Best Hookah Tobacco Brands: List of 20 Most Popular Shishas

Best Hookah Tobacco Brands: List of 20 Most Popular Shishas

Are you looking for the best hookah tobacco brands? Well, you are at the right place, we have created a list of the top 20 shisha brands that you can find online. With a good brand you will never again have a bad smoking session, Run through this article and learn a lot about good shisha brands.

These Are The Best Shisha Tobacco Brands Curently on The Market

  1. Starbuzz
  2. Tangiers
  3. Al-Fakher
  4. Social Smoke
  5. Al-Waha
  6. Trifecta
  7. Romman
  8. Khalil Mamoon
  9. Alchemist
  10. Nakhla
  11. Fumari
  12. Fantasia
  13. Haze
  14. Afzal
  15. Hydro Herbal
  16. Adalya
  17. Mazaya
  18. Soex
  19. Hookah Fina
  20. Azure

Bellow, we made a review of each one so you can learn more about these brands.

Starbuzz -& Most Popular Hookah Tobacco

Starbuzz shisha flavor lines
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Starbuzz was founded in 2005 in the United States, and already in 2006, they began to dominate the hookah market by launching their best-selling flavor Blue Mist. They came out with the most creative flavors not only in the US market, but their name is known all over the world.

By now, on their list, you can find over 120 different flavors and mixes, but Starbuzz also produces one of the best modern hookahs and a variety of smoking-related products.

This brand is especially recommended for beginners as this tobacco is easy to prepare and features a lower percentage of nicotine, except their Vintage line which contains a heavier amount of buzz.

Here’s Starbuzz Flavors Line

Starbuzz Regular Line

two packages of Starbuzz Blue Mist shisha flavor

This is their first line of flavors, you can recognize the regular or original line by a silver package. This flavor line contains a lower percentage of nicotine compared to other lines and contains over 100 different flavors.

Starbuzz Bold

two packages of Starbuzz shisha from their bold line

With the release of the bold line in 2010th, Starbuzz has shaken the market with even more creative flavors this is something stronger version of washed tobacco This line contains over 40 different flavors.

Starbuzz Vintage

jar of Starbuzz flavor from Vintage line

In 2015, another phenomenal line called the Vintage was released. This time the goal was to make a stronger version from the previous ones, and dark leaf tobacco was chosen for this line. This is an unwashed version of Starbuzz flavors which means stronger buzz.

Starbuzz Popular Flavors

Among the most popular tastes is definitely Blue mist, Pirate cave, queen of sex, check out our list of the best Starbuzz flavors as well.

Tangiers Tobacco – US Made Unwashed Shisha

pouch of Tangiers Cane Mint tobacco with mint leaf on the top
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Tangiers has built a huge reputation in the hookah tobacco market worldwide. Its manufacturing takes place in California, the US. This tobacco variety is especially for experienced smokers and not hookah beginners. For the optimum results, Tangiers tobacco needs to be used with a particular bowl style. Therefore it is highly recommended to use the Tangier’s funnel bowl.

Tangiers Tobacco Has Five Different Flavor Lines

Tangiers Birquq (M Line Collection )

Tangiers Briquq flavor line and loaded shisha bowl

Tangiers Birquq is a fresh introduction and a new kind of shisha that has lower nicotine concentration and provides remarkable and long-lasting flavors. If you want to get the very first experience in the Tangiers domain, then Birquq is a great choice.

It is similar to other unwashed tobacco brands and offers over 30 unique flavors.

Tangiers Noir (or Black)

Tangiers Noir flavor line package and loaded shisha bowl

Categorized in an original line, Noir is unwashed tobacco and provides very strong smoke. The concentration of nicotine in Noir is medium which falls between Birquq and Burley tobacco. It must be kept inside an airtight container for long-lasting flavor. This Noir variety comes with over 50 different flavors.

Tangiers Burley

package of Tangiers Burley shisha flavor line and loaded bowl

Similar to the Tangiers Birquq, Burley is a recent addition to the Tangiers category and a treat for smokers as it created big clouds. Because of the highest nicotine content, this one has an even stronger aroma than the earlier two Tangiers. As compared to all the Tangiers line, Burley comes with a dense but very limited list of flavors.

Tangiers F-line

package of Tangiers F Line shisha flavor

It is regarded as the traditional Tangiers tobacco popularized for the bigger clouds and heavy-hitting hookah smokes. F-line is caffeine-infused hookah tobacco. In the year 2009, it was discontinued due to its wet nature and decline in demands. But later on with its launch with limited flavors, it gained popularity within a few people.

Tangiers Lucid

package of Tangiers Lucid flavor line

The Lucid line is discontinued after the launch of Tangiers Birquq. It has the lowest level of nicotine than any other in the Tangiers family. However, this shisha is rarely available among the avid hookah fanatic.

Popular flavors – Among the Tangiers, the most popular flavors are: Cane Mint, Kashmir Peach, Horchata.

Al Fakher Tobacco

five packages of Al Fakher shisha
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Al-Fakher is one of the oldest and most popular shisha brands. Inspired by traditional shisha this world-renowned brand coming from the United Arab Emirates.

In the UAE, this is one of the most represented brands and is well-known throughout the world due to the quality of the smoking experience.

Since 1999 They are at the very top of the competition, which should not be a surprise in addition to their many years of experience.

You can use Al-Fakher shisha in any type of bowls, it is practical and easy to use, which is especially good for beginners who don’t want to complicate things about the preparation and they would like a bit of a buzz. Their shisha belongs to the list of juiciest shishas on the market.

Al-Fakher Line of Flavors

package of Al Fakher special edition shisha

From 2014 on the already phenomenal list of flavors they released a new line called Al-Fakher special edition.

The goal of this line of flavors was: More clouds of smoke, more juiciness, and long-lasting bowls.

With this line, there were 20 new tastes, and in my opinion, the best among them are, Hot Ice, Orange Cocktail, Fun time.

Popular flavors – The brand from the Middle East can boast the perfect and full flavors of traditionally made shisha best rated among them are AF Mint, AF bubble gum, AF grape with mint. Here you can find more about Al-Fakher flavors,

Social Smoke

three jars of Social Smoke shisha tobacco brand
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Social Smoke is regarded as among the premium hookah tobacco which stood firm in the cutthroat competition in the hookah market and steadily gained popularity. This brand was handcrafted in the USA in the year 2003.

However, the distribution was quite underperformed as the hookah lovers were addicted to other hookah tobacco brands. However, the makers decided to make their own recipes.

Fortunately in the year 2006, Social Smoke received the first container order from an Egyptian Hookah manufacturer. Between the years 2006 to 2010, it imported around 80,000 hookah products, thus becoming the largest importer of hookah in the USA. Furthermore, Social Smoke is among the tobacco with the lowest level of nicotine.

Popular Flavors of This Famous Shisha Brand

Social Smoke pink lemonade shisha flavor

Unlike shisha tobacco from Jordan, Egypt, or other Middle East countries, this tobacco brand created its own flavors from scratch. The makers wanted to create some flavors that had not been tested in the hookah market.

For smokers, Pear chills became hugely popular and many other popular flavors are on the list. They are made from unwashed tobacco leaves with no artificial dye and preservatives. Moreover, it comes with 65 unique flavors that never disappoints its customers like absolute zero, arctic lemon, Baja blue, banana foster. etc.

Al-Waha Shisha Brand

Al Waha tobacco brand
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Al-Waha hookah tobacco is among the best hookah tobacco brands in the world. Produced in the heart of Jordan, this shisha tobacco is considered the first choice among experienced as well as beginner smokers.

Al-Waha is made from premium French tobacco leaves that create fat clouds. So for starters, this shisha tobacco is the best buy if you like better and bigger smoke with variant flavors.

Popular Flavors

50g package of Al Waha Pan Rasna shisha flavor

You can enjoy the flavors of Al-Waha at a very reasonable price. The manufacturers of Al-Waha are well aware of the smoker’s choice. It offers a unique blend of flavors like no other brands like Pan Rasna, ice cream, arctic blueberry.

Trifecta Shisha

three jars of Trifecta shisha
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Trifecta hookah tobacco is among the latest and best hookah tobacco brands promising a flavorful and cloudy session for smokers. The Trifecta tobacco leaves come in dark and golden colors. Manufactured in the USA, this brand made a great impression with its initial release in 2015.

Unlike many other shisha tobaccos, this one doesn’t need to be tightly packed. The hookah smokers can use funnel bowls or the Egyptian bowl for the dense aromatic sessions.

Popular Flavors

jar of Trifecta shisha and loaded bowl

The manufacturers of Trifecta hookah tobacco claims that their flavors have secret ingredients that have never been tested or known in the hookah market.

For example Green apple-Cinnamon- spices, Melon blend- peach, Ice Mint- Sweet Cinnamon, Lemon-Lime, Earl Grey.

Romman Shisha

jar of Romman shisha tobacco flavor

If you are asking for the hookah tobacco brand which is famous among celebrities, then this is it. Roman shisha tobacco stands opposite to Al-Waha brand in the heart of Jordan since 1999.

It has an intense and long-lasting royal flavor and undeniably the finest smoking tobacco in the hookah market. It smells great, tastes great, and also delivers juicy smoke rings.

The ingredients of Roman don’t contain artificial flavoring substances, dyes, or tar. Instead, natural tobacco leaves, glycerine, honey are used. The nicotine content in Roman is in the standard ratio that is 0.5%.

Popular Flavors

three boxes of Romman shisha

Roman comes in a wide array of fruity and spicy flavors at an unbeatable price. It includes more than 50 varieties which ensure thick clouds and rich flavor. The flavors include almond, apple cinnamon, banana, cocktail, Liquorice, cola, spearmint, etc.

Khalil Mammon

six jars of Khalil Mamoon shisha brand
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Khalil Mamoon is the world-renowned manufacturer of hookah apparatus as well as hookah tobacco. Their history of hookah business dates back to the 19th century from Cairo, Egypt.

For 2 centuries, they have maintained their curiosity and popularity among smokers offering a wide array of both traditional as well as modern flavors. They stand out among the competitors of the best hookah tobacco brands by making their products both standard grade and affordable.

Some brands deliver their premium flavors at an unreasonable price. If you are the one who wants to get that superior taste, Khalil Maamoon is for you. It is preferable for both experienced as well as starters.

Khalil Maamoon maintains its age-old tradition in developing its distinct array of flavors without compromising the quality. Made from pure honey, glycerine, secret molasses of Khalil Maamoon, and natural flavor extracts, you will get lost in the details of its pleasing flavor and feel the heavenly pleasure of hookah smoking.

Popular Flavors

Khalil Mamoon Black Orange shisha and loaded bowl

Unlike the other brands, whatever fruit flavor you desire is available here. According to the seasons, it offers refreshing products. The California Dream is said to feel quite refreshing during the hot summer days.

The Cactus lime is another refreshing flavor one will definitely like to use repeatedly. Others such as Icecream blueberry, vanilla are also among the famous picks.

Alchemist Shisha

three jars of Alchemist Blend shisha
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The competition for hookah tobacco became more intense after the launch of Alchemist shisha. This variant is originated from San Diego, California and it is quite different from any other brands in the US hookah market. Most of the manufacturing process of Alchemist tobacco is manually done in small sections. They intend to deliver an earthy essence to smokers. So they keep the tobacco leaves in oak bourbon whiskey barrels for a couple of months in order to get a new elementary taste while smoking.

Variants of Alchemist

Alchemists are among the best hookah tobacco brands delivering you exotic tobacco in 4 different variants:

Alchemist KFC – It stands out as the Kentucky fire curing process which utilizes the Burley tobacco leaves by hanging the leaves in a non-traditional curing barn that delivers smoky flavor.

Alchemist stout – The tobacco used is a sun-grown dark leaf that is also used in premium cigars. It has a high concentration of nicotine and a dark and bold taste.

Alchemist Straight – This is a new line of hookah tobacco in the Alchemist brand. It delivers single-note flavors to its users with additional sweetness.

Alchemist Original – It comes in a bourbon barrel tobacco line and utilizes high-quality leaves grown in France. It is stored in the barrels for 60 days to give a new dimension to flavors.

Popular Flavors

Alchemist shisha packages

  • Alchemist Original: Apple dulce, bourbon barrel berry, Russian mule, Blood moon savage
  • Alchemist KFC: Moonshine mint, Grapefruit mash, Old country lime, Peaches and cream
  • Alchemist Stout: Double Apple, black moon melon, black bear, stone mint
  • Alchemist Straight: Lime mint, strawberry, blueberry-cinnamon.

Nakhla Tobacco

Nakhla tobacco flavor lines
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Nakhla is an Egyptian company based in Cairo, they have been producing shisha since 1913. They are one of the best but also the oldest shisha manufacturing companies. Thanks to their quality, their finest shisha tobacco has remained, until today.

At the very top of the manufacturer, Nakhla now has over 50 flavors in production and distributes them over 5 different product lines. In March of 2013, Nakhla became a subsidiary of Japan Tobacco Inc. Nakhla will definitely give you the most lovely experience of old hookah lovers. From this unwashed shisha, you can expect a strong buzz, this is one of the strongest tobacco on the market.

Nakhla Flavor Lines

Nakhla Line

This is the first line of Nakhla flavors called the original line. This is dry tobacco compared to juicy Starbuzz, it contains a higher amount of nicotine but typically for unwashed shisha. The cut is large, so do not be surprised, because of the many stems in tobacco.


Scheherazade is something between the Mizo line and the original line, but the flavors are stronger and unique than those two lines. This line characterized by strong taste, dry tobacco, and a good amount of buzz. It can be said that the cut is smaller than the other Nakhla product lines.

Nakhla Mix Line

This line was the answer to the competitor’s modern shisha production. it is still unwashed tobacco, but it is also much juicier and tastier than the other shishas in their line.

Nakhla Mix is actually two lines. One is Nakhla Mix, which incorporates mixes of the Mizo line and the other is Nakhla Ice Mix which is distinctive flavors with a mint.

El Basha

There is no much difference between the original line and El Basha, the cut is typically large, the amount of nicotine is the same, the only difference is that El Basha has a mild flavor compared to the original line.


Egyptians have a rich history in the hookah and tobacco industries. And so Mizo is reigning the hookah market since 1913 with its variety of tobacco flavors.

Mizo is relatively juicier than the drier versions of Nakhla’s original line. With moistness, it delivers a strong taste and puffed smoke. It is recommended for beginners and experienced smokers as well.

Nakhla Line Popular Flavors

various Nakhla flavor packages

Nakhla line Popular Flavors- Besides double-apple, there are also apricot, banana, cherry, coconut.

Scheherazade Popular Flavors – Cardamom, Chocomin, Earl Grey, Margarita, Tropicana.

Nakhla mix Popular flavors are – Cosmopolitan, Flames, Ice Lemon Mint.

El Basha Popular flavors – There are several flavors from this line but my pick is Caramel, Cappuccino.

Mizo Popular flavors – Mizo Nakhla offers a wide array of fruity flavors like Apple, mint, Mizo watermelon, grape, blueberry, and lemon.

Fumari Tobacco Brand

Fumari hookah tobacco company
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Most people ordering Fumari these days because they have to offer really good flavors, taste, and smoke all in one. Fumari is sweat in taste and with their standard flavors, it will not be a problem to mix them with any other flavors or to enjoy them in particular.

It will arrive in the zip-lock bag, which is perfect for keeping your tobacco. Fumari is a light smoke with great flavors, they don’t really kick you off your feet but are still very pleasant. The smoke of Fumari is very thick and looks like a dream, it’s a little bit pricey but we think it’s definitely worth it.

pouch of Fumari Ambrosia shisha flavor and clay bowl

This is for smoking experts that like to enjoy good tastes, as well as for those who just go with smoking shisha and need a little weaker tobacco for their needs. It burns for two or more hours, depending on how you packed it, which coals and bowls you use, but for sure this is one of the top-rated shisha brands.

We highly recommend Fumari.

Fantasia Shisha Tobacco

six jars of Fantasia hookah tobacco brand
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Fantasia is another one on our ultimate list that is absolutely tobacco and nicotine-free. It comes with a ziplock packing which is also recommended for the reason that such keeping keeps the smell and flavor.

Natural composition and offer over 20 different tastes that you can choose. We have to mention that it smells better than tastes, but that’s not a reason to miss this thing. You will be guaranteed to enjoy various tastes and huge clouds to make.

The price is really low compared to product quality. We believe that it will delight every beginner as well as people who have long since started to enjoy the world of hookahs. There is a very large number of satisfied users, and among other things, this is the reason why it was found on our list of the best hookah tobacco brands.

Haze Tobacco

Haze tobacco shisha brand
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Haze is very popular and it’s made in the United States. It comes in a wonderful package with very different tastes. It’s a bit wet compared to others and it’s well-received heat so we recommend you to exceed the rate when you start charging your hookah, it’s not the weed already one of the top shisha brands.

They have been on the market for some time, they offer quite good tastes, big clouds of smoke and it’s a quiet relaxing thing. Whichever taste you like, Haze will surely satisfy your needs. It’s a little bit cheaper than the rest, but it does not mean it’s even worse. Many people really enjoy taking Haze. It’s not just about flavors but also about the whole experience you’ll feel when you put Haze in your hookah.

three jars of Haze shisha tobacco

They are ranked at the very top when it comes to competition and you will have divine experiences that you will surely recommend to your friends. Haze was found on our list of hookah tobacco brands because it has met all the criteria to recommend you and there is definitely no mistake when it comes to this brand.

Afzal Tobacco

different packages of Afzal shisha
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Afzal tobacco is among the top choice for connoisseurs as it provides flavored tobacco molasses. This brand of shisha tobacco was originated in the North-Western part of India around 2002. The nicotine content in Afzal hookah tobacco is very low, about 0.5%.

package of Afzal shisha and loaded bowl

Popular flavors – Afzal hookah tobacco is well known for its strong Pan aroma which makes every hookah lover crave this brand.

Specially Pan Raas, Bombay Pan Masala, Grape Pan twist, Coco Pan, and Kesar pan are the list of popular flavors among smokers.

Hydro Herbal Tobacco

box of Hydro Herbal Peach hookah tobacco
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You certainly will not remain indifferent if you want healthy smoking because the Hydro herbal is absolutely tobacco and nicotine-free. It’s a little bit cheaper and burns quicker than shishas with tobacco, but it’s a good substitute for those who don’t want nicotine. We are sure that you will enjoy everything that this product offers.

Totally natural staff and recommended for use almost for everyone. Hydro, each has its own color and scents really fantastic. It is available in various flavors and packs, they take care of the strong taste and also a powerful experience for everyone who uses it.

At a very good price, you will get everything you need to enjoy. Usually, herbal shisha loses its scent, but that is not the case with Hydro Herbal. We definitely recommend it if you don’t want nicotine in your lungs.

Adalya: First Love of all Turkey’s Hookah Smokers

pack of Adalya shisha tobacco brand
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Adalya Tobacco is a Turkish hookah tobacco (Flavor) brand that was started with passion by a man who even graduated as a Technology Engineer specializing in Tobacco. The motivation to serve his café’s customers the best hookah, Adalya was established and since 2003, it has grown to become a globally recognized and beloved hookah brand.

Today, Adalya offers over 200 different hookah flavors, each with its unique mix and flavor. All tobacco is produced with the highest quality of tobacco, which is what makes Adalya so special. Lucky for us, Adalya has 4 lines of flavors: Regular, Blue Horse, Aqua Mentha, and Black. Each of these lines has its own specialty. We will be discussing our favorite picks for you.

Adalya’s Regular Line

This is the first introduced line of flavors and the list includes approximately 150 different flavors, making it their biggest line. It is the regularly packed hookah flavors, in the 50g boxes. The majority of the flavors are fruits, and the mixes include 2-3 fruits or with mint, for example, Watermelon, Watermelon Mint.

Adalya’s Aqua Mentha Line

This new line is part of the latest two releases by Adalya to compete with existing brands such as Starbuzz. This line’s primary focus is to take us on a menthol, aquatic journey with cold hookah flavors. Their packaging gives the boxes a summer look with bright colors and the color blue to match the minty, aquatic name of the line. The Aqua Metha line is perfect for the hot summers, with rich flavors such as Aqua Blueberry and Aqua Zero.

Adalya’s Black Flavor Line

The Black Flavour line was recently introduced to serve the experienced hookah smokers who want high-quality, high nicotine flavors. The dark black packaging makes this line a distinct look that stands out. The line of flavors includes Black Lemon, Black Tea, which shows they really mean business when they are producing a strong flavor line for us!

Adalya’s Most Popular Flavors

 Adalya shisha packed in the bowl

Blueberry (Regular line): This is loved by those who love a sweet and aromatic shisha experience because this is a finely cut, juicy flavor. The high quality makes this tobacco last longer, just like all of Adalya’s flavors.

Aqua Zero (Aqua Mentha line): As the name suggests, this flavor is pure menthol (mint) which makes it the coldest flavor offered by Adalya. All mint lovers appreciate this as it can even become the perfect mix to add to other flavors to make your hookah feel colder, such as adding it to Grape.

Black Lemon (Black flavor line): Lemon smokers truly understand how versatile this flavor is, which is why Adalya’s Black Lemon is impressive because of the richness it adds to the powerful flavor Lemon is. Only Adalya could have perfected the already perfect flavor!

Mazaya Tobacco

box of Mazaya shisha
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Really great Mazaya guaranteed to wake you up with a sense of satisfaction. We never had a bad experience with this brand.

Another one on the list to go for because they come in quality packaging and top tastes that you will adore.

They tend to be a bit light and it’s very good for the beginners and also for the veterans who want something weaker for a change.

package of Mazaya and Al Fakher hookah tobacco

Quality is truly guaranteed. Clouds are surprisingly large, very creative flavors, and in most cases a good smell when opening the packaging, which will make Mazaya become your new brand.

The price is really correct in terms of quality, have a good selection of tastes and completely they can certainly come out proudly on the market with already quite strong competition. Because of this, they have a well-deserved place on our list of the best hookah tobacco brands.

Soex Tobacco

five packages of Soex shisha
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This is also tobacco-free, it seems like it is a tree, but it does not make it a bad choice for someone who is just getting acquainted with the world of hookah.

A very good substitute for those who don’t want nicotine and tobacco on their nerves. If you are looking for something that will absolutely persuade your friends that you will not kill yourself or kill them then herbal shisha Is absolutely the right choice. It is especially good for beginners who are just entering the world of hookah relaxation.

While we thought it was safer than tobacco, there was no such thing as a study to prove it. For traditional hookah smokers, this will seem like lite smoke. As expected, it lacks the buzz and overall ‘mojo’ of tobacco-based shishas. For this reason, it may have a special value for those taking their first journey into the world of hookah.

Hookah Fina

four tin of Hookah Fina shisha tobacco
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Similar to the Trifecta hookah tobacco, Hookah Fina products too come in Golden and Black leaves. The manufacturing unit of this shisha tobacco is based in Los Angeles, US.

It is regarded as the best hookah tobacco brand among starters. With the numerous choice of elegant flavors, it also offers bigger clouds which is a great treat for beginners. Because of its ease of use for starters, it is regarded as the best hookah tobacco brand.

tin of Hookah Fina shisha and loaded bowl

Popular flavors – Hookah fina treats its customers with a wide array of flavors at a very reasonable price as compared to its competitors. Under the black leaves variety, they offer popular flavors like Blackberry peach, Chai latte, Cuban Splash. etc. You can also enjoy the flavors under golden leaves like blueberry, cantaloupe, chocolate mint, coconut, etc.

Azure Shisha Brand

Azure tobacco logo and lemon and muffins
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Produced in Southern California with the highest quality of tobacco available in the United States to produce the best quality hookah flavor. They have quality craftsmen that guarantee Azure will exceed the consumer’s expectations. Azure’s flavor package is sealed immediately to keep their product as fresh as it was in their factory.

Azure’s Flavor Lines

Gold Line: Azure’s Gold line was produced for casual lounge smokers at home. It boasts the longevity every smoker yearns for in their sessions. The hookah flavor is made in smaller batches as compared to being mass-produced to ensure they can give each batch their full attention to guarantee the perfect hookah session.

Black Line: Azure’s Black Line was produced by delving into the traditional hookah techniques in mind by using tobacco and molasses. Azure uses only their masters for their Black Line who have the most experience in this art. Who has put in time and passion into blending flavors perfectly, this line will leave even the biggest hookah enthusiasts wanting more.

Azure’s Most Popular Flavors

Azure tobacco lemon muffin shisha flavor packed into the hookah bowl

Bermuda Mint (Black Line): Bermuda Mint is made with a variety of different menthol flavors, this icy blend is for strong mint enthusiasts. It works as the perfect blender to enhance other flavors.

Lemon Muffin (Gold Line): This flavor as the name suggests, is the impeccable blend of citrus and muffin that results in a hookah session tasting exactly like the lemon muffins we all love. It is perfect as a stand-alone flavor but the flavor can be spiced up by adding Azure’s Cinnamon Cookie.

Cinnamon Cookie (Gold Line): This flavor smells like home. An expert blend of cinnamon spice that you would taste in a typical cookie, along with a creamy hint of vanilla that is subtly used to perfectly blend these flavors together.

How to Choose a Good Shisha Brand?

The best shisha brand is the one that can sustain the longest in our hookah, one of those with a wonderful smell and even better taste and the biggest cloud of smoke which we’ll throw out when we catch that first smoke.

Also, you need to take good hookah flavors from these brands to complete your smoking session. Depending on whether you prefer natural things or those with nicotine, we have carefully chosen for you the best that you can find on the internet.

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