Best Hookah Flavors: Our list of Top shisha flavors of all time

Are you searching for the best hookah flavors?  Well, you definitely came to the right place. Here you’ll find our list of some of the best selling, most reviewed and top shishas of all time. Choosing the right shisha is become an overwhelming process, due to many different brands and tastes.

Back to the day when there were only a few flavors on the market, you did not have a lot of choices, many experienced smokers started with the very basic flavor Nakhla Two apples.

Today, we have a great choice of tastes, so we tend to list here some of the older tastes but many smokers talk about them even today, which means that they’re definitely worth. well, let’s get started.

Still can’t find good hookah? Here’s the list of 30+ best hookah brands so take a look.

Top Shisha Flavors 2019

 Hookah Flavors List

  • Starbuzz Blue Mist
  • Fumari Ambrosia
  • Nakhla Double Apple
  • Hydro Herbal Peach
  • Tangier’s Cane Mint
  • Fumari Island Papaya
  • Starbuzz Queen of Sex
  • Shiazo Stones Cappuccino Orange
  • Fumari White Gummi Bear
  • Beamer Vanilla
  • Starbuzz Lebanese Bomb
  • Al-Fakher Mint
  • Beamer Ice-drops Watermelon
  • Khalil Mamoon Mango

Below you’ll find a review of every single one, with best shisha mixes for summer included.

Starbuzz Blue Mist

Most Popular Shisha Flavor of all time



Starbuzz has so many different and creative flavor combinations but I’ve chosen their most popular flavor of all time, you guess it’s a blue mist.

This product is one of the most famous, best-selling and definitely one of the best shisha tobacco.

Blue Mist is a pretty wet brown color washed shisha made of blonde leaf tobacco with a low percentage of nicotine ( less than 1% of all shisha).

Smell and Taste

This flavor smells exactly like as name indicates, you will definitely smell blueberry and mint, I would say the most authentic smell of blueberry on the market.

When it comes to taste, the blueberry flavor is more dominant than the mint which it comes as an aftertaste.

The mint does not come very well into the taste, I’d say it’s like a cooling feeling.

starbuzz blue mist most popular shisha flavor


Starbuzz flavors provide a great cloud so this is also the case with the blue mist. Thick, milky clouds are something that characterizes this flavor.


One charge should last about 1 and a half hours depends on how you pack it, and which coal you use it can easily reach 2 or more hours.


You can mix it with the taste of lemon or vanilla depends on you. Some of the best shisha flavors to mix with blue mist you can read in our complete review of this flavor if you click the button below.


There is a very mild buzz if any at all, rather say, there is no buzz unless you overdo it.

Overall: 10/10 

Fumari Ambrosia

Fumari is one of the Most Juiciest Shishas 



Fumari is pretty juicy shisha well known among smokers, Ambrosia is one of their top selling shisha flavors.

The ambrosia was the food of gods in Greek mythology, also the name of a very famous salad, and one of the best shishas.

Fumari Ambrosia is a washed shisha, contained about 0.05% of nicotine, brown color, and very nicely packed, so it keeps the taste and juices of the shisha.

Smell and Taste

The smell is very sweet and very similar to the taste. When it comes to the smell definitely, the first thing you will feel is melon.
The taste is also like sweet candy as a smell,

You can expect the taste of melon, some citrus mix, and marshmallow. This combination gives a fantastic sweet taste and a beautiful smell.


As you can expect from the brands like Fumari the clouds are phenomenal you can produce large and thick clouds even with the use of one to two coal.


On the medium size bowl, it could last about 1 hour or more.


You can mix it with any other fruit flavor especially lemon,  mint, and guava also come into an option.


The buzz is weaker, but it’s great for beginners or for those who want something a bit weaker for change.

Overall: 9/10 

 Nakhla Tobacco Double Apple

The Cheapest Hookah Flavor – (Cheap does not mean it’s bad)


nahkhla duble apple best shisha flavor

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Nakhla Double Apple is a traditional shisha produced in Egypt by one of the most experienced shisha tobacco company.

This flavor has not changed for decades and it’s one of the most smoked shisha flavors on the planet.

This is unwashed tobacco with a high percentage of nicotine so it’s not recommendable for someone who just starting out.

Nakhla double apple is the favorite taste of people in the Middle East, but it is also on the must-have flavor of many hookahs bars.


Smell and Taste

From the smell, you can expect something between anise and sweet apple flavor but definitely more dominant is anise.

This is a spicy based flavor but it’s not so strong, on the first inhale you will feel the anise and the apple flavor comes as the aftertaste.


The clouds are huge,  if you’re a fan of big clouds, you will get what you want from this tobacco. The Nakhla isn’t the juiciest tobacco in the world but the clouds are great.


If you pack it properly it can easily reach 1+ hour or more.


It can be mixed with a little bit of mint to get the freshness of taste, some spicy based flavor is also a good option to mix with.

Nakhla unwashed shisha


Very strong for newbies, so if you’re a first-time smoker, I would recommend you to try the one without tobacco.

Overall: 10/10 Definitely worth trying.

 Hydro Herbal Peach

The Most Authentic Peach Flavor


hidro herbal peach flavor

Hydro Herbal is an industry top leader in producing tobacco-free shisha and their peach flavor is one of the best shisha flavors without tobacco.

Main ingredients contain, molasses, glycerine, honey, and flavor, completely free of nicotine and tar.

If you like to smoke but you do not enjoy in buzz give this shisha a try, it offers great clouds and even better taste literally everything that shisha with tobacco can offer.

Smell and taste

The smell is beautiful and gives the authentic aroma of peach, but it has that sweet taste like peach candy which gives it a very seductive scent.

The taste is a bit weaker than the smell, but it’s pretty good and authentic and you will definitely feel the peach in your mouth.


The clouds of smoke are huge, dense and they will fulfill the expectations, you would never guess that there is no tobacco in this stuff.



The peach is really easy to mix with most of the fruit flavors.


Because it’s herbal, there is no buzz, but everyone should try this taste because it’s very good.

Overall: 10/10

Tangiers Cane Mint

The flavor recommended by many shisha experts

tangier's cane mint hookah tobacco flavor

The Tangiers Cane Mint should be on your to-do list. I personally prefer Al Fakher- Mint, but I must say that this has really caught me unawares.

Along with the Nakhla, Tangier’s Cane mint is made of Dark leaf tobacco, it belongs to unwashed type shisha tobacco, that means it has a higher percentage.

Learn more about the difference between washed vs unwashed tobacco.

Smell and Taste

The smell is largely mint with a background aroma of sweet fruit.

The taste produces an intense peppermint flavor with a cooling effect.

It’s a pretty strong flavor, very minty, refreshing and clean mint taste, the mint flavor fans will adore this one.


The clouds are very good, it doesn’t produce very thick or very dense clouds but I’ve enjoyed smoking it.


It also burns slowly and nicely you could smoke this tobacco at least one and a half hour, up to 2 hours.


One of the best features about this flavor is the fact that it mixes so well with other flavors. I would recommend mixing it with any citrus flavor.


If you are looking for that intense buzz, give Tangier’s a try. You will get very quick buzz as expected from the dark cut shisha.

Overall: 9.5/10 I would recommend it if you are looking for a sweet mint taste, but it is not a good choice as an introduction flavor for beginners.

Island Papaya

fumari island papaya tropical shisha flavorThis exotic tropical taste will surely delight you, close your eyes, take the smoke and it takes you right to an exotic island.

Smell and taste

Fumari Island Papaya has a perfect smell, it leaves a nice impression when you inhale it, you will have a very sweet taste in your mouth, really refreshing and tropical taste, you will definitely taste the Papaya.


With any Fumari flavor, you will be able to create really huge clouds of smoke.


It burns long, up to 2 hours easily.


I love to mix it with guava, but mixing Fumari Ambrosia is also a great choice.


When we talk about the buzz I have to say that if you have it at all, it’s much weaker than, for example, unwashed shisha products.

Overall: 10/10

Queen of Sex

Another one Starbuzz product on my list of the best hookah flavors is their well-known Queen of Sex.

This one is a  citrus mix, the smell is beautiful and reminds on strawberry and lemon, but when you take the first smoke,  you will feel orange and lemon with just a little bit of mint.

The flavor is very strong and sweet and for the real hookah lovers, this is very important. Smoke is great typical for Starbuzz product and you can enjoy the quality smoke.

All natural and you will not feel the buzz, although it is individual. We recommend making a mix with Blue Mist or adding more mint flavor depends on you.

This is one of the better flavors, so we recommend it to all lovers of good taste.

Smell: Strong and amazing smell.

Duration: 2 hours or more, even one without nicotine.

Buzz: Relaxing and pretty much strong with tobacco in it, but those without tobacco is great too.

Overall: 10/10

Shiazo Cappuccino Orange Hookah Flavor

If you give it a try, you will get a guaranteed very strong taste and long lasting smoking experience.

This is definitely a great mix of flavors and you feel the both of tastes together.

The taste of orange is a bit stronger than the taste of cappuccino, but the perfect combination of these two flavors is fantastic.

After a lot of research before ordering, we’ve found that there are very few bad reviews of this flavor and generally this brand.

Although, it was already clear after the first smoking that this is a good substitute for a shisha, which means it does not contain any tobacco, nicotine, sugar, molasses, or artificial dyes.

After use, you will only remain small stones, which makes it very easy to clean your bowl.

This is the German-made shisha alternative, the smoke produced is water vapor and quite the healthy difference.

What you’ll get for a very low price really deserves a place on this shisha flavors list.

With this product, Shiazo can proudly come out on the market, with strong competition.

Smell: The smell is strong, and the taste is very rich.

Duration: More than 2 hours.

Buzz: No buzz.

Overall: 9/10 because of an excellent concept.

White Gummi Bear

We love Fumari for a reason and our pleasure is to present to you another taste that meets all the criteria you should keep in mind when choosing the best hookah flavor for you.

White gummi bear flavor has a fantastic smell if you ask me this is a combination of lemon, orange, and pineapple.

Smoky clouds are pretty big, and this will appeal to anyone who enjoys quality tobacco.

Smells like a citrus mix but the taste is different, you will feel the authentic gummy candy taste when you inhale the smoke.

Buzz is a little bit weak, I would recommend to the beginners to start with a little bit weaker things, and this is absolutely the right thing to start.

You’ll enjoy the taste for hours, and for me, it’s proved to be the best mixing with a little mint and some beautiful fruit flavors such as peach.

Smell:   Excellent.

Duration: More than 1 hour.

Buzz: There will be a light buzz.

Overall: 9/10

Beamer Vanilla Hookah Flavor

best hookah flavor beamer vanilla

I’ve have chosen Beamer vanilla as the best from all other vanilla flavors, because of the most authentic fragrance of vanilla that can be found on the Internet.

The smell is very good, the clouds are huge, the taste is perfect and all of you who love vanilla stuff will definitely love this product.

This is natural tobacco and there is no buzz in this vanilla taste, but you can mix it with other nicotine products if you want a buzz.

Vanilla is well mixed, and you can mix it with almost every fruit flavor, it depends on which taste you like.

For me, mixing it with Blue Mist is a great combination. Vanilla is also a great mix of chocolate flavors or you can enjoy with vanilla flavor without any mix at all.

Smell: Fantastic.

Buzz: None.

Duration: You can smoke it for about an hour.

Overall: 9/10 Smell, flavor, smoke was amazing. You must try this stuff.

Lebanese Bomb Shell

starbuzz lebanese bomb hookah flavor

The main reason why Starbuzz remains significant in the hookah flavor industry is due to the quality of their product.

Their newest flavor, Starbuzz Lebanese Bombshell is everything the name suggests.

Right from the can, you can smell a strong, sweet aroma of cedar, and citrus, one of the unique combinations I found this summer.

For beginners, it tastes and smells like cedar and mild orange.

It leaves a taste of pine and mild fruit in your mouth and is hence a perfect choice if you are looking for them? cabin in the woods’ feeling.

It burns rather slowly and produces thick smoke. If you are a vapor or ring blower, this should do.

Smell: Strong and sweet

Duration: 1 and a half hours

Buzz: You can expect the buzz

Overall: 9/10

Al Fakher

Best Mint hookah flavor


al fakher mint top rated shisha flavor

Everybody knows about Al-Fakher and it’s famous for a big reason. Their best hookah flavor for all time is definitely mint.

They have a very special taste and mint can be mix with all most every flavor in the world.

The clouds are excellent and you can expect a lot of satisfaction. Al-Fakher mint is one of those shishas that burns pretty fast but if you pack it well there will be no problem.

It’s a very standard flavor and everybody who enjoy in shisha, certainly already tried it.

If you open a box and smell it, you will feel that minty freshness coming from the box.

Anyone who wants to bring some freshness into their hookah should choose this one. We definitely recommend Al-Fakher mint as one of the best shisha flavors available on the market.

You can mix it with almost every flavor.

Smell: Excellent smell.

Duration: If you pack it well, at least, 2 hours.

Buzz: Very relaxing.

Overall: 10/10

Beamer Watermelon Hookah Flavor


At the very thought of the taste of watermelon, you already have the desire to try it, don’t you?

If you love the watermelon, then Beamer ice-drops gel is the right choice for you.

Do not be skeptical about gel because you will like it more than anything you’ve tried before.

This staff has a very nice smell and it so delicious too, you can smoke it for more than 2 hours.

It’s miss good old buzz but is very nice for a change.

Offer a lot of thick smoke so you can make big clouds and another good thing is that, there is no rough throat and it’s very easy to clean.

If you like to enjoy with tobacco flavors I strongly recommend you to mix it with a little bit of mint, lemon, grape, some citrus mix or you can also enjoy at pure watermelon.

That was the first one on our list must-try.

Smell: Great.

Duration: Definitely 2 hours.

Buzz: None.

Overall: 9.5/10

Khalil Mamoon  Mango Hookah Flavor

khalil mamoon mango shisha flavor


Hookah enthusiasts who love a fruity flavor will most definitely like the Khalil Mamoon Mango.

If you are looking for a rich mango taste and smell, this is by far the strongest and sweetest I have tasted on the market.

It leaves a taste of pure mango in your mouth without any other background tastes.

The smoke is mild and light, making this a perfect choice for beginners and light smokers.

It gives you a mild buzz and taste for the summer.

The flavor burns quick fast but it is bound to give you maximum pleasure and a sweet taste.

Due to its smoothness, even beginners do not cough after their first puff. It is a perfect introductory flavor for shisha smoking beginners.

Smell: Sweet and fruit

Duration: 1.5 hours

Buzz: Mild buzz

Overall: 9/10

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Best Flavor or Just Personal Choice?

The first thing that beginners ask me when it comes to discussing the tastes is which is the best or most popular shisha flavor,  so let’s answer this question.

As I already mentioned, about the tastes it’s really difficult to discuss, personally, I love tropical flavors so I would always choose Starbuzz Queen of sex, this flavor is awesome and which I’m the biggest fan.

The next best tropical flavor on my list is Fumari Ambrosia and when I had to choose between those two tastes, I would choose an Ambrosia.

For you, it may be some other brand or taste, But it is very important to choose quality tobacco. How to recognize quality you can find in our ultimate hookah guide.  

There are so many flavors, you will surely find something you love but stick with the popular brands because they guaranteed quality.


Tastes are really different but here I tried to present to you some of those which I think are the best.

Note that shisha burns duration depends on how you pack the bowl, how many coals you use etc.

If you agree please leave your comment if you have something to suggest or ask we want to know.

I’ll continue to update this list, so bear with me because here you will get the latest reviews of all tried or top rated flavors.

What is your list of best hookah flavors?

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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