Best Glass Hookahs in 2021 And Here's Why

Best Glass Hookahs in 2021 Here’s Why

Glass hookahs hit the market like a storm, some of these hookahs have become one of the best hookahs on the market, and my personal preference when it comes to buying hookah. The fact is, these types of hookah becoming more and more popular.

Some of the great benefits of glass hookahs are easy maintenance, great performance, modern design, and absolutely great smoking experience. But do you know how to choose and what is the top all-glass hookah, or which is the best brand?

Well, in the article below we’ll tell you all you need to know if you’re considering to own such hookah.

The Best Glass Hookahs Currently on The Market

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Fumo Pod 10 inch Hookah

Fumo Pod 10 inch Hookah

Fumo pod 10-inch hookah is simply designed to be the best. It delivers excellent performance and allows you to get the ...

2 Lavoo glass hookah

Lavoo glass hookah

Lavoo is definitely in the top 5 best glass hookahs currently on the market, their name has become well-known in the ...

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3 Oduman N5 VS Oduman N1 Glass Hookah

Oduman N5 VS Oduman N1 Glass Hookah

Oduman N5 Straight from Turkey, Oduman N5 glass hookah is a step away from you. This glass beast with awesome features ...

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4 Evolution Glass Hookah

Evolution Glass Hookah

Another on the list of first-class glass hookah brands is Evolution. Their hand-blown hookahs are incredible pieces of ...

These are the top 5 glass hookah brands on the market

(I’m always making comparisons in terms of quality and price).

  1. Fumo
  2. Lavoo
  3. Lit
  4. Oduman
  5. Luxx

Best All Glass Hookahs: Complete Review

Fumo Design Hookah

Fumo Design glass hookah with steel stand

Buy From Fumo Design
Fumo hookah brand presents a limited number of premium glass hookahs that come in mainly five trademark designs. This American-made hookah offers a luxury treat to the connoisseurs of the hookah and shisha industry.

Ranging from shapes such as jar, orb, beaker, pod, and mini tank, Fumo makers left no stone unturned to stand out among competitors. Inspired by the traditional designs of hookah, Fumo took the aesthetics to another level. They have patented their hookah design which makes use of a Phunnel and Vortex system that connects the diffuser on the immersion rod.

Fumo Hookah: Material review

With the Fumo brand, you won’t need to look for accessories elsewhere. They present to you all their native customizable parts with the hookah set. With 7mm thick Schott glass, Fumo hookah ensures durability and heat resistance.

The hookah body doesn’t have grommets and all the connections are molded with ground glass. The surgical-grade stainless steel parts such as tubing, hose fittings, hose mouthpiece, and pod present the engineered look. Hose pipes are washable, tear-resistant, and sterilizable.

Fumo Hookah: Performance

Fumo bowls have an exclusive grid system and wind cover. This design distinguishes Fumo from the traditional aluminum-based hookahs. This setup helps to deliver high-performance and dense cloud output.

The shisha mix packs well in the glass bowls and takes less burning time. The integrated diffuser helps you to draw a silent pull and lets you enjoy the slightest shisha notes.


Fumo hookah comes in both clear and frosted glass, however, you have to pay few more bucks for a frosted variant. The brand delivers a personalized experience with its customizable accessories.

The hookah accommodates two hoses which is an add-on benefit. Undoubtedly, this hookah is a show-stealer, however, you have to pay a premium.


  • Dual hose ports
  • Customizable and high-quality accessories
  • Artistic designs


  • It doesn’t have the original valve.
  • Very expensive for rookies

Lavoo Glass Hookah

Lavoo glass hookah

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Being known for traditional design, hookah companies are now coming up with modern aesthetics with optimized performance. With that said, Lavoo hookah comes on the top list. Lavoo offers handcrafted and mid-sized glass hookahs.

Manufactured in the USA, Lavoo hookah serves as a gorgeous piece of art with both functionality and luxury. Lavoo artisans understand the demand of new-age smokers and therefore, they reinvented this glass hookah with gasket-less seals.

The production process takes time while manufacturing hookah without traditional rubber gaskets. However, the end result delivers a flawless and durable glass hookah that you can’t deny.

Lavoo Hookah: Performance

Lavoo glass hookah offers everything a hookah smoker fantasizes about. The sturdy built quality helps your Lavoo hookah avoid shakiness and stay grounded during a session. There are no rubber seals or detachable grommets.

With ground glass on the glass approach, this hookah leaves no corners without glass molds. This means no leakage. Consequently, you get a buttery-smooth draw and deliver giant shisha clouds.

Lavoo Hookah: Material review

Lavoo artisans understand the flaws that persist in many glass hookahs. Therefore, they never compromise with material quality. Lavoo uses no metal components, just industrial-grade blown glass. Instead of using rubber gaskets at the seals, they grind the glass to create leak-resistant thick molds. Besides tower-like or jar-shaped vertical stands, Lavoo presents a horizontal diffuser with a longer body.


Lavoo is receiving appreciation in the hookah market for its craftsmanship and ultimate smoking experience. The state-of-art design has left many other brand users envious to have one. With the mid-range price, Lavoo is definitely banging for the buck.


  • Easily adjustable on a desk or small tables
  • Convenient during journeys
  • Easy to clean


  • Lacks ashtray in some models
  • Need separate bowl, not all are compatible

3. Oduman Hookah

Oduman N5 glass hookah

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Based on the heartland of Turkey, Oduman took an intuitive approach to bring a unique design to its flagship hookahs. At first glance, Oduman’s hookah might look like a machine-made product, however, all of them are handcrafted. Introduced in 2014, Oduman took no time to woo hookah lovers with its futuristic trademark design.

The makers of Oduman are a team of agile craftsmen dedicated to heavy-duty and seamless hookah products. You will probably find people enjoying Oduman hookah at Turkish restaurants in some European countries. Own an Oduman and let your guests be surprised with its unusual look.

Oduman Hookah: Material review

Oduman employs soda glass which is high-quality glassware. The in-house craftsmen use this glass to create curvy hookah bases that almost look machine-made. The metal parts such as connection ports, tray, and diffusers are made of pharmaceutical-grade steel which is anti-corrosive in nature.

The hookah is equipped with an anti-corrosive ball bearing placed within the purge valve that makes an easy purge process. It comes with a single hose with a stainless steel handle. It lacks bowl, however, its bowl port is compatible with popular shisha bowls in the market. Oduman features two variants: clear and matte glass.

Oduman Hookah: Performance

While enjoying your session, you will easily notice the airflow mechanism across the hookah. You will get an impression of a crystal ball due to swirling clouds within the orb-shaped base. The dense fumes easily pass through the drain valve to the base, followed by a smooth draw. Inhale and watch the smoky circulations across the glass body, you’ll feel very subtle vibrations. Oduman also features an LED light at the bottom of the hookah tray that gives a long-lasting ambiance and glitzy appearance.


Oduman packs everything you need for pleasurable sessions. With durability, aesthetics, smooth draw, cloud performance, and ease of cleaning, this brand features in a premium range. Oduman is a perfect choice for parties and its users are always appreciated for their choice.


  • Stylish design, perfect for parties
  • Corrosion-free and easily washable


  • Little heavy to carry around
  • No hookah bowl in package

4. Evolution Hookah

Evolution glass hookah brand

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Evolution hookah generally comes in the funnel, ball, and tower shapes. Some of these design variants have removable downstem, while others feature inbuilt downstems. Though removable downstem is easy to clean, built-in downstem has low chances of cracks.

Evolution hookah is like most of the modern hookahs, however, glass chimney distinguishes it from others. Also, the absence of metal accessories and foil sets it apart. Evolution hookah features better stability with a wider base and beautiful glass artworks. The glass on glass design makes sure there is no room for leaks.

Evolution Hookah: Performance

The bowl design in Evolution is better than most of the traditional bowls. The lack of foil reduces the chance where the foil might contact shisha mix and burn it. The draw is effortless and leaves you with a mouthful of juicy shisha fumes. Though you can notice a rumbling sound while taking a shot.

Evolution Hookah: Material review

Evolution hookahs feature unconventional and scientific aesthetics from bowl to base. This glass hookah is hand blown by craftsmen and maintains the glass thickness between 5-7mm.

Mostly, Evolution makers utilize clear borosilicate glass to give a beaker shape and complement with bright colored accents. Some of the Evolution hookahs have striking features of water bongs, for instance, double-glass construction. While others feature hollow chambers. The washable hose comes with a 2mm thick glass mouthpiece with laboratory-grade tubing.


Evolution comes in multiple color options with tempting designs. The brand specializes in modern aesthetics, yet you can order a classical hookah set. Though Evolution lacks premium built quality, it never fails to offer a luxury hookah experience at an affordable price range.


  • Comes in attractive designs and color options
  • a luxury experience at an affordable price point
  • Easy to carry


  • Some hookahs have thinner glass parts
  • needs a better ashtray

Best Glass Hookahs in 2021: From Less Known Brands

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Lit Premium Glass Hookah

Lit Premium Glass Hookah

We all know that glass hookahs can be pretty expensive, especially if you decide to buy brands like Fumo, Lavoo, ...

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2 Tianyuan Glass Hookah

Tianyuan Glass Hookah

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3 Al-Haj glass Hookah

Al-Haj glass Hookah

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Lit All-Glass hookah

Lit glass hookah with black silicone hose

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This is one of the best glass hookahs that you can buy in today’s market compared to the quality and price making it our choice for 2021. This handmade hookah is medium size, it comes with a fully washable silicone hose with an aluminum handle. Without a doubt, the quality of glass can be easily compared with one of those expensive glass hookahs. This is one of those hookahs that are definitely worth the money.

Why should you buy this hookah?

Lit Premium all glass hookah is one of the best glass hookahs on the market. It measures 14’’ and it is designed, manufactured, and crafted on premium glass.

Each component apart from the hose is made from hand-made clear glass. The glass has a perfect level of thickness to ensure that your hookah is strong and durable.

You can expect a glass purge valve, a glass body, a glass down the stem, and the hose made out of silicone. The good thing about Lit hookah is that you can use a couple of hoses to make it possible to smoke with friends.

Why had we chosen this hookah as the best in 2021?

The glass structure looks amazing! It’s very easy to keep clean, smoking from it is a great experience, clouds are also amazing you will get the smoothest clouds compared to all-glass hookahs currently on the market.

Do you like to share a smoke with friends? That is not a problem at all because this hookah has a multiple hose option. Simply remove the purge valve and add another hose and voila you got a multiple hose hookah. Lit simply blows away the competition and the reason is:

  • Smooth smoke.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Two hose options.
  • High-quality glass
  •  Have a metal screen so you don’t need to use a foil.
  • Food grade silicone hose
  • Modern design
  •  Excellent Quality Price Ratio

This hookah is also a choice of many hookah lounges, from this hookah you will smoke like a pro!

Lux all-glass Pipe

Lux glass hookah and black silicone

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Why should you buy this hookah?

Launched in 2015, the Lux all-glass pipe offers an innovative way of experiencing hookah via glass pipe. This Virginia-made vaping pipe is portable, durable, and provides a versatile smoking experience. Lux pipe is a pocket-friendly companion that measures around 3.22” x 0.67” on average.

Made from solid Quartz glass material, the pipe maintains the level of heat and delivers gentle vaping smokes. The handmade artistry really complements the pipe that varies from unit to unit. In case of damage, it offers a replaceable 510 glass mouthpiece.

Lux all-glass pipe comes in four variants, each having a different style quotient and intricate designs. Spoon pipe and Novelty pipe are the most common of all.

They carry all the components needed in a glass pipe such as mouthpiece, neck, bowl, and carb. Whereas, Steamroller pipe lacks a bowl and Chillum comes without a carb.

Why had we chosen this hookah as the best in 2021?

Lux all-glass pipe presents a unique way of smoking your favorite shisha flavor without the actual hookah. It’s a nightmare when you burn your mouth while taking an unevenly warm hit.

Unlike metallic pipes, glass pipe distributes the heat evenly and lets the user handle the bowl without getting burnt. Made from quartz glass material, the prolonged use of Lux pipes doesn’t alter your shisha flavors.

Unlike hookah set, the glass pipe doesn’t take a long journey from bowl to base and base to your hose. The sweet flavoury smokes instantly hit your taste buds without much travel. Overall, the Lux is a pretty cheap glass hookah compared to the competition.

Tianyuan Glass Shisha Pipe

Tianyuan all glass hookah pipe

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Another beautiful hookah that grabbed our eyeballs is definitely this stunning beauty in a handmade glass!

Look at that Handmade Glass beauty which comes with such a great variety in choosing an LED color at the base to give an ambiance of your favorite color to this exquisite glass hookah.

What other things you can find here?

Some cool accessories for this hookah like tongs, mouth tips, easy to clean portable accessories to make your smoking experience more pleasurable yet organized and mess-free!

Enjoy the rumbling sounds and fun-filled clouds of vapor with this cleanly designed and modernized hookah, no extra weights, and detachable accessories to carry in your travel case!

  • Why did we choose this hookah?
  • Easy to clean.
  • Very high-quality glass.
  • Fancy look.
  • Great smoke performances.

Keep worries at bay and impress the whole room with this piece of art.


Made with borosilicate glass, this model is 14.4 inches (365mm) in height, 6 inches (152mm) in width, and 2.25 lbs. (1.02kg) in weight.59 inches (1.5m) Silicone hose of this sublime beauty gives it a special place among all the hookahs we are going to discuss further!

The inside diameter of the hose is .5 inch (12mm) and this set includes a base, downstream, bowl, valve, fitting, handle silicone hose. It comes with a great-looking travel case and a remote-controlled LED light set to give a gorgeous look to the Hookah!

Al-Haj Glass Hookah

blue Al Haj glass hookah and hookah carrying case

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Are you the one who likes colorful hookahs to make thick smoke clouds for you? Then, you would definitely have a crush on this beautiful glass hookah which is a single-hose!

Thanks to its gorgeous colors and variety available, that you can choose among these hookah colors in whatever color finds your attention. Available in pink, purple, blue, black, and orange, choose from this variety of colors which is seldom to come around when buying a glass hookah!

This Al-Haj Glass water smoke pipe made a place in our Top hookahs on the market in 2021, mainly because of the colors which caught our eye first! Then, comes the size and portability it displays with the travel case that enables you to carry it around to parties and weekend getaways!

The sturdy black hose, this hookah comes up with, makes it a classy and modern piece at the same time. There are some really unique pros of glass hookahs which makes it the best hookah to buy.


Talking about the specifications of the product, this sophisticated and elegant 100% Glass Shisha comes with a 140cm hose. The whole set comes in a hard lock case.
The case includes 2 glass bowls, 1 shisha, 1 plate, 2 plates of charcoal, colorful LED lamp. These awesome features are made to rock your smoking experience all the more!

5 Best Glass Hookahs in 2021

We’ve chosen the 5 best glass hookahs in 2021, visit to see expanded edition, complete review, and more glass hookahs worth buying.


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