Fumo Hookah Review: Is It Really Worth the Price? (Revealed)

Fumo Pod Hookah Review: Is It Really Worth The Price?

Fumo is definitely one of the best glass hookahs whose craftsmanship makes everyone stop by and simply appreciate the beauty. At first glance, Fumo hookahs don’t look like classic hookahs that you used to smoke.

Even I was intrigued and falsely imagined it to be a weird object from a science lab. But it turned out to be a luxurious hookah that every hookah lover would be wanting to have.

Frankly speaking, I felt so excited the day I received my Fumo Pod hookah. I call it an achievement because it isn’t easy to get a feature-loaded hookah at a premium price.

Phew… that was a heck of my savings, but to be honest the best-in-class hookah money can buy. Fumo started off with their first hookah product in Florida, 2009.

It may not have a long hookah history but definitely a long list of fans. Considering its craftsmanship, performance, and ease of maintenance, you’ll certainly think of saving a few bucks for Fumo rather than buying a traditional one.

Let me tell you about my experience with Fumo Pod Hookah in a detailed review down below.

Fumo Pod 10 inch Hookah Review


  • Height of hookah: 16″
  • Total width: 7.5″
  • Glass bowl: 70mm
  • The thickness of glass: 7mm
  • Hose: 65”/ 70”
  • Height of tripod: 10″


closer look to Fumo Design hookah
Fumo hookah has its unique trademark design and has patented in two areas. Firstly, the makers installed a tripod that holds the body of hookah and makes it very different from other glass hookahs. The industrial-grade steel makes it stand firm and prevent any rust.

Secondly, they integrated the immersion stem with the diffuser combined with both the Phunnel and Vortex system. That means whenever I took a draw, it came with such ease followed by a very distinct sound that’s only found in Fumo hookah.

Heat management

Fumo aluminum heat management system
I never experienced such a balanced heat distribution in any hookah but Fumo. In the package, I found Windguard tools that replace traditional aluminum covers.

Now while packing your bowl, you don’t have to worry much about your shisha mix. This new setup really surprised me with the low consumption of shisha while delivering dense clouds. And yes, it equally manages the heat of natural and instant lite coals. So forget about the danger of overheating your tobacco.

NOTE: Because of the thickness and quality of the glass, Fumo is pretty resistant to charcoals and doesn’t heat the surface. So it’s safe to touch during the session.


closer look to Fumo glass bowl
Rarely I came across a glass hookah having a large-sized bowl. You can easily pack 20-25 grams of your shisha flavor and enjoy an almost 2 hours long sessions. But there are some downsides too.

I noticed the bowl doesn’t suit very well with the juicy shisha flavors. I really didn’t like how molasses drips down the base. However, this didn’t impact the flavor, yet I wouldn’t recommend you to use juicy tobacco flavors.

Fumo Pod hookah with clay shsha bowl on the top

The good thing is you can put almost every shisha bowl at the top to replace Fumo’s bowl if you find any issues with the flavor, also Cloud Lotus Vitria II perfectly suits with Fumo bowl.


closer look to Fumo glass hookah body

The glass body is the part where the makers took very special care. I’ve always wished to own a hookah that is not only engineered for ultimate performance but has structural integrity.

The makers used German scientific lab glass or Schott glass tubing and gave a rigid bulging shape. All the connections are molded to avoid any leak. But like many other glass hookahs, Fumo carries no grommets.

Now the Fumo’s downstem with integrated diffuser plays a very crucial role here. Attached to the glass bowl, the diffuser enables smooth airflow and allows the flavor to accumulate well into the body. And this lets you pull a mouthful of the smoothest flavor you could imagine. It produces the faintest rumbling sound possible and leaves you wondering if you heard that in any other hookah.

Purge Valve and Hose

Fumo Pod hookah and silicone hookah hose

Purging is sometimes overlooked by many hookah brands. But Fumo has got this thing right. Whenever you feel the taste getting a little harsh, blow out gently through the hose and let the purge valve expel the excess smoke.

For a purge valve, however, you’ve to spend a few extra bucks as the package includes only an air plug. Still, you may simply unscrew the glass plug to purge the excess smoke.

Hose is yet another piece of art from the Fumo producers. It attaches a washable food-grade silicone piping available in clear or black color.

Its large glass handle gives you a good grip and lets you pull easily. The pull is butter-smooth and you’ll taste just the flavor of your shisha. I don’t want to brag but Fumo effortlessly produces huge clouds.

Fumo generally ships your hookah with a single hose. But if you want to plug in an additional hose, there’s room for it. For me, however, I don’t want to throw extra money on another hose that doesn’t come cheap. I suggest you better leave that port for purging.


It’s the most innovative design hookah makers could come up with. To some, it might seem a weird lab instrument, or hmm… a lantern, maybe. Now I can’t think about a party without Fumo. Set up with LEDs and see the magic!

When not in use, this is perfect for your living room decor that would leave your guests in wonder. It may be hard to categorize its appearance but for now, it’s fair enough to say the future of hookah has come.


Fumo Pod hookah with Mystique ice tip setup

When appearance appeals to you, performance is definitely going to take your breath away. It hits the sweet spot with heat management, airflow, and smoke production. What else to expect from a premium hookah? Every time I tried different flavors, it never gave off any aftertaste. Thanks to the high-quality glass that never retains even the strongest flavors when washed.


Never bleach the glass surface. Instead, wash with lemon juice or soda bicarbonate which I personally prefer. You may need a soft cloth to wipe off tough stains but never use a rough scrubber. Mind that this isn’t a traditional hookah.

You don’t want to break or chip off as accessories don’t come cheap. So be gentle and handle with care. For hose, you may simply run into hot water to wash off stale flavors.


There’s nothing like an ideal hookah. Below are a few downsides of Fumo Pod hookah that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Thinking of getting a Fumo? It’s quite expensive and only meant for experts or professional connoisseurs.

Fumo’s accessories for replacements are quite expensive as compared to other glass hookahs. So if you’ve got any part chipped off, there is no cheap substitute. For a broken Fumo bowl, you must’ve to order another Fumo bowl from their website.

There’s neither tongs nor purge valve in the package. You may get tongs from elsewhere but for a purge valve, you’ve to throw a few extra bucks.

I suggest you never pack your bowl with juicier shisha. The dripping juices from the bowl only end up dirtying the base water.

The hose doesn’t have a removable tip. It’s all glass, from handle to tip. I don’t think it’s bad, but if you’re a fan of Mistyque ice tip set up, you’d need to use something like Nammor hose or you can always plug in some of your favorite hoses.


Fumo is a true champion when it comes to workmanship and innovation. Your Fumo is delivered in a very neat package that helps you carry around while traveling. The customer service is very responsive and they guide you in each step. Maybe the price seems intimidating. But think about the unexplainable experience that Fumo has to offer and I bet you will never regret it.

This is my complete Fumo Pod hookah review. I hope it helps and if you need more information, leave me a comment, I’ll be more than happy to help you with anything you need or check Fumo’s official website, their customer service is extremely helpful and responsive.

10Expert ScoreFumo Pod Hookah Review

With all the features I mentioned below Fumo Pod 10 inch hookah belongs to the list of top-rated pipes I ever smoked from. This hookah meets all my criteria when it comes to quality, design, performance, and smoke.

10Expert Score
Fumo Pod 10 inch Hookah Review

  • Excellent Craftsmanship
  • Modern Design
  • Made in the US
  • Thick Glass
  • Great performances
  • 2 hose option
  • It's a bit pricey
  • There's neither tongs nor purge valve in the package
  • Hose with a non-removable tip

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