Hookah Hygiene Tips For Safety Smoking During COVID-19

Hookah Hygiene Tips For Safety Smoking During COVID-19

So far, Hookah had been a reason to get together and share the joy of smoking shisha. But things are different now. Due to COVID-19, hygiene and safety concerns have completely changed our lifestyle.

This forced many businesses to halt their services, including hookah lounges. Of course, social distancing has become a norm and we can’t get together.

Passing on the hose may pass on the disease. But don’t worry if you think you can’t smoke your hookah anymore. You can still enjoy your favorite pastime and fulfill your hookah appetite.

All you need is to follow some dos and don’ts for the time being.

Is it okay to smoke hookah these days? Can you catch the coronavirus from hookah? How should you maintain hookah hygiene? I’ve got everything covered. I’m, therefore, going to share some hookah hygiene tips that would help you stay safe from the risk of exposure to the virus.

5 Tips to Maintain Proper Hookah Hygiene

1.  Safe storage tips

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How hygienic your hookah session is, completely depends on how you store them. And how you purchase them as well. Always ensure you buy the best quality shisha and coconut shell charcoals for a safe smoking experience.

That’s right. And you must check the product expiry dates before buying. After all, we see bulk-buying everywhere and we must keep an eye on the manufacturing labels of the consumables.

Keep your sanitizer handy as you need to wipe off the packets before you store them in your home. Needless to say, never use the shisha that is kept unpacked for long. Once opened, store the shisha refrigerated and consume within few days.

2. Avoid smoking in rotation

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Who doesn’t like the century-old ritual of smoking shisha? Sitting in an enclosed circle, hearing multiple rumbling sounds and aromatic clouds all around.

But for now, this tradition is quite unsafe and you don’t want to end up infecting yourself.  Now you might ask what if we use separate hose tips. Well, it’s not a wise idea.

You’re still sharing the pipe in rotation. Remember that a person affected with Coronavirus may be asymptomatic too. And you may inhale the stale smoke that might have got into the base.

Although you maintain social distance, it’s vulnerable to share the same pipe or hookah base with everyone touching it. So literally, this practice neglects social distancing.

NOTE: Even though Hookah lounges around you have reopened, it’s advisable not to visit anytime soon. And in case you develop any symptoms, avoid smoking hookah as the infection directly affects your breathing. Stay quarantined at home and seek immediate treatment.

3. Use your own hose pipe

closer look to various hookah hose tips

Consider a disposable hose that adds an extra layer of safety. Or you may even get a hookah with dual-port if you really feel sharing a hosepipe with your close friend or partner is a must.

But I suggest never use the same hose tip if it’s a single pipe. Simply use your own tip that cuts the risk of infection by almost half. So as of now, it’s a good excuse not to pass but enjoy it yourself. It’s just a matter of time.

4. Hookah washing tips

baking soda and lemon and hookah cleaning brush

Roll up your sleeves now and get the right tools. It’s time to wash your hookah. Dismantle your hookah and soak them in the hot water mixed with lemon juice and baking soda or vinegar.

Warm water is effective in killing germs. However, because of chemical substances, I never recommend you cleaning with a dishwasher.

All you need is a Shaft brush and base brush.

Stem: Insert the shaft brush and give the stem a gentle scrub. After the scrub, run water to wash off any residue or particles within the stem.

Base: Now when you’re done with the stem, get ready with the base. Washing the base might be trickier. Use the base brush and scrub patiently to clean off the residue of stale water and rinse thoroughly.

Hose: Never wash your non-washable hose as the metal parts get rusty and become unfit for use. Make sure your hose is silicone-based tubing. Medical-grade hosepipes are quite durable and corrosion-free material. You may use the same mixture or simply hot water to run into the pipe. If the pipe was used by someone, use a disinfectant solution or just get a new one for yourself.

NOTE: It’s suggested to limit the use of any brush or elongated scrub to clean the pipe as it may damage the inner tubing of the hose. However, you must properly cleanse the hose handles with the scrub.

5. Pro hygiene tips

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You definitely don’t want any respiratory complications amidst a pandemic situation. Avoid heavy smoking.

This may interfere with your body’s immunity and may have a severe impact on your respiratory system. Avoid using quick-lite coals as it emits benzene which is not friendly to your lungs.

Also, prefer to have herbal or washed shisha. Smoking shisha that tastes harsh isn’t a good option now. Using dark or unwashed shisha may induce coughing and make you susceptible to corona infection.

Always make sure to smoke your hookah in a ventilated room or open space. Never try out the session in a closed pack room as you might end up suffocating yourself.

Always use fresh and clean water during each session. Using stale water induces a foul smell that may cause coughing when used in the session.

Stay informed and cautious

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It’s a hard time yet we can stay cheerful. Health and hygiene is a sensitive topic nowadays. So never believe in rumors and always look for credible sources of the news.

False news may evoke anxiety and carelessness may expose you to the virus. Also, never imitate any social media tricks using a hookah or anything that could expose you to the infection.

We all wear the ‘badge of responsibility and can remain protected if we maintain precautions.


It’s true that the lockdown situation has increased the temptation of drinking and smoking. This also has increased concerns about health and safety.

And until a proven cure arrives, many questions and rumors will remain unknown in this weird situation. But with considerable measures and precautions, you can enjoy your favorite shisha and stay protected at the same time.

And even if you’re planning to have hookah sessions at your friend’s home, always maintain hygiene standards. So this was our best effort in whatever way possible to share some useful Hookah Hygiene Tips and encourage safe smoking.

We’re not healthcare experts. Immediately consult medical professionals in case of health concerns.

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