fumari White Gummi Bear shisha flavor

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I love Fumari for a reason, and it’s my pleasure to let you know more about the taste that meets all the criteria you should keep in mind when choosing the good shisha flavor for you.

Smell and Taste

The aroma is so surreal that it would mesmerize every creature. Take this to a bear and it won’t growl at you. Although it smells to you like pineapple, the taste doesn’t mimic the same. What I noticed was the extract of pineapple, something like the gummy bear candy with orange notes.

I don’t really like to smoke sweet flavor for long. Interestingly, Fumari prepared this shisha with us in mind and has medium sweetness. You’ll enjoy the taste for hours, and for me, it’s proved to be the best mixing with a little mint and some beautiful fruit flavors such as peach.


Fumari = Fume + Ari (bringer of rain in Arabic). Now we know why the shisha is named Fumari. Undoubtedly you will bring the rain of fumes and smoke like a pro.


I always pack my Fumari little light and my session goes over an hour. My experience with a White Gummy Bear is so magical that the time seems to pause for a while and I stop caring about anything.


You should mix Red gummy bear as the combination blends really well with each other. If you want to fly really high, go and mix some Ambrosia and see the magic.


This flavor doesn’t allow me to think of the buzz at all. I know there is a mild sensation. But the flavors are so damn good that it overshadows the tingling sensation.


Trust me, you’ll keep licking your lips after each shot. This is definitely one of the best shisha flavors ever but you need to burn a hole in your pocket. And so I am more concerned with the price tag that I prefer to use only on special occasions.

Starbuzz Lebanese Bombshell

jar of Starbuzz Lebanese Bomb Shell shisha
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The main reason why Starbuzz remains significant in the industry is due to the quality of their product. Their newest flavor, Starbuzz Lebanese Bombshell is everything the name suggests.

Here’s my experience with this one.

Smell and Taste

Starbuzz’s peculiar names always make me suspicious about the flavors. This flavor surprised me, however, with its earthy smell. I was able to sense some spices and mint as well.

Even if I would have smelled it blindfolded, I could tell that’s the flavor for experts. This is one of those flavors that you will either always love or completely forget it. But for me, it’s like visiting an old friend.

I receive a bundle of flavors all at once namely Lemon, Mint, Cardamom, and Anise. I really want to thank the makers that they didn’t add the sweetness.


Well, I said Starbuzz comes up with peculiar names and that is for a reason. Take a draw and you will feel like something exploded in your mouth followed by a huge puff. You will definitely love to make plenty of smoke-rings.


I never realized how time flew with this flavor. It was like 1- 1.5 hours of pure pleasure that took my imagination to the Lebanese woods.


I don’t think you should combine any other flavor with Lebanese Bombshell. I really love its woodsy and authentic taste and it’s perfect in all sense. Though you may come up with your own mix, I believe this would only spoil the original flavor.


I am so impressed by the buzz it induces. It has a decent buzz and the shisha is prepared with mature smokers in mind. You will definitely love how well the flavor complements the tingles.


If you’re tired of the regular fruit and dessert flavors, Lebanese bombshell welcomes you with open arms. You will feel getting lost in the abyss of ecstasy due to its wider spectrum of flavors. Next time, I am carrying this Starbuzz for a picnic.

Hydro Herbal Peach

box of Hydro Herbal Peach hookah tobacco
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Hydro Herbal is an industry top leader in producing tobacco-free shisha and their peach flavor is one of the best shisha flavors without tobacco. The main ingredients contain, molasses, glycerine, honey, and flavor, completely free of nicotine and tar. If you like to smoke but you do not enjoy in buzz give this shisha a try, it offers great clouds and even better taste literally everything that shisha with tobacco can offer.

Smell and taste

If you ever have smelled jelly beans or fruit jams, that’s how Hydro Herbal’s peach would feel to you. I loved the sweet, savory flavor and how it imparts a velvety touch to the taste buds.

The smell is also beautiful and gives the authentic aroma of peach, but it has that sweet taste like peach candy which gives a very seductive scent to the flavor. The taste is a bit weaker than the smell, it’s pretty good, authentic and you will definitely feel the peach in your mouth.


It felt to me that Hydro makers brag about their shisha products with just taste. It produces so-so smoke unlike the traditional shisha, but I think that’s okay to go with. But be careful with heat management as it starts getting baked really quickly.


Initially, I felt that shisha started losing its flavor in 30-40 minutes. So I tried to sprinkle-pack with a Phunnel bowl and used single charcoal. You may earn more 15 minutes by using some honey and glycerol. But make sure it shouldn’t reduce the original flavor.


I really like to make some cocktails out of my Hydro herbal shisha. Last time, I tried with Hydro herbal mango (tropical storm) and it felt as if I am smoking a smoothie. So feel free to try your combination and do share your experience with me.


I think starters would love the idea of nicotine-free herbal shisha. It’s a non-tobacco shisha and doesn’t give you any buzz.


There’s no doubt, a healthy alternative to your hookah cuisine. You will never feel any harshness and it’s all fruits. Every pull will make you feel like a mouth full of candies but in a smoke form. It’s a must-try for all fruit lovers. I gave 10 out 10 for Hydro Herbal because it’s a beginner-friendly, it has an authentic peach taste, and long-lasting flavor.

Beamer Vanilla

box of Beamer Vanilla herbal shisha flavor
I’ve chosen Beamer’s vanilla flavor as the best vanilla flavor ever, because of the most authentic fragrance that can be found on the Internet. The smell is very good, the clouds are huge, the taste is perfect and all of you who love vanilla stuff will definitely love this product. Let’s dive in in actual details.

Smell and Taste

Blindfold your friend and unpack the Beamer. What response might you get? That’s right, it’s a Vanilla cake. I am actually loving Beamer more than any shisha. The delicious Vanilla notes are so consistent that the flavors won’t fade until the last drop of molasse melts up in your bowl.


As soon as I smoked my first draw, for the first 5 seconds I was like where am I. Beamer’s monstrous clouds will make you forget if you really want shisha tobacco anymore.


What I am going to tell you is really shocking. Almost 2 hours. Beamer is that durable. I am impressed by the fact that you can pack it densely. But you must avoid putting in more coals. Just single charcoal worked for me.


I never imagined it could taste like a marshmallow when I mixed it with Beamer’s chocolate. So feel free to experiment with your flavor and share with me your wonders.


Why should you care for the buzz when you have a Beamer by your side? Many times, I just want to go for a buzz-free hookah session and Beamer Vanilla is my favorite pick.


I highly recommend you try this flavor and your neighbors might sense a new confectionery shop nearby. Believe me, it’s that crazy. One more thing, you’ll have an easy time cleaning your bowl.

Beamer ice-drops watermelon

jar of Beamer ice drops Watermelon flavor

If you love the watermelon taste, then Beamer ice-drops gel is the right choice for you. Do not be skeptical about gel because Beamer is a trusted brand that makes these ice-drops of natural ingredients like, water, Vegetable Glycerin, Corn Syrup Solids, Natural flavors, etc. I’m sure you will like it more than any other watermelon flavor you’ve tried before.

Smell and Taste

The moment I sniffed at the Beamer, I instantly fell in love with the scent. The smell is so vibrant and genuine, I don’t think this could be compared with any other shisha. The flavor skyrocketed my senses to the moon. I felt a refreshing melony taste with very balanced sweetness. You won’t get much like a watermelon but something like candy. If you’re a newcomer, Beamer will definitely hook you with its amazing flavors.


At first, I was so surprised and couldn’t imagine a Beamer kicking up some insane clouds. It seems you could use your Beamer to produce rescue smoke signals while you’re lost.


I was so hypnotized by the flavor that I barely remember the duration. But seriously, it lasts as long as 2-3 hours. I like to have shorter sessions, so I grab my small bowl and pack it loosely.


Beamer ice-drops watermelon mixes quite well with nearly every other Beamers. My choice of flavor is mostly with mint. You can also mix some 3-4 flavors together and make your own version of flavor.


Not everyone could participate in the hookah smoking, however, Beamer realized this fact. We don’t get any buzz because of zero nicotine. However, very recently, Beamer introduced a ‘lifted-line’ that contains some nicotine.


Beamer is one of the fancy inventions that your love for fruits will only grow. One thing I suggest is that you must store them in the freezer if you don’t want to get a taste of cough drops. But overall, I loved the flavor and highly recommend you to try their delicious lines.

Shiazo Cappuccino Orange Hookah Flavor

jar of Shiazo vapor stones cappuccino flavor

Shiazo is a German-based company that brings something completely different to the market. From these vapor stones, you’ll get a guaranteed very strong taste and long-lasting smoking experience.

After use, you will only remain dry stones, just put it back in a jar, shake it, and those dry stones will be soaked in molasse again and ready for reuse.

This is a healthier alternative than actual shisha, the smoke produced is water vapor and quite the healthy difference.

Smell and taste

You won’t find any stone as aromatic as Shiazo. The smell is so pure that it doesn’t feel anything artificial. That’s unbelievable! It felt like I was taking a sip of cappuccino.

It’s so refreshing just like fresh beans from the garden. I also received a savory tang as I exhaled, but that was not so orangy.


Well, it’s different. What I smoked wasn’t smoke at all. That’s vapor produced by those flavor-filled porous stones. But you can’t expect bigger clouds. Throughout the session, you will see how density varies with each draw.


If clouds don’t impress you, the duration will. You can go beyond 2 hours even with the dense pack. Heat management isn’t the thing to bother about as the stones get fleshed out slowly and steadily. So feel free to use any bowl, load your Shiazo and let the time fly by.


What I like about Shiazo is you have a wide range of options to create your version of hookah cocktail.

It really complements any Shiazo offerings. But don’t think of mixing with any shisha tobacco. That is a weird choice and may ruin your taste.


If Shiazo maintains a dictionary, you won’t find any word near to the buzz.


Shiazo is a new idea for the new generation like us. You may need to add a few extra bucks for its flavors but remember, you can reuse them like a couple of times more. One more thing I liked is that it’s an easy time cleaning. I highly recommend this flavor to all levels of smokers.

How Much Nicotine Is In Shisha Flavor?

Depenging on the type of the tobacco, nicotine percentage in shisha is mainly at 0.05%, 0.3% and 0.5%. Many reports claim that we ingest 0.05gms of nicotine in every 10gms of shisha. Say, Tangiers labels their shisha with the nicotine that ranges from 0.3% – 0.5%. That means for every 20gm (average serving) of Tangiers, we consume 0.06gm – 0.1gm of nicotine and that is an excess amount.

The fact is we don’t actually receive that much nicotine. It completely depends upon how shisha is heated. The standard temperature of red hot hookah charcoal is over 300 degrees whereas nicotine vaporizes at a temperature of 247 degrees.

However, there is no such technology that could detect the amount of nicotine given off due to the heat. In the case of e-liquids or cigars, I could say we ingest a lot more. But in case of shisha, I am sure that we definitely don’t consume all those nicotine as labelled on the container.

Shisha List with Nicotine Percentage


  • Abed Elkader: Nicotine: 0.7%
  • Abu Haitham: Nicotine: 0.05%
  • Al Ajamy: Nicotine: 0.05%
  • Al Ajamy Gold: Nicotine: 0.05%
  • Al Amir: Nicotine: 0.05%
  • Al Fakher: Nicotine: 0.05%
  • Al Jawahara: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Al Ouns: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Al Qemah: Nicotine: 0.05%
  • Arabica: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Al Waha: Nicotine: 0.05% (New Prod) Nicotine: 0.5% (Old Prod)
  • Al Sultan: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Al Moustafa: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Afzal: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Al Masah: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Adalya: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Al Kashmir: Nicotine: ~ 0.5%
  • Al Mahmood:Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Alrayan: Nicotine: 0.05%
  • Assal: Nicotine: 0.005%
  • Argelini: 0.05%
  • Azure: gold line: 0.05%; Azure black line: 0.5%
  • Alchemist: 0.5%


  • Bisan: Nicotine: 0.05%
  • Brodator Tobacco: Nicotine: 0.1% (current batch 0.05%)
  • Beamer: 0.00%


  • Cloud9: Nicotine: 0.05%


  • Dubai: Nicotine: 0.05%
  • Desi Murli: 0.5%


  • El Hannawy: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Emperor: Nicotine: 0.5%


  • Fantasia: Nicotine: 0.05% (blonde line) Nicotine: 0.0% (Herbal line)
  • Fusion: Nicotine: 0.3%
  • Fumari: Nicotine: 0.05%
  • Fakhur: Nicotine: 0.05%
  • Freestyle: Nicotine: 0.2%


  • Gini’s Tobacco: Nicotine: 0.05%
  • Golden Pipe: Nicotine: 0.05%


  • Havana: Nicotine: 0.05%
  • Haze: 0.05%
  • Hennawy: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Hookah-Hookah: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Hookah-Hookah Black Label: Nicotine: 0.0%
  • Hookafina Blak: 0.5%


  • JMs Hookah: Nicotine: 0.05%
  • Jurak: Nicotine: 0.5%


  • Kamarain: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Karma: 0.05%


  • Layalina: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Lavoo: 0.5%


  • Mouj al Bahr: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Malas: Nicotine: 0.05%
  • Mazaya: Mazaya: Nicotine: 0.05%


  • Nakhla: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Noor: Nicotine: 0.0%
  • Nirvana (Eclipse): Nicotine: 1.0%
  • Nu: 0.05%


  • Orient House: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Orient: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Othmani: 0.05%


  • Pharaoh´s: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Prince: nicotine: 0.5%
  • Pomme De Jerba: 0.11%
  • Pure: 0.05%<


  • Qass: 0.5%


  • Romman: Nicotine: 0.05%
  • Royal Crown: Nicotine: 0.5%


  • Sahara smoke: Nicotine: 0.05%
  • Sima Sultan: Nicotine: 0.5%<
  • Saet Safa: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Soex: Nicotine: 0.0%
  • Starbuzz Exotic line: Nicotine: 0.05%
  • Starbuzz Vintage and Serpent lines: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Starbuzz Steam stones:< Nicotine: 0.0%
  • SAPT: Nicotine: 0.11%
  • Serbetli: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Sultan: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Sama Infinity: Nicotine: 0.05%
  • Start Now: Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Sinbad: 0.3%
  • Salloum Moassel: 0.5%
  • Seven days (7days): 0.5%
  • Shisha Tobacco: 0.5%
  • Social Smoke: 0.05%


  • Tangiers (Noir, Burqiq): Nicotine: 0.5%
  • Tangiers (Lucid): 0.3%
  • Titanium Tobacco: Nicotine: 0.05%
  • Trifecta: 0.5% (Dark-line) 0.05% (Blonde-line)


  • Ultimate Tobacco: Nicotine: 0.05%
  • Ugly Hookah: 0.5%


  • Wazir: Nicotine: 0.5%

Best Hookah Flavors: Combinations And Mixes

Hookah feels better when the right combinations come together. Many expensive brands sell flavors that aren’t worth a premium.

Being able to understand the sentiments, I would like to share 5 best shisha flavor combinations that would make you believe that wonders happen. These shisha cocktails have a standard ratio. Feel free to do your equation.

Al-Fakher Pineapple (40%) + Starbuzz Vintage Vanilla (20%) + Starbuzz Exotic CocoJumbo (40%)

Taste and smell:

Coconut imparts a faint hint. The real reason I mixed CocoJumbo is to bring silkiness as you inhale. Vanilla leaves a nice aroma and complements its sweetness with pineapple. A classic shisha cocktail that I call COCOPYNILLA.


Overwhelming clouds. The juicer texture maintains the consistency of smoke production.


Balanced buzz. Increase Starbuzz vintage amount to receive buzzier feelings.


A combination of premium shisha flavors I prefer to serve my guests. Folks would love it and appreciate your choice.

Al Fakher Vanilla (30%) + Romman Cinnamon (35%) + Romman Turkish Coffee (35%)

Taste and smell

How to make your home a Starbucks lounge? Simply brew this mix. Cinnamon not only improves the fragrance and taste but also has a great partnership with vanilla and coffee. Undoubtedly, the smooth caramel flavor with mind-bending aroma will take you to an expensive café.


Not so big clouds. Try heat management with windcover and 2 coals to receive better smoke.


Euphoric buzz. Seasoned smokers might not experience the sensation.


With this combination, my house turns into Café CINNAMONILLA. A surprise for someone who has been smoking the same old fruit and mint flavor.

Al Amir Kiwi (50%) + Nakhla Two Apples (50%)

Taste and smell

Kiwi and apple have different flavors spectrum. But their fusion brings in unique citric kick with prominent anise. The smell would make you think of KWAPPLE, a fictional fruit.


A blend of traditional Nakhla and the latest Al-Amir produces colossal clouds.


Strong buzz, enough to make your head spin yet enjoyable.


Recommended to folks looking for a real fruit punch. My favorite summer recipe.

Al Fakher Banana (25%) + Al Fakher Vanilla (30%) + Lavoo Dark Mint (20%) + Starbuzz Exotic Strawberry (25%)

Taste and smell

You won’t believe the flavor switch and how each note plays with your senses. The flavor seems complex yet you will receive each tone in no order. I came up with a scientific name for this blend, BANANILLA MINTBERRY.


Insane clouds. After setup, prepare for an aromatic smoke bath.


Expect mild buzz. For an elevated buzz, add more Lavoo flavor.


Trust me, this combination is a mood changer and tempts you to revisit the same mix with different variations.

Fantasia Herbal Wild Mango (35%) + Social Smoke Lime (35%) + Tangiers Cane Mint (30%)

Taste and smell

Mint is overpowering that has a prolonged soothing impact. You will also feel like smoking a mango shake with a tangier punch. The combination, LYMINTANGO smells like visiting an orchard in the springs.


Fantastic clouds. Cane mint is dry but Fantasia and Social smoke add wetness and improve cloud formation.


Add more Tangiers only if you want a strong buzz. Or else, normal mix induces mellow buzz.


Chewing gum addicts would experience different versions of mint. Prepare once and you’ll only receive more requests.

Shisha Flavors Q & A

How are hookah flavors made?

Hookah flavors are made of finely cut tobacco, glycerine, honey/ molasses, flavoring agent or even semi-dried fruit pulp. Tobacco and molasses/ flavoring bases blend in a 3:7 ratio with gentle variations and produce a perfect mu’assel.

Traditional shisha flavor makes use of dark leaf and blonde/ brown leaf tobacco. They are processed to create different levels of nicotine that induces buzz:
1. Washed shisha: Treated with water (by soaking or boiling). Less buzz
2. Unwashed shisha: Directly mixed with the base and treated under the pressurized heat. Strong buzz

Whereas, tobacco-free flavors include organic herbs, bagasse, steam stones and flavored gels.

How many types of hookah flavors?

Hookah flavors commonly use a wide range of fruit flavors, herbs (Mint, tea leaves), spices (cinnamon, anise) and beverage (cappuccino, vanilla). They make delicious assortment while mixed with either Tobacco-based or Tobacco-free flavors.

Non-Tobacco flavors:
1.Fruit flavor:
Shisha is made from dried or processed fruits. Ex.Hookah fruits and DeCloud uses most popular fruits for making flavors.
2.Steam stones:
Flavored juices are added into a special porous mineral via Pressure Injection method. Ex. Shiazo, Sophies, Shisharoma and Starbuzz’s steam stone.
3.Herbal flavors:
Natural herbs are processed and mixed with fruity molasses. The texture appears similar to tobacco shisha. Ex. Hydro Herbal, Beamer Alshan, Desperados, Aafreen, Fantasia, Urth tree, Soex, Goldstar, Noor, Kraze and Karizma.

Note: Beamer and Sophies are the only brands to present flavored gel drops. Beamer’s “lifted” is however, a tobacco-line.

Tobacco flavors:
1.Dark shisha flavor:
Nakhlas’s Zaghloul flavor, Al Fakhers’ Soft black, Desi Murli, Jurak, Qass, Salloum, Tangiers (Birquq and Noir), etc.
2.Modern dark shisha flavor:
Lavoo double dark mint, Alchemist stout, Trifecta morning glory, and Starbuzz (Vintage-line).
3.Blonde shisha flavor:
Starbuzz(modern-line), Pure, Fumari, Al Waha, Azure, Fantasia, Haze, Romman, etc.
4.Washed shisha flavor:
Starbuzz, Tangiers’ Lucid-line, Fumari, AlFakher, Salloum, etc.
5.Unwashed shisha flavor:
Tangier’s Noir and Birquq, Nakhla, Romman, Al Waha, etc.

How much nicotine in hookah flavors?

Nicotine content depends upon the types of tobacco used such as dark leaf and blonde leaf. The amount of nicotine also varies from unwashed to washed shisha. Most shisha flavors available today contain 0.05% nicotine. But unwashed and dark leaf shisha have a higher presence of nicotine. Treating with water washes off excess of nicotine and tar. Whereas unwashed leaf retains that earthy aroma and pungent behavior.

Some of my favorite shisha lines:
1. Fumari Ambrosia: ~0.05%
2. Starbuzz (Exotic) blue mist: 0.05%
3. Tangiers (Burqiq) cane mint: ~ 0.3%
4. Tangiers (Lucid) Cocoa: 0.3%
5. Starbuzz (vintage) Vanilla: 0.5%
6. Lavoo double dark mint: 0.5%

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