Hookah History: Learn About Hookah Origin From A to Z

Hookah History: Learn About Hookah Origin From A to Z

The Hookah or: shisha, pipewater pipe, peace pipe, hubble-bubblechillumnarghilekalian. These are all different names for the same thing that come from different parts of the world. Nargile has always inspired poets and writers, but let’s go back to the origin of the hookah and present it from its existence to this day.

Today hookah inspired designers who create phenomenal modern looks. Today everybody knows about it, but not many people know about their history. This traditional eastern pipe is shown in a very creative form and a phenomenal design that still inspires many people.

Hookah History From A to Z

According to the first writings, the nargile was created in northern India, then it was a Persian empire. The word narghile in the Old Persian language means coconut, and it can be assumed that the first nargile is made of coconut shell. Nargile originated from the time of the Safavid dynasty that ruled in the Persian territory between 1501 and 1722.Rich Persians have been redesigned hookah for smoking hashish and opium on it and since then received a similar look as it does today. Through Persia (today’s Iran), hookah spread to other Arab countries to end its evolution in Turkey and just as such has been known for hundreds of years around the world. The Middle East and through various cultures has progressed into an ever more perfect device for smoking shisha through water, but even through milk. Today, nargiles are used not only by Muslims but by all who recognize its meditative quality that is a combination of a relaxing ritual of fragrance and aroma. A large number of European painters and writers have included nargile in their works. On the basis of everything, we can conclude that the nargile is part of the rich culture of human history by which used by members of all religions. Hookah was a big trend in the elite woman’s society in 19. and 20 sanctuaries.

alice smoking hookah



A great number of painters and writers also found inspiration in this device.  Honore de Balzac, who painted picturesque in his book ‘Alice in the Land of Miracles’, a caterpillar enjoying on its mushroom shedding honey from the nargile.

Hookah Today

Hooka today inspires many artists and designers. A few years ago, the famous Porsche Design designed an elegant minimalist hookah made of premium materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and glass, and a long flexible tube made of TecFlex material, of which Porsche also produces its own pens. Porsche has complemented this product with World Collection, a series of designer pieces that include tea sets and eating sticks. Traveling around the world with the product of design has thrilled the lovers of international ‘treasures’. Initially, it was sold exclusively at Porsche’s boutique in London’s Harrods but soon became available in hundreds of other stores around the world.It is best accepted in their stores in Dubai, where seven are open, so we do not doubt that this expensive 2,000-pound hookah has found a place in the home of someone’s home.

Rules of Smoking Shisha

– The individual who making shisha ready for smoking has the privilege of smoking first.

– The nargile tube is exchanged for the following clockwise

– Nargile does not smoke any kind of substance other than the proposed sort of tobacco

– Shisha dependably smokes with his correct hand, on the grounds that in a few nations of the Arab world, the left hand is viewed as a contamination

– Take care of your wellbeing! On the off chance that you are sick, don’t acknowledge the nargile with the goal that you don’t contaminate your companions, else, it is proper for everybody to have their smoking tip on the best that can be extemporized and from a bit of film.

– Do not consume a cigarette on charcoal, since it can bother the burnout musicality to shisha sweethearts.

– Do not exchange the tube from which you smoke from hand to hand, and ensure that you don’t put it at an abnormal state at the level of the smoker’s face with a pinnacle confronting it since it was made to stand only on the ground.

– Make beyond any doubt smoke never smokes specifically into the individual’s face around or over you.

– It is mindful if each smoker when his turn comes does not postpone with sending. A few minutes is worthy of shisha maintenance time. [/su_spoiler]

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