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Best Starbuzz Flavors: 14 Best & Top-Selling Flavors (2019 Review)

Starbuzz,  have you heard for that name? If you’re a hookah smoker for a while you must have heard, but if not, basically that is the number one brand in the hookah industry. Some people call it a brand for beginners, some people will disagree with that but the truth is, this brand makes some of the best and most creative flavors on the market.

In this article, I’ll show you what are the best Starbuzz flavors in our opinion, as well as some of the top rated and most reviewed flavors from this brand.

If you read this article until the end, you’ll also find some important things to consider before buying, but first, let’s see who are our winners.

What Are The Best Starbuzz Flavors?- Here’s The List

Image/Shisha NameExpected DurationSmell/Taste
Blue Melon
2 HoursBlue Mist/Safari Melon/Grape
Blue Mist
2 HoursBlueberry/Mint
Sex on The Beach
1.5 HoursPineapple/Lemons/Oranges
Lebanese Bomb Shell
1.5 HoursCedar/Citrus.
Pirate's Cave
2 HoursLemon/Lime Sweet Flavor
Queen of Sex
2 Hours Candied
Starbuzz Pina Colada

1.5 HoursPineapple/Coconut
Asian Persuasion

1+ hourGrape/Earthy Tea/Ginger
Egyptian Pharos
1+ hourVanilla/Cinnamon/Cardamom
1.5 HoursCitrus/Cranberry
Please Note: Duration time is individual, it depends on a few factors, for example, what type of bowl you use, what size of the bowl you use, do you use wind guard or not, which coals. etc.  We usually use funnel (phunnel) bowl without wind guard and two Coco NARA’s.

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1. Starbuzz Blue Melon

starbuzz flavor blue melon

we agreed that Starbuzz Melon Blue is undoubtedly one of our favorite flavors this season. If you are a looking for a sweet buzzy blue feeling, look no further than the Starbuzz Blue Melon Flavor.

It is a tobacco enriched flavor, a combination of various popular Starbuzz shisha flavors including a mix of blue mist, a touch of white grape, safari melon dew and a very mild mint.

The aroma emitted is that of honey melon infused with an equal amount of Blue Mist from Starbuzz.

2. Starbuzz Blue Mist

starbuzz flavor blue mist

The Starbuzz Blue Mist is another flavor that has won the hearts of many because of its sweet and sophisticated taste.

According to the company website, it is one of the best sellers and popular flavors thanks to the sweet blueberry taste and smell, with a mild hint of mint.

The smell is as sweet as the taste and is unmatched in all the flavors I have tested in this review. The mint is tasted at the end of exhaling and it is a mild taste that comes out in the aftertaste.

3. Starbuzz Sex on the Beach

starbuzz flavor sex on the beach

Are you a lover of a mixed fruit shisha flavor with a sweet tropical smell, great taste, and a mild buzz?

Then consider getting the Starbuzz Sex on the Beach Flavor. The flavor is undoubtedly one of our favorite mixed fruit flavors.

It comes as a mix of pineapple, berry, and citrus and offers a vibrant and explosive sweet taste. The aftertaste and smell are also sweet.

The best thing is that it does not induce coughing and is a perfect flavor to introduce to friends.

4. Starbuzz Lebanese Bomb Shell

starbuzz lebanese bomb shell
The Starbuzz Lebanese shell bomb is the flavor to go for if you are looking for a flavor that will transform your smoking session and make you feel like you are in the woods.

Although I am personally not a fan of flower-based flavors, I must admit that this was worth trying. There are however not many ingredients to expect from the Lebanese Shell Bomb.

Expect a cider flavor and taste complemented by a mild citrus aftertaste. If you are not a casual shisha smoker, then this flavor may induce coughing. It is hence not an ideal choice to introduce to friends who haven’t tried hookah before.

5. Starbuzz Pirate Cave

starbuzz pirates cave flavor

Starbuzz Pirate’s Cave hookah flavor is the ideal choice for hookah lovers looking for a flavor with a creamy, and extremely sweet aroma with a juicy consistency.

It gives some of the richest and sweetest tastes of lime in hookah for all the fruity flavors we’ve tried. The Pirates Cave has a sweet aftertaste of lemon, lime and offers satisfaction for all tropical flavor fans.

Because of the sweet aroma and taste, it is hence an ideal flavor to introduce to friends. Better yet, the flavor causes no coughing and leaves a sweet taste in the mouth when exhaled with all the sweet taste and smell.

6. Starbuzz Queen of Sex

starbuzz queen of sex hookah flavor

Just as the name suggests, the Starbuzz Queen of Sex flavor will have you begging for more once you try her.

The flavor is one of the best fruit-based flavors I have ever tried and comes with a rich delicious citrus blend, with a mild hint of mint in the background.

The sweet taste makes the Queen of Sex an ideal flavor to introduce to friends and buddies who haven’t tried hookah before. A rich and sweet aftertaste ensures that there is no coughing induced, making your hookah session enjoyable.

7. Starbuzz Pina Colada

starbuzz pina colada flavor

This another flavor that you should consider if you are a lover of sweet, fruit-based hookah flavors. The Starbuzz Pina Colada is a mixed flavor rich in pineapple and coconut.

I am a big fan of fruit-based flavors by Starbuzz and I must admit that the Pina Colada is worth trying. The flavor leaves a rich taste of pineapple and coconut in your mouth.

If you like the Pina Colada cocktail you will definitely love this flavor because you can expect authentic Pina Colada smell and taste from this flavor.

Like Pina Colada cocktail is not for every day, I can say the same thing for this hookah flavor so if you introduce this flavor to your friend on Sunday chill you’ll definitely win their hearts with this great flavor.

8. Starbuzz Asian Persuasion

starbuzz asian persuasion

If you are looking for a flower-based hookah flavor blended with a number of spices and teas, look no further than the Starbuzz Asian Persuasion.

As I stated earlier, I am not really a big fan of flower-based flavors but this particular flavor stands out as one of the best we have tried so far. It comes as a combination of grape, an earthy tea flavor, and a spicy ginger flavor from the Far East region, blended to come up with a sweet smelling and tasting the flavor.

It leaves a sweet taste of East Asian spices and a mild mint in the background that is quite heavy. This makes it a good choice for casual hookah smokers but a bad idea for beginners and amateurs. The smell emitted is sweet and strong, but some customers found it to induce mild coughing.

9. Starbuzz Egyptian Pharos

starbuzz egyptian pharos flavor

This is another flower-based hookah flavor from Starbuzz that is worth trying this season.

The Starbuzz Egyptian Pharos flavor is a mixture of vanilla, cardamom and cinnamon taste in the background. It leaves a sweet taste of cinnamon and vanilla in your mouth and a sweet flowery smell when exhaled.

This makes it a good flavor to smoke with friends and introduce to those who haven’t tried hookah smoking before. The smoke leaves ab bubbly aftertaste when exhaled and causes no coughing.

10. Starbuzz Cosmopolitan

starbuzz cosmopolitan flavor

The Starbuzz Cosmopolitan is a flavor like no other. The taste and smell explode to give you that Manhattan Bar sensation and a taste of the famous Manhattan fruit cocktails.

It leaves a sweet smell and taste of cranberry, lime, citrus mix and a mild aftertaste of the sweet wine. The smoke is smooth and does not induce coughing.

This makes the Starbuzz Cosmopolitan the most ideal flavor for beginners and people who haven’t tried hookah smoking before.

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Starbuzz Flavors – Buyer’s Guide

Having seen the top 10 Starbuzz Hookah Flavors, it is prudent to understand purchasing the right Starbuzz Flavor.

We have come up with a Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide for Starbuzz Hookah Flavors 2018 that comprises the factors you should consider before buying Starbuzz Flavors.

How Did We Decide Which Starbuzz  Flavor is The Best?

We’ve decided from personal experience, I repeated few times, something that is good for me maybe is not good for you or for someone else but I strongly believe that those flavors are the best flavors ever made from Starbuzz.

Starbuzz is one of those brands with very creative flavors mixes, with the fastest growing new flavors on the market.

We also included some flavors on our must-try list, flavors that we didn’t try but based on our desires, reviews from other sites and customer reviews from online shisha stores, we decided to put them on our list.

How Should You Choose The Best Starbuzz Flavors?

When choosing Starbuzz flavors, it is important to put into consideration the following factors to enable you to find the flavor that suits you best.

• Experience.

Your experience as a hooker smoker should be the first point of consideration. Understanding your experience enables you to choose a flavor that you can handle easily and enjoy to the fullest. Beginners and amateurs are advised to start off with sweet fruit-based flavors that do not cause coughing and have a sweet smell and great taste.

• Smell.

The smell of flavors can make you like or dislike a certain flavor and prefer another. It is hence important to know the smell to expect when the flavor burns so that you can settle on a flavor with a smell that you don’t find repulsive.

• Taste.

Different Starbuzz Flavors have different tastes and leave different aftertastes in your mouth. Understanding the taste to expect enables you to choose a flavor with a taste that you like. Mostly fruit-based flavors come with a sweet bubbly taste compared to flower-based flavors especially those that also contain mint.

• Longevity.

Flavors have differing burn periods where some burn faster than others. Most flower-based flavors with thick, dense smoke tend to burn faster than fruit-based flavors with mild smoke. Understanding a flavor’s longevity enables you to know the ideal flavor depending on the time at hand.

• Blending Capability.

Some Starbuzz flavors can be mixed to give a new flavor that is not available on the market. This enables you to create your own preferred blend of flavors to suit your needs. Most flavors will blend easily and it all depends on the flavors you would prefer to blend.

Most Reviewed Starbuzz Flavors and Mixes

I must admit that we haven’t been a big fan of Starbuzz Flavors but after trying a couple of their flavors and mixes, guess what? We started to include them in everyday life.

. There are numerous flavors to choose from but the following flavors and mixes are most reviewed.

• Starbuzz Blue Surfer                  starbuzz blue surfer flavor

The Blue Surfer is a fruity flavor containing pineapples, blueberries, and hints of sweet grape. It is the ideal flavor is you’re looking to relax on the beach to hang 10 on some gnarly tubes.

• Starbuzz Safari Melon Dew starbuzz safari melon dew flavor

The Melon Dew gives you the sensation and smell of melon with a background taste of the safari grasslands

• Starbuzz Coco Jumbo            starbuzz coco jumbo flavor

This is the ideal flavor for fruit lovers especially coconut. It produces rich smoke, has a sweet smell and aftertaste, and last longer. It is a delicious mix of coconut and lime that makes you feel like you are on a beach in the Caribbean.

• Starbuzz Flower Power      starbuzz flower power flavor

This is a flower-based flavor that is worth trying out. It comprises tons of rose, jasmine, and citrus to afford you one unforgettable.

• Starbuzz Melon Blue This is a blend of Safari Melon Dew and Blue Mist with a sweet, smooth sensation and a cooling aftertaste.


We ended up here, I believe that you have discovered some flavors that you didn’t know that existed, you’ve also found out which are the top rated and most reviewed flavors, as well as some things that you might consider when you searching for a good flavor for yourself.

If you like this article, please share it, comment, let us know if you like it, so we can continue to work on articles like this one as well as on the reviews that are yet to come which I believe that will be of great benefit for you. Until next time Happy hookah smoking.

What is your list of the best Starbuzz flavors?

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