best hookah tobacco brands

Best Hookah Tobacco Brands: 10 Top-Rated Shisha Brands & Review

Are you looking for the best hookah tobacco brands?

You are at the right place, we have created a list of the top 10 shisha brands that you can find online.

All of us who relax and еnjoy with hookah we all know how important this is.

What is The Best Hookah Tobacco (Shisha) Brand?

The best shisha brand is the one that can sustain the longest in our hookah, one of those with a wonderful smell and even better taste and the biggest cloud of smoke which we’ll throw out when we catch that first smoke.

Also, you need to take good hookah flavors from this brands to complete your smoking session.

Depending on whether you prefer natural things or those with nicotine, we have carefully chosen for you the best that you can find on the internet.

Have you ever wondered what you are putting in the bowl?

If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place to find out which are the best shisha brands for you and your health.


Here’s the List of The Top-Rated Shisha Brands Ever

1. Starbuzz

2. Nakhla

3. Al-Fakher

4. Fumari

5. Hydro-Herbal

6. Fantasia

7. Haze

8. Beamer

9. Mazaya

10. Soex

Bellow, we made a review of each one so you can learn more about these brands.

We made a list of most popular hookah brands you may want to check out that as well.

1.  Starbuzz Tobacco Brand       

best hookah tobacco brands

Starbuzz is one of the most famous and best shisha brands.

It has nicotine in it and yes you can get a buzz from it.

Even when it’s made without nicotine.

Anyone who first tries the Starbuzz will surely remain in his memory and will have a connection with it for a reason.

Which at the scent itself arouses a divine feeling.

Like Ferrari among cars, that is a Starbuzz in the world of hookah, it’s a different smoking experience and burns for a long time.

With this shisha surely you’ll not make a mistake and you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy in the Emory of one of the most famous and best hookah tobacco brands.

Guaranteed offers fresh and satisfying, and really fair price.

There are many different flavors but surely none of you will be left indifferent.

Our recommendation for beginners as well as for those with experience is definitely trying what Starbuzz has to offer.

  2. Nakhla Tobacco Brand

best hookah tobacco brands

This is a very popular shisha tobacco brand.

Nakhla is an Egyptian company, the first company who start producing flavors for hookah, by the time making a blend of traditional and modern, people who are in the world of relaxation with hookah fоr а while, they know that their most famous flavors are double apple.

Very nice flavors for those who like the apple scent.

The preparation method is very simple and the total beginner will know how to get it ready for action.

If you want to try traditional tobacco, Nakhla will definitely give you the most lovely experience of old hookah lovers.

Nakhla with tobacco in it is a very strong staff and if you are bored with a weaker tobacco then this will be the right thing for you.

It is cheaper than the competition but it can be compared to the best.

Depending on what you like more, you can buy it with, and without a tobacco.

It is a good experience for us to get acquainted with Nakhla and we are pleased to be able to recommend you this kind of good thing.

3. Al Fakher Tobacco Brand

best hookah tobacco brands

This thing is more than the best hookah tobacco brands inspired by traditional shisha and the world-renowned brand coming from the United Arab Emirates.

In the UAE, this is one of the most represented brands and is well-known throughout the world due to very good quality ingredients.

You will be amazed to mix with other flavors and ease of putting in your bowl.

There are at the very top of the competition, which should not be a surprise because it coming from the Middle East.

Smoke clouds are just amazing, flavors and smell are very good and it’s completely justified by the price.

You can use it in any type of bowls, it is practical and easy to use, which is especially good for beginners who don’t want to complicate things about the preparation and they would like a bit of a buzz.

Another one who thrilled us when we first tested it and we want everyone to feel like we do when we first time tries this great thing.

Great product and has a well-deserved place on our list.

4. Fumari Tobacco Brand

best hookah tobacco brands

The most people ordering Fumari these days because they have to offer really good flavors, taste and smoke all in one.

Fumari is sweat in taste and with their standard flavors, it will not be a problem to mix them with any other flavors or to enjoy them in particular.

It will arrive in the zip-lock bag, which is perfect for keeping your tobacco.

Fumari is a light smoke with great flavors, they don’t really kick you off your feet but are still very pleasant.

The smoke of Fumari is very thick and look like a dream, it’s a little bit pricey but we think it’s definitely worth it.

This is for smoking experts that like to enjoy good tastes, as well as for those who just go with smoking shisha and need a little weaker tobacco for their needs.

It burns for two or more hours, depending on how you packed it, which coals and bowls you use, but for sure this is one of the top-rated shisha brands.

We highly recommend Fumari.

5. Hydro Herbal Tobacco Brand

best hookah tobacco brands

You certainly will not remain indifferent if you want healthy smoking because the Hydro herbal is absolutely tobacco and nicotine free.

It’s a little bit cheaper and burns quicker than shishas with tobacco, but it’s a good substitute for those who don’t want nicotine.

We are sure that you will enjoy everything that this product offers.

Totally natural staff and recommended for use almost for everyone.

Hydro, each has its own color and scents really fantastic.

It is available in various flavors and packs, they take care of the strong taste and also a powerful experience for everyone who uses it.

At a very good price, you will get everything you need to enjoy.

Usually, herbal shisha loses its scent, but the that is not the case with Hydro Herbal.

We definitely recommend it if you don’t want nicotine in your lungs.

6. Fantasia Tobacco Brand

best hookah tobacco brands

Fantasia is another one on our ultimate list that is absolutely tobacco and nicotine free.

Comes with a ziplock packing which is also recommended for the reason that such keeping keeps the smell and flavor.

Natural composition and offer over 20 different tastes that you can choose.

We have to mention that it smells better than tastes, but that’s not a reason to miss this thing.

You will be guaranteed to enjoy in various tastes and huge clouds to make.

The price is really low compared to product quality.

We believe that it will delight every beginner as well as people who have long since started to enjoy the world of hookahs.

There is a very large number of satisfied users, and among other things, this is the reason why it was found on our list of the best hookah tobacco brands.

7. Haze Tobacco Brand

best hookah tobacco brands

Haze is very popular and it’s made in the United States.

Comes in a wonderful package with very different tastes.

It’s a bit wet compared to others and its well-received heat so we recommend you to exceed the rate when you start charging your hookah, it’s not the weed already one of the top shisha brands.

They have been on the market for some time, they offer quite good tastes, big clouds of smoke and it’s a quite relaxing thing.

Whichever taste you like, Haze will surely satisfy your needs.

It’s a little bit cheaper than the rest, but it does not mean it’s even worse.

Many people really enjoy taking Haze.

It’s not just about flavors but also about the whole experience you’ll feel when you put Haze in your hookah.

They are ranked at the very top when it comes to competition and you will have divine experiences that you will surely recommend to your friends.

Haze was found on our list of hookah tobacco brands because it has met all the criteria to recommend you and there is definitely no mistake when it comes to this brand.

8. Beamer Tobacco Brand

best hookah tobacco brands

Relatively new to the world of hookah, originated in the US and for a relatively short time, they managed to break into quite a lot of big competition on the market.

It comes in an airtight bag inside which is especially good for keeping freshness, awesome aroma lasted a long time, safe for use because it is completely natural.

The advantage over other herbal shishas are large clouds and a very pleasant scent that will cover your room, delusions all in your house and your friends will ask for more.

We must say that it burns a bit faster, for this reason, fill up your bowl to the end.

We do not see the reason why this thing would not be found on our list of the best hookah tobacco brands.

For your money, you get much more than you expect and we strongly recommend this pure nature.

 9. Mazaya Tobacco Brand

best hookah tobacco brands

Really great Mazaya guaranteed to wake you up with a sense of satisfaction.

We never had a bad experience with this brand.

Another one on the list to go for because they come in quality packaging and top tastes that you will adore.

They tend to be a bit light and it’s very good for the beginners and also for the veterans who want something weaker for a change.

Quality is truly guaranteed.

Clouds are surprisingly large, very creative flavors and in most cases a good smell when opening the packaging, which will make Mazaya become your new brand.

The price is really correct in terms of quality, have a good selection of tastes and completely they can certainly come out proudly on the market with already quite strong competition.

Because of this, they have a well-deserved place on our list of the best hookah tobacco brands.

10. Soex Tobacco Brand

best hookah tobacco brands

This is also tobacco-free, it seems like it is a tree, but it does not make it a bad choice for someone who is just getting acquainted with the world of hookah.

A very good substitute for those who don’t want nicotine and tobacco on their nerves.

If you are looking for something that will absolutely persuade your friends that you will not kill yourself or kill them then the herbal shisha Is absolutely the right choice.

It is especially good for beginners who are just entering the world of hookah relaxation.

While we thought it was safer than tobacco, there was no such thing as a study to prove it.

For traditional hookah smokers, this will seem like a lite smoke.

As expected, it lacks the buzz and overall ‘mojo’ of tobacco based shishas.

For this reason, it may have special value for those taking their first journey into the world of the hookah.


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