Best Hookahs on The Market: Complete Guide (Updated 2019)

Here, you will get to know all about the Top 6 best hookahs on the market in 2019, Reviews and which one to choose? Hookah inhaling sessions are surely fun and cool but yes, they are as addictive and as harmful as cigarettes! A plethora of options to get your hands-on and you’re confused? We give you an insight into the 6 best hookahs to buy, reviews and more… Read on to find out about the best hookahs on Amazon.

What Are The Best Hookahs to Buy? (Top-Rated in 2019)

Here are The Top narghiles List & Review

1.Lit HandMade Glass Hookah

Lit glass hookah and black color silicone hose

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This is one of the best glass hookahs that you can buy in today’s market making it our choice for 2019.

This handmade hookah is medium size, it comes with a fully washable silicone hose with aluminum handle.

Without a doubt, the quality of glass can be easily compared with one of those expensive glass hookahs. This is one of those hookahs that are definitely worth the money.

Why should you buy this hookah?

Lit Premium all glass Hookah is one of the best glass hookahs in the market. It measures 14’’ and it is designed, manufactured and crafted on the premium glass.

Each component apart from the hose is made from hand-made clear glass. The glass has a perfect level of thickness to ensure that your hookah is strong and durable.

You can expect a glass purge valve, a glass body, a glass down the stem and the hose made out of silicone. The good thing about Lit hookah is that you can use a couple of hoses to make it possible to smoke with friends.

Why had we chosen this hookah as the best in 2019?

The glass structure looks amazing! It’s very easy to keep clean, smoking from it is a great experience, clouds are also amazing you will get the smoothest clouds compared to all glass hookahs currently on the market.

Do you like to share a smoke with friends? That is not a problem at all because this hookah has a multiple hose option.  Simply remove purge valve and add another hose and voila you got a multiple hose hookah.

Lit simply blows away the competition and the reason is:

  • Smooth smoke.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Two hose option.
  • High-quality glass
  • Have a metal screen so you don’t need to use a foil.
  • Food grade silicone hose
  • Modern design
  • Excellent Quality Price Ratio

This hookah is also a choice of many hookah lounges, from this hookah you will smoke like a pro!

Product Description

This one comes with the carrying case making this piece very easy for carrying.  The hose is 72 inches long and made of silicone and aluminum. Parts Includes glass body,  glass down stem, glass bowl,  charcoal Tongs, metal screen.

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2.Tianyuan Handmade Glass Hookah

Tianyuan glass hookah with colorful lights
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The second beautiful hookah which grabbed our eyeballs is definitely this stunning beauty in a handmade glass!

Look at that Handmade Glass beauty which comes with such a great variety in choosing an LED color at the base to give an ambiance of your favorite color to this exquisite glass hookah.

What other things you can find here?

Some cool accessories for this hookah like tongs, mouth tips, easy to clean portable accessories to make your smoking experience more pleasurable yet organized and mess-free!

Enjoy the rumbling sounds and fun-filled clouds of vapor with this cleanly designed and modernized hookah, no extra weights and detachable accessories to carry in your travel case!

Why did we choose this hookah?
  • Easy to clean.
  • Very high-quality glass.
  • Fancy look.
  • great smoke performances.

Keep worries at bay and impress the whole room with this piece of art.

Product Description

Made with borosilicate glass, this model is 14.4 inches (365mm) in height, 6 inches (152mm) in width and 2.25 lbs. (1.02kg) in weight.59 inches (1.5m) Silicone hose of this sublime beauty gives it a special place among all the hookahs we are going to discuss further!

The inside diameter of the hose is .5 inch (12mm) and this set includes a base, downstream, bowl, valve, fitting, handle silicone hose. It comes with a great looking travel case and a remote-controlled LED light set to give a gorgeous look to the Hookah!


3.Pharaoh’s Queen B All Glass-on-Glass Hookah Pipe Set

Pharaoh's Queen B glass hookah modern style hookah

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If you prefer those special hookahs which elevate the level of the pleasure of smoking while you keep it stylish then this one is what you are looking for!

Why should you buy the Pharaoh’s Queen?

Thick clouds of smoke and smooth ones at the same time is what this hookah promises you sleek and stylish in looks and purely a glass hookah with all glass connections will leave you wondering in awesomeness.

If you want to impress your friends with something extraordinary, then this “shisha” shouldn’t be missed at all!

Other positives of this very hookah are:

  • Easy to clean.
  • High-quality glass.
  • Washable silicone hose.
  • Smooth smoke.
  • Improves the taste.

This is a single hose hookah best for your own use. This is a must-buy if you prefer to have your smoking session in privacy! If you are looking to have your smoke sessions with friends.

Guaranteed quality

The glass quality of this hookah is pretty solid and blows out some thick clouds of smoke.

That is all you want?

Then, give this hookah a try, which is a great flavor producer with high-quality craftsmanship guaranteed by the seller!

What more can anyone expect? We have something extra here! This beautiful pharaoh’s queen B hookah comes with an Egyptian design carrying case – 70 inches, washable silicone hose with glass tip and metal handle.

Product Description

Talking about the specifications of this hookah- It has a total height of 01 20 inches. All glass construction with glass-on-glass connections.

It also has a built-in honeycomb filter inside the base for superior filtration which is definitely a plus!

 4. 4-Hose Hookah Shisha Midnight Hookah Chill Set

traditional style Gstar hookah with four hoses

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The next best on the list is this attractive and charming looking multi-hose black and silver chillum set is set to be the party-trendsetter.

Black and silver just show their magical vibes together! Not only a 10 on 10 on the looks of this hookah but also, the flavored smoke released by this hookah set is as thick and cloudy!

Looking to chill around or Planning a party with friends or getaways This showstopper set in black with multiple hoses in black color.

You can’t miss taking this very hookah set at your favorite places when you have this black hookah set to impress. This thing has it all, easy to clean and assemble, a protective top cover,

Reviews of this hookah are amazing because this high-quality pro-multi-hose hookah is available at an unbelievable price!

While it solely depends on an individual’s preference to go with the single-hose or multi-hose hookah, this hookah will inspire you to spend quality smoking sessions with your friends or family to relax and chill.

A great thing for the price!

Product Description

Talking about this black beauty and its specifications- It is a 22″ pro quality 4-Hose Nargila with silver colored stem design. The 4 Washable 73 inches laser cut mouthpieces are definitely going to elevate the smoking experiences for you and your friends!

Easy to clean and assemble, a protective top cover, 4 hoses with back-flow stopper, the lines are high quality with a long handle. Do not you need to worry about the accessories when you buy this set because it comes with a pot.


5.Khalil Mamoon Basha Ice Chamber 36” Complete Hookah Set

traditional Khalil Mamoon Ice Chamber hookah

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After jotting down some of the best all glass hookahs now is the turn to get a hang of a traditional hose 34″ complete set. There is something very special about the traditional hookahs and no one can deny it across the world!

Why should you choose Khalil Mamoon?

The Khalil Mamoon is a symbol of all traditional hookahs.

Whether it’s Asian countries or western world, the grace and beauty of the traditional hookahs are unparalleled and matchless.

This handmade Egyptian pipe looks sultry as well as outlandish.

This one has a traditional finish with a royal appeal to its looks. Traditional hookahs have a heavier and sturdier glass base with aluminum or brass stem and a clay bowl!

These are classic and have been used by people around the world for centuries.

Colorful classic bases which don’t let you see through your smoke like modern glass hookahs however the handmade quality can mean scuffs, nicks, and imperfections.

Product Description

When we talk about its specifications, this is a 34″ tall Egyptian handmade hookah by Khalil Mamoon is made up of heavy Tri-Metal material and has a glass vase.

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6. Colorful Al-Haj Glass Hookah Water Smoke Pipe

blue Al Haj glass hookah and hookah carrying case

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Are you the one who likes colorful hookahs to make thick smoke clouds for you? Then, you would definitely have a crush on this beautiful glass hookah which is a single-hose!

Thanks to its gorgeous colors and variety available, that you can choose among these hookah colors in whatever color finds your attention. Available in pink, purple, blue, black and orange, choose from this variety of colors which is seldom to come around when buying a glass hookah!

This Al-Haj Glass water smoke pipe made a place in our Top hookahs on the market in 2019, mainly because of the colors which caught our eye first! Then, comes the size and portability it displays with the travel case that enables you to carry it around to parties and weekend getaways!

The sturdy black hose, this hookah comes up with, makes it a classy and a modern piece at the same time. There are some really unique pros of glass hookahs which makes it best hookah to buy.

Product Description

Talking about the specifications of the product, this sophisticated and elegant 100% Glass Shisha comes with a 140cm hose. The whole set comes in a hard lock case.

The case includes 2 glass bowls, 1 shisha, 1 plate, 2 plates of charcoal, colorful LED lamp. These awesome features are made to rock your smoking experience all the more!

 Best Hookahs in 2019 – Quick Buyer’s Guide

Best Types of Hookahs?

There are many types of available on the market ranging from acrylic to bottle, glass to traditional and lots more.

What is on trend these days are the Glass hookahs because they are easy to clean, keep and with amazing smoking experience at the same time.

We have included some of the best glass hookahs on our list. This collection is sure to win the hearts of hookah smokers who love to try out the different types of different shapes and sizes, colors, and flavors!

How Should You Choose The Best Hookah to Buy?

The sole purpose of this exciting article is not just to give you a knack for good hookahs but also, giving you a very clear picture if you decide to buy the hookah in 2019.

This is some of the basics, we’ve made a complete guide on how to choose a hookah you can check it here:

You may also want to read: How to Buy a Hookah: Best Hookah Guide 2019

  • Clean-up, easy or not?


  • Stability.


  • Single-hose or multiple-hose? Smoking experience.


  • Portability.

Some of the pros and cons of traditional hookahs can be owing to these reasons:

  • These hookahs have classic designs
  • Easy setup
  • Sturdy and versatile
  • easy to customize and repair

  • Not portable as they are heavy-weight
  • Cleaning is not that easy.
  • A stem can rust easily
  • Too many adapters

However, traditional hookah by Khalil Mamoon covers the cons by being easy to clean and having a glass base which lets you see through! There are some awesome features of traditional hookahs which attract you to buy them. If you want to find out more about this magnificent brand you can visit our complete KM buying guide.

When buying a traditional hookah, keep in mind the above pros and cons so as not to repent it later.

On the basis of these points above, we have tried to answer your dilemmas and queries regarding hookahs so that you don’t get confused in the marketplace while buying the best one suitable for you!

No doubt, personal preferences matter over other things but these are basic points to pay attention to.

Not only buying a hookah should be on your list, but cleaning and maintaining the same is also really something which will keep you busy after you have your smoke sessions! Yes, it is a real thing which needs attention.

Hookah accessories should also be chosen with care. Hookah cleaning brush, Hookah bowl screen, foil puncher, sonic diffuser, etc.

The sonic diffuser should be chosen with care and attention as it helps to filter out the toxic fumes when you inhale the smoke.

You have to make sure that the diffuser fits the “shisha” measurements correctly before buying it so that there are no fitting issues.

Here comes that awesome list of best hookahs on the market available on Amazon which will quench your hookah temptations- sinful cloudy Smokey temptations at the best!

Why did we include Glass Hookahs in Our List?

  • Glass hookahs have unique designs


  • Clean and smooth smoke in tight glass seals.


  • No issues of oxidization


  • Easy clean-up
  •  Diffuser beads, fruits, and colored LED lights to give special effects to the glass hookahs.

Another beautiful benefit of glass hookah is its portability factor which gives you the freedom to carry it along with you anytime, anywhere!

Glass hookahs are really easy to carry and easy to clean at the same time.

 Is There any Other Good Hookah to Buy?

Oh yes, Unlike other, the Wookah Oak Hookahs doesn’t follow the traditional design. You can term it as a modern-day hookah as it is a blend of high-quality stainless steel and exotic European hardwood.

Other than oak hardwood, there are five more hardwood variants used for manufacturing the Wookah Hookah, they are Wenge, Walnut, Teak, Iroko, and Merbau.

  • For making the hookah long lasting, the manufacturers have especially focused each stem and used to Lathe machine to make sure all the precision cuts are proper.


  • It is a 25-inch tall hookah which sports a traditional bowl port and uses V2A stainless steel components.
  • Other than that, what catches our eye is its eight hand-cut crystal glass base, which makes the hookah look more original and authentic.


  • The wide gauge down stem is detachable which helps in cleaning the hookah with ease. However, unlike other traditional hookahs, the Wookah Oak Hookah sports a slightly thicker wide gauge down the stem.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty as the manufacturers claim that these Wookah Oak Hookahs are built for the lifetime.


  • Cleaning is very easy, you can simply unscrew the purge and hose ports and also, these can be swapped with each other depending on how strong you like to smoke your hookah.


With the increased rise in popularity of social smoking as compared to traditional smoking via cigarettes or cigars, hookahs have taken the forefront mainly through the increased awareness campaigns about living in a healthier and newer society.

The above list consists of the top 6 best hookahs on the market that is worth buying today.

Happy shopping!

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