Best Hookah For 2022: Extreme Guide From A to Z

Best Hookah For 2022: Extreme Guide From A to Z

Do you want to skip the reading and get right to my top pick? The best hookah for most people is Fumo Pod Hookah

Wondering which hookah is the best in 2022?

You hit the right spot.

Here you’ll find my pick of top-rated hookahs, a full review of each one, and a complete buyer’s guide, literally everything you’ll ever need to know about how to pick the best pipe.

A quick note before we start, I always choose hookahs compared to the quality and price, that way I want you to buy a good hookah while saving some money.

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These Are The Best Hookahs to Buy in 2022

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Editor choice
Circulos Hookah

Circulos Hookah

Circulos is undoubtedly one of the best hookahs in 2022 considering its outstanding performances, quality, and even ...

Best value
Fumo Pod 10 inch Hookah

Fumo Pod 10 inch Hookah

Fumo pod 10-inch hookah is simply designed to be the best. It delivers excellent performance and allows you to get the ...

MIG 3.0 Hookah

MIG 3.0 Hookah

If you are looking for a quality hookah that is perfect for both new and experienced smokers alike, then the MIG 3.0 is ...

KHALIL MAMOON Black Shareef 34” Complete Hookah Set

KHALIL MAMOON Black Shareef 34” Complete Hookah Set

Khalil Mamoon is most famous, most reviewed and definitely one of the best hookah brands in the world. Every ...

Best seller
Lit Premium Glass Hookah

Lit Premium Glass Hookah

We all know that glass hookahs can be pretty expensive, especially if you decide to buy brands like Fumo, Lavoo, ...

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Starbuzz Carbine Hookah

Starbuzz Carbine Hookah

Starbuzz doesn't stop to fascinate with their perfectly designed hookahs that are breaking into the market at the speed ...

Trilogy High-End Hookah

Trilogy High-End Hookah

Trilogy is a great pipe if want serious performances but you are on a budget. for a really fair price, you will get ...

B2 Hookah Reaper Stem & Tray

B2 Hookah Reaper Stem & Tray

B2 hookahs were created to give users a really high-quality piece that will literally last forever. You will never need ...

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Oduman N5 VS Oduman N1 Glass Hookah

Oduman N5 VS Oduman N1 Glass Hookah

Oduman N5 Straight from Turkey, Oduman N5 glass hookah is a step away from you. This glass beast with awesome features ...

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Khalil Mamoon World Cup Hookah

Khalil Mamoon World Cup Hookah

If you are looking for a top-quality hookah, the Khalil Mamoon World Cup is definitely worth considering. This hookah ...

Best Hookah Overall

Circulos Hookah

Fumo Circulos hookah with wooden box

Check Out on Fumo Design

Introducing the beast. This is the first online review of this brand-new model. As I write this, I am equally as excited as you are and cannot wait to share my thoughts on this beauty.

The new Fumo Circulos hookah breaks all the criteria when it comes to style and performance. Fumo released this outstanding model in March of 2021 to compete for the status of the best pipe currently on the market.

It took us a while to test it, and after a few months of use, here is our review.

Why Should You Consider Buying Circulos Hookah in 2022?

top view of opened Fumo Circulos hookah box

This hookah’s impressive design and superior craftsmanship become obvious when you open the box. From that point on, it becomes clear why this hookah is similarly priced as Russian and German hookahs.

We could only talk about the design, but in short, I love the uniqueness of this hookah. Frankly speaking, I have never seen anything similar in the market before.

Now here comes the sweet part.

This hookah is something different when it comes to smoking. I believe most of you are interested in this and here’s some good news. It smokes nicely, generally, I like hookahs with an open draw and this one meets that criteria, an open draw on Fumo Circulos make the pull as easy as breathing.

Circulos Hookah: Quality vs Price

Design, quality, and smoking experience are world-class. Do cheaper brands offer a similar smoking experience? Maybe, but people don’t buy hookahs just because they smoke well. The design plays a huge part. However, the luxurious style of this hookah comes with the price. It’s clear that the quality is splendid. However, it’s a bit pricey.

Why Had We Chosen Circulos as The Top Shisha Pipe in 2022?

different parts of Circulos hookah and closer view to its material

In short, our decision to purchase this hookah was largely based on its luxurious style and materials used to craft it. Moreover, it performs well. I also found it very easy to clean and maintain. With regular maintenance (after every use) this pipe will surely last for a long time.

The pipe is designed and crafted in the US. With all quality controls and checks, you can rest assured you are getting the original product rather than an imitation sold for hundreds of dollars.

It’s one of the best multi-hose hookahs I have come across. Yes, it features two hose options. It’s a great feature when you’re smoking with a group, and when you’re alone, you can use rubber stoppers and have the same (if not better) experience as with any premium-priced hookah.

Circulos Hookah: Material Review

The quality can be seen from the images, but here are some features. A stainless steel hookah body means no issues with dirt, moisture, mold, or odor. Another benefit of this stainless steel is that it’s really easy to clean. With a proper cleaning kit, you can reach all grooves, holes, and angles with ease.

The base is made of a hand-blown Bohemian crystal glass. It’s the best of what glass can offer. With skilled workmanship, beauty, and an innovative design, the base matches perfectly with the overall setup.

What I don’t like is that the downstem is made of glass. My advice would be to treat this part with extra care. A porcelain bowl that comes with hookah may overheat your tobacco. You can avoid this by starting your session with only one or two coals and then adding more if necessary.

Full Review Soon.


Best All-Glass Hookah

Fumo Pod 10-inch Hookah

improved version of Fumo Pod 10 inch hookah

Buy From Fumo Design

Why Should You Consider Buying Fumo Pod Hookah in 2022?

Fumo Pod Hookah doesn’t just blow out the smoke. It blows your mind away.

There was a time when glass hookahs had serious flaws and no one really liked the design. But Fumo Pod hookah in 2022 stands out from the rest.

Thanks to Fumo artisans who engineered it to deliver an incredible smoking experience at every party or meeting.

Fumo Pod Hookah: Quality vs Price

Fumo hookah with LED light

Fumo’s glass hookah is a perfect mix of aesthetics and performance. But the premium price tag isn’t really a cakewalk for many.

Fumo Pod Hookah has a patented style that is completely unique among glass hookahs.

From bowl to stand, each component maintains high-quality standards and durability. Customer service is exceptionally great.

They can always reach out to help with your broken or lost accessories. It’s expensive but worth every single penny for the ultimate hookah experience.

Why Had We Chosen Fumo Pod Hookah As The Top Hookah in 2022?

Fumo Pod Hookah: Material Review

closer look to Fumo Pod hookah

Fumo makers understand the likes of serious connoisseurs. And they’re so much dedicated to class and workmanship. Therefore, they use laboratory-grade components under rigorous tests and quality control.

Unlike many other glass hookahs, Fumo uses German scientific lab glass which is durable, hygienic, and taste-free.

The body of the glass base is given a funnel shape that rests firmly on a 10” stand made of medical-grade steel.

You’re also allowed to pick your choice of bowl – glass or porcelain bowl.

I recommend choosing a porcelain one, it’s more resistant and provides better heat retention.

There is room for 1 hose. The specially formulated food-grade hose is washable and holds anti-bacterial properties. The package also includes accessories such as heat management tools, downstem, and valves.

Performace & Features

With a premium price comes the best features you could ever get in a hookah. Accessories are easy to assemble and prepare for your session. The all-glass feature makes it ideal to pack and manage the heat distribution.

From the very beginning, you’d receive intense flavor. You’ll also notice a very subtle rumbling sound while taking a pull – not a common feature though. Behold, a sudden burst of dense clouds might surprise you even more.

Another benefit is that you’ll never receive an aftertaste. It’s super easy to clean and the glass material never retains even the harshest flavors. It’s ultra-portable and your perfect travel companion. Set up LEDs to make your Fumo the coolest hookah at the party.

Read the Full Review – Fumo Pod Hookah Review


Best High-End Hookah

MIG 3.0 Hookah

MIG 3.0 hookah

Get The Best Deal on Smoking-Hookah

The MIG 3.0 is a premium hookah from a company based in Germany. It is one of the finest hookahs that they have produced, standing at about 27 inches and with an expulsion system that can double as hose ports. It is part of their Premium Series that is a modern-day interpretation of the traditional hookah, with a timeless traditional design and innovative technology paired with premium materials and multiple different colors to choose from, it is a versatile piece of art.

Why Should You Consider Buying MIG 3.0 Hookah in 2022?

MIG 3.0 hookah with black silicone hose

2022 is the year for introducing a newer hookah into your life, especially a behemoth like this MIG 3.0 hookah, Let us tell you more about this piece of art. If you were to just admire the looks of this hookah, It is made from a stainless steel stem, that stretches 27 inches and a beautiful bohemian crystal base that is shaped beautifully with a narrow top and wide base. It has a steel pipe with 4 purging system outlets that you can convert to additional hose entries if you are not smoking alone.

It is durable, easy to clean, and easy to take apart, when you’re smoking it, you just know you are smoking something premium. It also looks beautiful enough to be on display as a centerpiece for your table as opposed to something you wrap up and keep out of sight.

MIG 3.0 Hookah: Quality vs Price

The MIG 3.0 will set you back over 600 dollars, however, don’t think for a second that you not getting what you paid for. It is not gimmicky, or money wasted on nothing. The MIG 3.0 delivers on every promise they claim. It is extremely sturdy, the stainless steel used in the stem is extremely durable and will not have gunk building up if you clean it after each use, even if it does build up, it will come off easily and will not rust your stem that ruins your hookah sessions by having lingering flavors from your previous sessions.

Moreover, it has an extremely effective purging system from four different ports that you can use alone but if you have company, you can just replace one of the ports into a slot for an additional pipe or two. This keeps your hookah cool will not be too hot and will make your sessions better with your friends because you will not have to pass your pipe around!

Why Had We Chosen MIG 3.0 as The Top Shisha Pipe in 2022?

different parts of MIG 3.0 hookah

The MIG 3.0 has taken the top spots in 2022 despite some issues, such as a higher price point or the fact that it does not come with hoses and bowls but the luxury that comes with this product is incomparable. Not only does it look like a masterpiece, the convenience of cleaning it and setting it up plays a big role in this decision.

The airflow when smoking this unreal, only an experience that can be described if you actually try it. The purging system is incredible, It has a very open draw that is extremely smooth. It also helps bring out more flavor because of its easy pulls. It is truly a premium experience. Moreover, the multiple hose system that also doubles as extra purging slots makes smoking in large groups far better.

The materials used in crafting this piece also play a big role, they allow multiple colors to choose from, so you can even pick what color you want your stem to be, you can do this to match the colors at your home so that your hookah can become part of your home décor as opposed to something that you wrap up and keep away after every use.

MIG 3.0: Material Review

The materials used in the MIG 3.0 are nothing short of premium. The entire structure is made from stainless steel and the base is made of durable Bohemian Crystal glass. This already makes it better than most other hookahs you can get. The feel of the structure is sturdy all across the board, from the glass vase to the heavy-duty body. It is incredibly stable and durable in the long run if you are thinking of having a long-term hookah.

You can tell the craftsmanship involved in making this hookah when you look at the elegant, curved design, paired with premium materials used, especially when it comes to keeping true to its traditional look, it looks like a futuristic hookah that still retains its traditional looks. That alone is quite incredible, you can tell that they have focused more on enhancing your smoking experience and less on making a fancy design that does not effectively function.


Best Traditional Hookah

Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef

Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef hookah
Check Out The Best Deal

Why Should You Consider Buying Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef Hookah in 2022?

KM is a world-renowned manufacturer of top traditional hookah sets that has maintained its curiosity for 2 centuries. You can easily observe the elegance of traditional Egyptian design on its body. As usual, KM’s Black Shareef comes in a larger size. It is easy to set up and maintain a greater smoking experience which is really worth buying.

Khalil Mamoon Hookah: Quality vs Price

With the elegance of KM’s age-old tradition, you’ll genuinely feel go back in time. Price truly justifies considering its performance, maintenance and artistry, and is enjoyed by seasoned and novice smokers alike.

Why Had We Chosen Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef as The Best Hookah in 2022?

Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef Hookah: Material Review

Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef hookah body and base and bowl

Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef uses fused welded steel stems with a hand-painted glass base that adds perfection. The hookah proudly stands 39” tall with a stylish black plated upper body.

Black Shareef is equipped with just a single hose connecting to a wide-bore hose adapter. A 72” long KM signature hookah hose with a black handle complements really well with the Egyptian style hookah.

KM Black Shareef performs best with 2 variants of the hose: KM Signature Hose and black and White Criss-Cross Hose. Traditionally designed clay bowl and tray rest firmly on the hookah set.

Consequently, with an Egyptian bowl and tray concept, you can experiment with the quantity of shisha mix and coals to easily fit in while packing.

Additionally, you will get all the necessary accessories with the hookah set to perfectly pack your hookah up air-tight; such as charcoal tongs, a Cleaning Brush Set, and Rubber Grommets.

Performance & Features

No matter what people say, KM hookah always delivers the power of the presence. With a sleek design and artistic decorations, KM Black Shareef is a nice amalgam of aesthetics, quality, durability, and ease of maintenance. While smoking, you’ll literally feel the draw as easy as breathing.

Generally, KM hookahs are not mass-produced and the creators pay extra attention while crafting. Therefore, you may find differences from the advertised pictures such as welding spots and colored finishes.

Nevertheless, concisely state-of-the-art detailing brings uniqueness to the style. Due to its huge-shaped stem, you need to put extra effort to clean it, preferably with hot water.

Read the Full Review: Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef Review


Best Selling Hookah on Amazon

Lit Glass Hookah

Lit glass hookah with black silicone hose

Check Out The Best Deal

Why Should You Consider Buying Lit Hookah in 2022?

When we talk about modern premium hookah brands, Lit Hookah perfectly fits in the space. Handcrafted with unique designs, this medium-sized hookah is lauded for its material quality, hose structure, and smooth functionality.

Lit Hookah: Quality vs Price

Lit hookah and tongs on a table

With all features like a rust-free body, modern design, ease of wash, and maintenance the price is really reasonable. This nargile truly provides all the features of expensive brands of glass hookahs.

You will get a premium smoking experience, all that makes this piece one of the best-selling hookah products.

The customer support is great. They reach out to you for help at every step after your purchase.

Why Had We Chosen Lit Hookah As The Top Hookah in 2022?

Lit Hookah: Material Review

Lit Hookah is an esthetic masterpiece available in a medium size 13” – 14” tall.

This handcrafted glass hookah is carefully made by heating high-quality heat-resistant borosilicate glass, giving it a perfect shape.

Parts of the hookah accessories as mentioned below are beautifully sculpted with a glass body.

  • Glass Male Bowl (19mm)
  • Glass Downstem (24mm)
  • Glass Female Bowl Adapter (19mm) – Compatible with Any Female Bowl
  • Detachable Purge Valve (14mm)

There is room for 2 hoses. A food-grade hose with an aluminum handle gives an extra layer of premium standard.

With a well-designed black silicone hose (14mm), you don’t have to look for an alternative. Lit hose has awesome performances, but hookah also supports a variety of hoses.

However, when your friend is by your side, you need to buy an extra hose and adapter to smoke together.

There are some cool accessories like tongs, mouth tips, Charcoal Lid, and maintenance accessories to make your smoking experience more pleasurable yet organized and mess-free!

Lit glass hookah with frost glass body

Performance & Features

No doubt, the hookah smokes pretty well with a smooth pull. You’ll seamlessly enjoy every session with the rumbling sounds and fun-filled clouds of vapor.

The detachable accessories and balanced weight make it perfect to carry along with you anywhere. The apparatus is easy to dismantle, clean, and assemble together. The parts are fragile, therefore don’t rush while handling them.

While washing, just ensure to gently clean it with a soft scrubber. There’s no dedicated charcoal tray, however, you can use your preferred heat-management system (Vitria bowl + Kaloud lotus).

With high-quality stainless steel and glass parts, Lit hookah will stay with you in the long run.

Read the Full Review – Lit Glass Hookah Review


Best Modern Hookah

Starbuzz Carbine 2.0

Starbuzz Carbine hookah

Check Out The Best Deal

Why Should You Consider Buying Starbuzz Carbine Hookah in 2022?

A rocket-shaped hookah with 3600 rotating stem seems to be created with the knowledge of physics in mind.

Unlike the handmade ones, Starbuzz Carbine utilizes computer-aided design to craft with precision and avoid zero airflow issues.

Besides shisha, Starbuzz makers proved that they are concerned with the innovation in hookah as well.

Starbuzz Carbine Hookah: Quality vs Price

closer look to the material of Starbuzz Carbine hookah

Starbuzz hookah is something that needs grand attention. The futuristic look and customizable features make it a serious party animal and a perfect treat for a grouchy hookah connoisseur.

You have to pay the premium price, but that’s worth the features that are rarely found anywhere. So carry extra batteries at the party, turn on the LED light and let the folks drool over to you.

Why Had We Chosen Starbuzz Carbine As The Best Hookah in 2022?

Starbuzz Carbine Hookah: Material Review

The 360O rotating hose port is a cool add-on to this innovative hookah with a detachable (24mm) OD adjustable metal diffuser.

Starbuzz Carbine has a heavy-duty anodized hose pipe manufactured using medical-grade silicone. This ensures durability, lightness, and comfort while using.

A mid-sized silicone bowl, high-grade stainless steel Carbine tongs and tray, add perfection and completeness to the hookah set. Additionally, at the vertical tilt, the flared hose port keeps the hose intact using a thick grommet while avoiding air leaks.
Starbuzz Carbine hookah and Pirates cave shisha

Performance & Features

The 4 legs at the base are not a show-off. The design provides stability and you can adjust the height as per your comfort. This hookah comes in 8 attractive colors with a color-matching hose handle. Equipped with a single hose, the hookah stands 27.5”-30” tall.

The swivel base makes the stem rotate with ease. Therefore, you’ll not have to worry about the hose getting tangled on the base or stem while passing to your friend. The interior airlocked system allows lucid airflow.

The draw is buttery smooth with minimal bubbling noise. The draw is buttery smooth with minimal bubbling noise. With every puff, expect huge thick clouds.

Even if you feel a certain amount of vibration while taking a hit, you can gently unscrew the diffuser a bit. Crafted with Computer Numerical Control technology,

Starbuzz Carbine has every corner sculpted with precision. The cleaning process is super easy because of the tightly locked connection points. The attached parts are easy to dismantle and assemble. The hookah is equipped with a submersible color-changing LED with remote control.


Best Value Hookah

Trilogy Hookah

Trilogy high end hookah
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Why Should You Consider Buying Trilogy Hookah in 2022?

Trilogy Hookah is the perfect mixture of a traditional and modern designed hookah, making it our ideal choice of hookah to buy.

The design seems to be the finest art of hookah craftsmanship when you see how perfectly every part is designed to fit.

The wide base of the hookah allows more smoke to gather in the bowl, which means your sessions with Trilogy Hookah will have thick, cloudy smoke, exactly how you would like them!

You don’t want to share your hookah with others? No problem, Trilogy Hookah has space to fit 4 different hoses! Trilogy Hookah, the safest way to smoke with your friends!

Trilogy Hookah: Quality vs Price

Trilogy clay bowl and a closer look at hookah-purge-valves

It is in line with the average hookah price, and even cheaper than most of the top 5 hookah lists we have come across! The question is whether the quality it delivers is worth your money?

In my personal use, I would say the quality is highly satisfactory because no parts are easily breakable and all parts use excellent quality materials, not cheap plastic.

Moreover, the design of the hookah bowl (head) comes with an additional, innovative part that allows you to no longer need foil, and it traps the heat well enough that your frequency to change coals will decrease. These factors will save you a lot of money in the long run.

The only complaint I have with Trilogy Hookah is that it only comes with one hose (pipes) instead of at least 2.

Why Have We Chosen Trilogy As The Top Hookah in 2022?

Due to its price competitiveness and the quality of hookah delivered all in one, it easily makes Trilogy Hookah a decision I do not regret as it is the perfect product of modern and traditional design.

Having years of experience smoking hookah, I would rate Trilogy as a high-end hookah, because of how smooth the pull is, and how much smoke a hookah session produces.

The best part is that, even if you are a beginner, you will have no trouble making a really good hookah for yourself.

Trilogy Hookah: Material Review

Trilogy hookah parts and material

The hose (Pipe) of the Trilogy proved to be of superior quality, silicone material, which makes it easier to wash and prevent tearing.

The bowl (Head) they send is made of the classic hookah material, clay. Clay is good if you are loyal to one flavor since the material absorbs the flavor well. The beautiful wide base is made of glass, which means you must be very careful. The stem comes in stainless steel.

Performance & Features

At the end of the day, it is all about the performance of the Trilogy. A hookah’s fanciness is irrelevant if it performs poorly, but that is not a problem you will face with Trilogy. The performance of this hookah makes it worth smoking for hours.

The steadiness of the pull, the bubbling noise, the perfect balance of flavor coming in. The density of the smoke is enough to darken your room! This is all the result of the attention to detail paid by the designers and producers of Trilogy by tweaking the design of the base.

The finishing touches of every part, the open space is very finely welded and crafted. Surely, we as hookah enthusiasts must give them credit for the work they have done!


Best Hookah For Traveling

B2 Reaper

blue color B2 hookah tray and stem
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Why Should You Consider Buying B2 Reaper Hookah in 2022?

When we talk about innovation in hookah, B2 hookah makers have set a benchmark. Precise sculpting using computerized tools helped them create a state-of-the-art product delivering performance beyond expectations.

B2 Reaper Hookah: Price vs Quality

blue color B2 Reaper hookah ashtray

If you’re a travel geek, this hookah is a must-have in your backpack. The hookah breaks down easily along with the quick setup. Being manufactured in Silicon Valley, the product features a unique stamp label with a serial number. You can verify the originality via its website using this serial number.

The price may seem a little high as it comes with stem and tray only and needs to spend a few bucks on other accessories. But don’t go at its size, provided the precise design, ease of carrying, and performance. It’s really a true companion if you’re a journeyman.

Why Had We Chosen B2 Reaper Hookah As The Best in 2022?

B2 Reaper Hookah: Material Review

Stem, the main component is made in the USA with machining and anodizing process executed with Aerospace CNC milling tools. Aerospace-certified CNC experts and designers use 6061 Aluminum (high-grade metal) so that the hookah stays longer with you.

Now, B2 is known for its modular design with ease of customization. The center hub area of the hookah easily slides all over the neck of the base.

Made with 5052 aluminum, the tray has an aerospace anodized finish. With the use of a CNC lathe, it is beautifully sculpted to give a floral appearance.

blue color B2 Reaper hookah shaft

Performance & Features

Small Mya bases like Bambino and Econo Gelato are made of hand-etched crystal. Having a top opening of 1.5”, it is perfectly suited to this hookah. It is recommended to use any food-grade silicone hookah fitted with a small hose heel in order to prevent any obstruction with a coal tray.

B2 utilizes an Alpaca bowl, which easily fits 15-25 g of a shisha mix. The US-made handcrafted clay bowl is 100% food-safe glazes, rigorously tested to bake the shisha perfectly without heating up the surface too much. B2 v3 Tongs are the perfect add-on.


Best Turkish Hookah

Oduman N5

Oduman N5 glass hookah
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Why Should You Consider Buying Oduman N5 in 2022?

Oduman brings its futuristic and intuitive design to hookah right from the heart of Turkey. They are seriously dedicated to handcrafted hookahs made from heavy-duty glassware. This n-series Oduman hookah brings us closer to a levitating hookah experience. You’ll probably notice them at Turkish restaurants or cafes as well as in some European and Asian countries.

Oduman N5 Hookah: Price vs Quality

Oduman glass hookah in use

This hookah has all the features that put it in the premium range. The durable material, smooth draw, cloud performance, and ease of cleaning set n5 hookah apart from its premium competitors. After all, it is a perfect companion for you at home as well as at parties.

Why Had We Chosen Oduman N5 As The Best Hookah in 2022?

Oduman N5 Hookah: Material Review

You might get confused with the unique curvy designs as if made by machines. But the glass is beautifully molded by the in-house artists. Oduman makers generally use soda glass, also called 1st class glassware, for their flagship products.

All metal parts like tray and connection ports are made of industrial-grade stainless steel along with a built-in diffuser.

Hoses are pretty long measuring 72” made of food-grade silicone with stainless steel handle.

The hookah has a single anti-corrosive ball bearing placed within the purge valve that makes an easy purge process.

Oduman glass hookah vases on the table

Performance & Features

Oduman N5 hookah measures 18.5’’ with a traditional bowl port at the top. However, the package doesn’t include a shisha bowl or grommet. The bowl port, though, makes it compatible with the most popular bowls on the market.

The glass base sits on the stand pretty well and is made to almost give it a levitating appearance. The bulge-shaped glass base acts as a central hub where you will find the ports for plugging in the components.

Additionally, the stand equips a hose holder so that you can rest your hose easily without messing around.

During the session, the smoke accumulated inside the base leaves you awestruck. You can clearly get an impression of a crystal ball with swirling fumes inside it.

You can observe a drain valve that eases the airflow from the chamber. Eventually, while enjoying your favorite shisha, you can clearly see the mechanism across the glass body.

Take a draw and watch the action as the flavory smoke leaves the bowl all the way to the base and drains from there towards your hose.

An included diffuser for the downstream avoids any vibrations. To add to your fancy list, n5z creatively attach LED light to the bottom of the tray along with an included remote control.

Featuring over 10 lighting options, it runs on 2 AAA-sized batteries and provides a long-lasting ambiance.

Clear glass and stainless steel mean an easier time for cleaning. Just make sure to avoid washing the LED-equipped tray.


Best Hookah For Beginners

Khalil Mamoon World Cup

traditional Khalil Mamoon Ice Chamber hookah

Check Out The Best Deal

After jotting down some of the best all-glass hookahs, now it’s your turn to get the hang of a traditional hose 34″ complete set. There is something very special about traditional hookahs and no one can deny it across the world!

Why Should You Choose Khalil Mamoon?

Khalil Mamoon is a symbol of all traditional hookahs. Whether it’s Asian countries or the western world, the grace and beauty of the traditional hookahs are unparalleled and matchless. This handmade Egyptian pipe looks sultry as well as outlandish. This one has a traditional finish with a royal appeal to its looks.

Traditional hookahs have a heavier and sturdier glass base with an aluminum or brass stem and a clay bowl!

These are classic and have been used by people around the world for centuries. Colorful classic bases that don’t let you see through your smoke like modern glass hookahs however the handmade quality can mean scuffs, nicks, and imperfections.

Performance & Features

When we talk about its specifications, this is a 34″ tall Egyptian handmade hookah by Khalil Mamoon is made up of heavy Tri-Metal material and has a glass vase.

Read the Full Review: KM Ice Chamber Hookah Review

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Best Hookahs in 2022 – A to Z Guide

Hookah Origin

an old man in traditional suit smoking shisha

Did you know that the tradition of hookah started brewing in medieval India and Persia?

Several testaments were examined by historians, yet the true origin of hookah remains unclear. Sidelining this argument, hookah has now become a cultural mainstay that swayed every generation with its glamorous appeal.

Unspecific to the origin, the culture of water pipe started with a handmade flask made of wood or clay. The Even coconut shell was carved into the base and people used a cane or bamboo stems for hosepipes.

People kept experimenting with hashish, opium, and different herbs or roots to get high. To produce smoke, they used wood charcoal, generally oak, to smolder the contents. Though rugged in design, these primitive water pipes led to a stepping stone for modern hookah art.

But the tobacco-inspired hookah really kicked off during the medieval era when Persians and Europeans used it as a medium of trade. The best example could be observed when European preachers (Jesuits) visited India for evangelization and introduced tobacco. Their presentation of tobacco inspired early Mughals to smoke them with hookah, cigars, and Bede (Indian cigarettes).

Hookah started to receive workmanship around the 16th century, when artisans started to use metals, ceramics, and even glass bases. Moreover, to add to their aesthetic appeal, Mughals used semi-precious stones such as jade and nephrite jade. With the advent of European colonization, hookah not only gained popularity in India, but also spread out to the eastern Mediterranean region including Persia and Turkey.

In an alternate theory, waterpipe culture is said to have originated in 15th century Persia during the Safavid era.

While Persia took the hookah towards global recognition, Turkey contributed with its traditional shapes and proportions and gave it a characteristic design.

No matter what theories say, hookah has always succeeded in creating a social status for ages. Once restricted to aristocrats and patriarchal societies, hookah smoking today is enjoyed by all young and old.

Hookah Tips and Tricks

hookah tips and tricks

Quick Hookah Tips For Better Hookah Session


By keeping coal stagnant throughout the session, you will end up receiving tasteless notes. To get the full flavor of your shisha mix, keep the tongs nearby and move around the coal every 10 minutes.

Avoid getting burnt flavors at the expense of using more coal for better smoke. Always use 2-3 coals for a small/ medium bowl and 3-4 coals for a larger bowl.

Packing Foil

The well-packed foil helps tobacco to get ideal heat from coal and avoids delivering burning flavor. Take a toothpick and go for several small holes instead of the bigger ones.

This would help in better aeration and uniform distribution of heat. You can try some poking patterns to get the best results.


The deeper your bowl, the better you could pack your shisha. This creates a space between shisha and foil that captures gentle heat.

This heat is ideal for baking the tobacco mix without hampering the flavor. You may prefer to use a heat management system such as Kaloud Lotus. If you have a smaller bowl, always leave some space.


Never press your tobacco densely into the bowl. Always sprinkle the shisha mix using your fingers, which helps better penetration of heat and even flavor.

After placing the coals, wait for about 5-10 minutes to receive the peak shisha flavor. Store the remaining shisha mix in Tupperware and keep them refrigerated until the next session.


Spend some good time keeping your hookah clean and stale-free. Glass hookahs are easy to clean with warm water. Metallic hookahs, however, need to be washed with soapy water to wash off the flavors completely.

Use a long brush to clean deeper into the stem or shaft. Even after washing, the hosepipe may retain an unpleasant flavor. Leave your hosepipe hanging and let the water run out.

Hookah Tricks From Everyday Shisha Smoker

man and woman smoking shisha in a hookah lounge

  1. Blowing every 5-10 minutes into the hose is a clever trick to keep your shisha flavor fresh throughout the session. It’s similar to shaking up your smoothie container before use so that you don’t end up with pulpy remains at the bottom. Simply blowing into the hose pipe allows the cloud to circulate through the valve and mixes with the freshly juiced smoky flavor. Just don’t blow too hard!
  2. For stronger flavor output, store your shisha in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight. Try to consume it within two months after it’s opened. Whether your shisha is refrigerated or freshly unpacked, place it over foil and allow it to balance room temperature for 30 minutes.
  3. Smoke rings make everyone nuts. But you need some practice and guttural control. While inhaling, keep the puff for a while in your mouth as well as throat. You may cough initially, but will take time to get used to it. Close your mouth and move your tongue back while pointing toward the bottom. This gives enough room for smoke to take shape. Now open your mouth with an O shape and push the air through your lips. Don’t use your vocal chords. Instead, gently contract your glottis with a subtle exhalation (like choking) while pretending to make ‘hoo’ sound.
  4. Want a cool and soothing session? Try some ice cubes in the water to get an added layer of freshness. You can even freeze your dry hose pipe for about 20 minutes just before your hookah session. For a more soothing and tangier experience, add raw fruit juice such as orange with some ice cubes. Avoid over chilled icy water as it decreases the flavor details.
  5. Don’t experiment with random charcoal as it may spoil your shisha experience. Always prefer natural coals made of coconut husk, bamboo, or lemonwood. Natural coal has a neutral taste and doesn’t impart additional flavor into shisha mix. Though it takes time to heat and become hookah-ready. Whereas quick lighting coal saves you time. However, it smolders faster than natural coal and you may feel slight charcoal details. But if you’re a traveler and want to have a quick session, you shouldn’t bother about it.

Learn more: Hookah Tips and Tricks to Level up Your Smoking

Hookah Maintenance

hookah parts and hookah maintenance kit

Change The Water in a Glass Base

Always stay hygienic when it comes to base liquid. Using stale, pale-ish liquid for your next day’s session is gross. The smoking experience is the best when you change your base water daily. Though water can be used for 2-3 days, never repeat the same with fruit juices such as orange, lemon, etc.

Blow Through All of The Hoses Before and After Each Smoking Session

It’s important to clear off all the residues before and after using a hosepipe. Sometimes while taking a draw, bubbles so formed may contain tiny shisha residue that gets stuck inside the pipe. In the case of a metal hose, you don’t want to get choked by small rusted parts.

Clean The Clay Bowl Out After Each Smoking Session

rubber grommets and hookah bowl cleaning

Even if you use a new hookah, an unwashed clay bowl can spoil your session. To get rid of the nasty stale flavor, clean your clay bowl after every session. Use a vinegar-water solution to soak it overnight. Use lemon juice to clean as it leaves behind a fresh aroma.

Clean Your Hookah Stem Frequently

hookah stem cleaning

If hookah is your true companion, you need yet another one. For stem cleaning, use a brush that measures 8-10 inches long. It’s quite efficient in deep cleaning, the stem brush, leaves no spot untouched. The best way to wash is by running warm water through the shaft and moving your brush back and forth.

Wash Your Glass Vase

washing of a glass hookah base

The easiest way to wash your glass vase is by using a mixture of hot water, white vinegar, and baking soda. The fizz so produced will wash away even the toughest residue, leaving behind zero odor. You can then simply clean the vase with plain water and wipe it using a sponge.

Change The Hose Every Year

The shelf life of hose pipes varies with the material. The non-washable hose shouldn’t be kept for long – 3 months of regular use and 5 months of frequent use. Even for washable medical-grade silicone hose, it’s advisable to change every year. Over-use of any pipe would leave an unpleasant odor.

Learn More: Hookah Cleaning & Maintenance Guide

Hookah Smoking Etiquettes

The gurgling sound, aromatic smoke, glowing embers, and a group of people symbolize the centuries-old ritual of hookah smoking. Such a social occasion really requires some discipline. So if you’re a noob and don’t want to receive disrespected gaze, simply follow these etiquettes.

  • Never try to finish your hookah in a hurry. Hookah session takes time, so enjoy it and appreciate it to the fullest.
  • The one who prepares the hookah should get to smoke first. The turns are then followed in a clockwise rotation. So avoid passing to your left.
  • After your turn, simply put the hose down on the table with a mouthpiece away from the person. Never pass the hose directly.
  • With multiple hose hookahs, always plug in the mouthpiece while you’re not smoking. This prevents extra smoke into your hookah while your friend takes the draw from another hose.
  • Always use your right hand to hold the hose. In many countries, smoking with the left hand is considered an unclean gesture.
  • Maintain silence while you’re in hookah lounges. People visit lounges to relax, so avoid loud gossip.
  • Never light a cigarette from hookah charcoal. It’s considered uncivilized and disrespectful.
  • Never stay face-to-face with someone while blowing. Shotgunning is a very disgusting and rude act.
  • If you’re a host, offer your guests help in choosing their choice of flavor.
  • Last but not least, keep your mobile away or in silent mode. The Hookah tradition deserves your attention and respect.

How Should You Choose a Good Hookah?

Price: What Role Does Price Play in Choosing The Best Hookah?

“You don’t always get what you’ve paid for” sits quite well, even in the hookah market. Even some popular traditional hookahs fall short of expectations when it comes to irregular design, dents, or visible connections.

So if you’re new in the space and going on a budget, say around $50, you might end up compromising with its imperfect finishes, improper airflow, or junky material.

If you’re looking for glass hookahs, you may receive customer support for mid-range, such as Lit premium hookah. But don’t expect the same with any expensive brands.

So it’s much advisable to get your favorite hookah set from a renowned online brand or in-person.

Number of Hoses: Multiple Hoses or One Hose Hookah Which One is Better?

multiple hose hookah vs single hose hookah

Short Answer: One hose hookah is better, here’s why.

People who find it inconvenient to share the same hose prefer multiple hoses. For instance, in Egyptian hookahs like KM and Modern hookah such as Mya, it’s easier for a smoker to use the same hookah while smoking alone or with friends.

Also, you may enjoy competing with your friends for better puffs or rings simultaneously. Some multi-hose, however, are equipped with a ball-bearing mechanism for auto-lock.

But in many cases, they are found dysfunctional leaking the smoke out. Even the regular use of standard multi-hose hookah leads to damage to the seals.

Single hose hookah has been here since the beginning and it delivers the best standards of shisha flavor. The rock-solid aesthetics of the single-hose hookah leave minimal room for error and offer an incredible performance.

Size: Does Hookah Size Matter?

large medium and small hookah

If it’s about smoke density, the answer is a simple no and the reason is quite straightforward. With a small-sized hookah, make sure the size of the bowl is bigger while resting at a decent height from the base.

Plus use wider hoses to hold more volume of smoke while taking draws. In the case of bigger hookahs, longer stems don’t do much with the smoke density.

It simply lets the smoke cool down as it navigates towards the water base where it further cools down. If you receive a warmer draw, drop some ice cubes in the base.

No matter what, the downstem must have a wider diameter that helps in the accumulation of smoke.

Coals: Which Coals Are The Best?

crowded shisha coals

The best hookah coals are categorized into two types – Natural coal and quick lit coal.

Natural coal is generally made from lemonwood and coconut husk. It takes about 8-10 minutes over a single-coiled electric heater to heat properly.

You can expect them to burn completely in 40-45 minutes. With Coco Nara coals, for example, you will never notice additional notes.

In contrast, Quick lit coals use chemical agents that accelerate the heating process. It easily becomes red-hot when heated with a butane lighter for 3-4 minutes.

While most of these coal exhausts within 20 minutes, Starbuzz Instant lite and Fumari Quicksilver claim to last around 30 minutes. However, you may feel a subtle ashy taste from Quick lit coals. But if you’re on the go, quick lit coals aren’t that bad.

Hookah Bowls: Which Bowl is The Best?

closer look to packed BudPro shisha bowl

What could you expect from a good bowl? A bowl that manages heat pretty well, packs easily, and prevents shisha molasses from leaking into the base.

In that case, you will love Bud Pro Vortex, Tangier’s Phunnel, Alpaca, or Kaloud Vitria bowls. Apart from glaze aesthetics, they are made of durable material. They are easy on your pockets and easy to clean.

They are also available with perfectly sized grommets that are compatible with most hookahs. Plus, you can combine with Kaloud lotus for enhanced heat management and longer sessions.

Shisha Tobacco: Which Shisha is The Best?

Fumari shisha packed in Egyptian hookah bowl

Choosing the best shisha flavors among hundreds of brands is a cumbersome process. But hold on!

Let’s make it simple.

By far, Starbuzz is people’s favorite due to its unique offerings. While Starbuzz Blue Mist is a sensation, it receives a direct face-off with Tangiers cane mint. But when it comes to fruity treats, people can’t deny Tangiers (Noir and Burley line).

Though the Noir and Burley line is strictly for seasoned smokers due to high buzz, Lucid-line is the best for noobs. In addition, Fumari has always presented exceptionally good flavors. The white gummy bear and Spiced chai are bestsellers and enjoyed by both seasoned and inexperienced shisha smokers.

What You Need To Know Before Buying Your First Hookah?

  • Origin: It’s always good to educate yourself with your choice of hookah brands and the journey they take towards recognition.
    Components: It’s important to know the working of a hookah instrument. You should know where and how to fix or dismantle the parts.
  • Types: Hookah comes in 2 variants – Traditional and Modern hookah. Traditional hookahs are handmade with unique aesthetics. Modern hookahs undergo manufacturing using CNC milling machines.
  • Height: Choose your hookah according to your storage needs. You may prefer tall/ mid-sized hookahs for your living room. But if you’re on the go, small-sized hookahs are best for you.
  • Material: If you don’t like much maintenance, glass hookah is a good choice. But if you’re fond of traditional workmanship such as in metallic hookah, take frequent care in polishing to maintain its glaze.
  • Built quality: Look for something that is durable, easy time fixing, and not too lightweight. Never prefer hookahs made of cheap and thin glassware or metals.
  • Hose: For your first hookah, simply get the one with a single hose. If you’ve friends to party with, you may pick a multi-hose hookah.
  • Budget: If it’s your first-time investment in hookah, $80 sounds quite reasonable. You’re still a noob, so be prepared to compromise on performance, durability, and aesthetics.

Best Types of Hookahs

One of the great things about stainless steel and glass hookahs is that they are very easy to clean. You won’t have to worry about the hookah getting dirty and impacting the taste of your smoke. This is because these materials do not absorb flavors or odors like other hookahs can. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy a cleaner and more flavorful smoking experience with one of these types of hookahs. In addition, stainless steel and glass hookahs are also much more durable. So if you’re looking for a hookah that will last you for years to come, then you should definitely consider investing in one of these high-quality options.

When it comes to choosing a stainless steel or glass hookah, there are many great brands on the market today. Two of our favorites are MIG and Fumo. MIG offers a wide variety of high-quality stainless steel and glass hookahs that are sure to enhance your smoking experience. Fumo is another excellent choice for those looking for a top-notch glass hookah.

Traditional Hookahs Pros & Cons

Some of the pros and cons of traditional hookahs can be owing to these reasons


  • These hookahs have classic designs
  • Easy setup
  • Sturdy and versatile
  • easy to customize and repair


  • Not portable as they are heavy-weight
  • Cleaning is not that easy.
  • A stem can rust easily
  • Too many adapters

However, traditional hookah by Khalil Mamoon covers the cons by being easy to clean and having a glass base that lets you see through!

There are some awesome features of traditional hookahs that attract you to buy them. If you want to find out more about this magnificent brand, you can visit our complete KM buying guide.

When buying a traditional hookah, keep in mind the above pros and cons so as not to repent it later. On the basis of these points above, we have tried to answer your dilemmas and queries regarding hookahs so that you don’t get confused in the marketplace while buying the best one suitable for you!

No doubt, personal preferences matter over other things, but these are the basic points to pay attention to.

Not only buying a hookah should be on your list, but cleaning and maintaining the same is also really something that will keep you busy after you have your smoke sessions! Yes, it is a real thing that needs attention.

Hookah accessories should also be chosen with care. Hookah cleaning brush, Hookah bowl screen, foil puncher, sonic diffuser, etc. The sonic diffuser should be chosen with care and attention as it helps to filter out the toxic fumes when you inhale the smoke. You have to make sure that the diffuser fits the “shisha” measurements correctly before buying it so that there are no fitting issues.

Here comes that awesome list of the best hookahs on the market available on Amazon, which will quench your hookah temptations – sinfully cloudy Smokey temptations at their best!

Why Did We Include Glass Hookahs in Our List?

Fumo glass hookah with lemon inside the base

  • Glass hookahs have unique designs
  • Clean and smooth smoke in tight glass seals.
  • No issues with oxidization
  • Easy cleanup
  • Diffuser beads, fruits, and colored LED lights to give special effects to the glass hookahs.

Another beautiful benefit of glass hookah is its portability factor which gives you the freedom to carry it along with you anytime, anywhere! Glass hookahs are really easy to carry and easy to clean at the same time.

Are There Any Other Good Hookahs To Buy?

Oh yes, unlike others, the Wookah Oak Hookahs don’t follow the traditional design. You can term it a modern-day hookah as it is a blend of high-quality stainless steel and exotic European hardwood. Other than oak hardwood, there are five more hardwood variants used for manufacturing the Wookah Hookah: Wenge, Walnut, Teak, Iroko, and Merbau.

  • To make the hookah long-lasting, the manufacturers have especially focused on each stem and used the Lathe machine to make sure all the precision cuts are proper.
  • The 25-inch tall hookah sports a traditional bowl port and uses V2A stainless steel components.
  • Other than that, what catches our eye is its eight hand-cut crystal glass base, which makes the hookah look more original and authentic.
  • The wide-gauge down stem is detachable which helps in cleaning the hookah with ease. But unlike other traditional hookahs, the Wookah Oak Hookah sports a slightly thicker wide-gauge down the stem.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty as manufacturers claim that these Wookah Oak Hookahs are built for a lifetime.
  • Cleaning is very easy, you can simply unscrew the purge and hose ports, and also, these can be swapped with each other depending on how strong you like to smoke your hookah.

Best Hookahs: FAQ

How to make hookah smoke thick?

Want to woo the crowd with thicker clouds?
You might need to revise two quick science lessons.

First lesson: The vapor condenses at lower temperatures. All you need is extra charcoal and ice cubes in the base water. But for added benefit, use something like a Mystique hose tip. Just make sure to freeze it 30 minutes prior to the session. As you take a draw, the condensed smoke warms up in your lungs and expands. You end up producing more quantity than drawn.

Second lesson: Glycerin produces a burst of vapor when burnt. Glycerin is already there in a hookah of gentler proportions. But if you want to go insane, add a little Glycerin following the first lesson.
(Note: In the first case, you have to compromise with the flavor. But in the second, more glycerin means more bitter taste.)

How often do you change hookah water?

Fresh hookah water adds a layer of freshness to your flavor. So it’s pretty obvious to stay hygienic and develop a habit of changing the water daily. But if you have a shortage of water, you may use it for the next two days by adding chlorinated lime and alum.

This will help to reduce the pale-ishness of water and potential bacteria formation. But if you use pomegranate or orange juice or even milk, immediately change them after 1-2 sessions.

Are Khalil Mamoon hookahs really the best?

Khalil Mamoon had its time when they dominated the hookah market. They are, however, succeeded by modern brands in terms of functionality and maintenance. But the traditional aesthetics of intricate hand paintings are still unparalleled.

KM may not be the best, but it’s definitely a thing to be photographed with. Most of the KM hookahs are equipped with Egyptian hoses that are non-washable. Also, you have to be careful with its components. Once put together, KM stands quite sturdy. KM varies greatly in size with 16” hookah (Minibeast) up to 42” tall tower (Black double).

What size of hookah is the best?

Most people prefer hookahs ranging from 28-32” in height. Frankly speaking, it’s just a matter of your preference. Whether you pick any size, quality or flavor remains unaffected. It’s all in setting up the components, packing, heat management, and the right occasion.

But yes, with a taller shaft you allow the smoke to cool down and hold more puffs than the shorter ones. Yet with the small-sized hookahs (below 20”), you can use ice cubes to create almost the same effect. Moreover, small/ mid-sized hookahs are the best when it comes to portability.

What are hookahs used for?

You won’t get high by taking a draw from a hookah. Nor is it designed to smoke weed. It’s simply an escape from your daily hustle. If you’re new to the hookah world, you’ll be surprised to find people relaxing while taking draws.

Hookah brings etiquette among people with disciplined gestures. With the goodness of fruits and spices, the shisha delivers an enriching experience. You’ll most likely feel lightheaded and dizzy. Hookah can also be kept as a reminder of an event or a person.

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