Hookah Foil or Metal Screens: Which One is Better?

Hookah Foil or Metal Screens: Which One is Better?

Every hookah preparations need a separate layer between the coal and the tobacco. Aluminum foil is the most common cover for hookah bowls. The foil offers mediation between tobacco and the coals used to heat. As an alternative, some people use a metal screen for the same reason. Although most of them say that Aluminum foil is better, it all depends on personal preferences. Therefore, you should ask yourself which one you prefer.

Hookah Foil vs Metal Screen

The hookah may change heat management and that’s why a majority of people prefer using aluminum foil to mediate between heat from the coal and the tobacco.

I have also heard stories of aluminum foil being a carcinogenic but the reality is that they are all tales courtesy of personal experiences with hookahs. Most people prefer using heavy-duty foils because they make heat management easy. Based on the comments found on websites, people prefer using foil because they think it is cheap, easy to use, and can manage heat better than metal screens. However, fans of hookah foil are just as much entranced as the lovers of metal screens. We have to face all the advantages of using each of the above to cover your boil as the first step in helping you decide. In this brief, we will visit specific details of using foils and screens so that you will be in a position to make better decisions.

Hookah Metal Screens

different types of metal screens

Over the past few years, the charcoal screens have evolved to a more diverse and reliable method of controlling heat. Charcoal containers are placed on top of the bowl instead of using aluminum foil and they serve the same purpose. With these containers generally called metal screens, you can easily control heat. You are given an opportunity to adjust the amount of heat you want by simply opening or closing the vents.

With metal screens, you can be sure that there will be no ash that will get into your tobacco. If ash got into your tobacco then it will have a charcoal flavor that can be unpleasant and lower your smoking experience. On the other side, metal screens are more expensive than Hookah aluminum foils. Metal screens are reusable and replaceable. The other good thing about metal screens is that they are handy and reliable.

They feature a series of holes in varying number and width. Larger holes have a bigger space between them to permeate more heat to the tobacco but at the same time ensuring that the tobacco does not overheat. This also prevents ash from getting into the tobacco and inducing an ash flavor. On the other hand, Metal screens feature big holes which can make it hard for you to regulate heat. Metal screens can also become discolored with use, though they continue being operated without any impairment.

Aluminum Foil

hookah foil

Expert hookah users who want more ultimate control over the heat in their hookah prefer using aluminum foils. It presents the ability to permit more or less heat depending on personal preferences. As opposed to fewer but large holes in metal screens, you can use a foil puncher to make numerous but tiny holes on the foil.

foil puncher

This means that the heat will be spread more evenly over the tobacco. In addition, the foil hanging outside the bowl presents a more airtight seal around the edge of the bowl. There is a very common belief amongst hookah smokers that using aluminum foil on your hookah bowl will expose you to health dangers.

What Experts Say? ( Case Study )

There are several studies that have been carried out to prove or differ these claims. In a study of Alzheimer’s patient’s brains in the USA, it was noted there is high aluminum content. Consequently, the practice of using aluminum foil in covering the bowl quickly became the topic of stoner debate. To address the above issue, we can take a page from the experts and feed ourselves with valuable information.

You may be worried that the short term memory loss may affect you with continued use of aluminum foil when preparing your hookah. While the above claims don’t have a dependable scientific proof, many experts say that aluminum is a more reactive metal and on exposure to air, it quickly forms a layer of aluminum oxide. Therefore, the aluminum that loads up on the smoke is in the form of oxide.

There’s little data on aluminum oxide toxicity but it is believed that it can have a small impact on the human brain. However a number of the studies that have been brought forward of late propose that the above claims may be weak or minimal.

However, since the data is not sufficient to support either side, many people are avoiding using aluminum foil and started using metal screens. The fact of the matter is that if aluminum foil is the leading cause of Alzheimer’s, we could get it more from daily cooking than from smoking shisha.

Another drawback of using aluminum foils is that as the flavor passes by, it can give you a harsh metallic taste especially if the heat from coal is strong. Smokers have reported cases of headaches as a result and others a cough from it. However, the dangers may not be so serious.

The other thing is that foils are thin and you will end up burning your fingers if you are using cheap foil pipes. Cleaning a metal foil is a lesson in futility. The process can be overwhelming because the heat cannot hold up during repeated smoking. What this means is that you have to replace it every time. This makes it an environmental hazard and very expensive to prepare our hookah.

are hookah foils safe?

So Which One is Better?

If you have to use aluminum foil as many people would prefer, then so be it. The foil is cheap, malleable and gets the process moving. Based on the above evidence of the pros and cons of both devices for preparing your hookah, you can concur with me that aluminum foils are better. I have got into an argument with many people regarding which aluminum foils to use in a hookah.

What matters, in this case, is the ease of managing heat and keeping the bowl airtight. With aluminum foil, you get to choose the size of the hole and pattern to ensure heat is managed the right way. Despite the fact that aluminum foils are better than Metal screens, it is a good idea to keep both of them. It acts as a backup in case the foils get exhausted.

You, therefore, need to know how to set both of them. They are both beneficial but you need to choose the one that matches your preferences. To help you make an informed decision, we will visit some of the best hookah metal screens and aluminum foils in the market.

Best Foil Punchers and Metal Bowl Screens

Heat Management Screen

Heat management metal screen

This metal screen is a heat management system developed to facilitate natural charcoal use. It has a chimney that acts as an exit for excess heat and smoke to prevent getting that charcoal flavor on your tobacco. It ensures there is no contact between charcoal and tobacco. It allows heat to pass by more easily hence providing an easy time managing heat.

Metal Bowl screen

metal bowl screen

This is an accessory that replaces aluminum foil and hence you will not need it to perform the same task. The heating grid acts as a seal between the charcoal and Tobacco. It has big holes to allow easy flow of air through the bowl. It has a six-inch diameter that can fit into any bowl size. Metal Bow screen also has metal parts on the sides to ensure perfect stability during use.

Lotus Heat Management Screen

Lotus Heat Management Screen

This is a heat management screen that replaces aluminum foil for sealing the bowl. It is meant for natural coal use. The metal screen will ensure sufficient heat is transferred from the coal to the tobacco. They are available in most of the online stores at an affordable price.

In case you choose to use aluminum foils, ensure you make small but numerous holes to distribute heat evenly. You can use a pin or pen to make holes in the aluminum foil. If possible, get some of the best aluminum foil punchers in the market to ensure that the holes are spread evenly. Some of them include:

Sahara Smoke Hookah foils Hole Puncher

This puncher is readily available in most online stores at an affordable price. It is designed to make prepping your hookah bowl easier. It is specifically designed for Vortex Hookah Bowl and it can work with both medium and large-sized hookah bowls. You are just required to keep your foil in a bowl and screw on the stylishly lathered handle and press down on the hookah foil.

Brain Freezer Foil Puncher for Hookah Multi-color

This hookah is another time-saving device. It helps to make rhyming holes of perfect size on your foil to avoid unmanaged air circulation. Since the puncher makes perfect and uniform holes, in your covered bowl, it is the best alternative to a toothpick and other pins. It is made of plastic material to make it easy and simple to wash and store. It makes holes in just one push and evenly distributes them around the foil. There is no more making of holes on your foil with pins or a pen. There are a thousand more aluminum punchers in the market that you can get to make even holes.

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