Hookah Party: Here's How to Make Best Shisha Party Ever

Hookah Party: Here’s How to Make Best Shisha Party Ever

Hookah lounges and bar grows in popularity, in many nightclubs you can see the hookah on the table. They have become attractive to many people, and very exciting for those who first time smoked hookah at the party.

Hookah becomes very interesting even has become luxurious. If you’ve never been to a shisha party in a nightclub, we definitely recommend you should go. That is an incredible experience and everyone who loves to smoke shisha must visit this type of party.

They are usually parties where techno music is played and mostly visited by young people. We need to mention the shisha party bus as something new and very exciting.

Organizing bus parties is also something worth visiting. Also, in nightclubs you can see the thematic parties were is everything in a traditional style. Nightclubs are great, but you can organize the shisha party at home very simple and we will discuss that in this article. Let’s dive into it.

Hookah Party at Home

A shisha party is a unique experience where everyone can get together and lounge around enjoying the fruit flavors of some quality shisha, with music and decoration adding to the ambiance.

It can be a fantastic way to bring people together, and the party atmosphere is unlike any other. The vibe is chill, with a spiritual edge brought to the experience by the immersion in elements of Eastern culture.

You can aspect collective consciousness to be elevated, and the aura of peace and mutual appreciation to descend upon everyone present. To make a hookah party succeed, you will need to get all the elements right. For a party to work there must be a consistent, harmonious balance that saturates all of the senses.

Guests want to sink into the tastes and aromas the hookah emanates with a symphony of colors and sounds to caress the entire spectrum of sense organs. This requires a carefully-arranged balance of music, lighting, and decor plus good hookah and ingredients that will be a hit with guests. If you plan to organize a hookah party at home then congratulations!  You have exquisite taste and you really know how to bring your friends together. Here are some ideas for your party.

Best Hookah Party Ideas

Hookah costume party

Get your guests to come over but with particular costumes.  This can be very interesting, relax your imagination and come up with a good idea to turn your party into an unforgettable experience.

Hookah campfire party

Light up the fire and enjoy light music and the relaxing atmosphere. While enjoying with your friends that shisha and receiving internal warmth, the small campfire will provide you with the external warmth.

Hookah karaoke party

Another good idea is a karaoke party, it will be very interesting and funny when your friends and you start showing singing skills.

Hookah birthday party

Celebrating a birthday is quite an amazing feeling. Mixing this with friends and a hookah can do so much fun.

Hookah pool party

If you have a house with a pool, organize a party at the pool would be something really worth remembering. Just imagine.

Food: Tapas, Mexican, with assorted Greek, Arabic.
Drinks: Ales of the dark fruit variety, some quality bourbons, maybe fresh fruit juices or coffee.
Atmosphere: Soft lighting, couches, and throws in autumn colors, a few gold accents in places.

These are just some of the ideas, be creative!

Hookah Party Decorations

There are so many decorations that one can try to borrow from in order to make the shisha party more attractive and interesting. Using a range of brightly colored tents and canopies just behind your lawn. You can mix these low sited chairs and tables which gives out an exotic and cozy ambiance.

Secondly using an Arabic royal entrance with all red carpets at the entrance all the way to the lawn are can be very dramatic but quite captivating and setting a very good party mood. Probably you can have your self-set with an Arabic kingly setting area as the host.

Thirdly, use the rich, jewel color that is symbolic of cultural taste. Having your home decorated with scenic images like that of Aladdin say a flying carpet and a genie’s lamp. Indoors, designing your walls and ceilings with colorful fabrics which will create a tented effect indoors which is symbolical of an Arab setting. Buy yourself a light the produces ambient lighting that comes from henna lamps.

You can also buy yourself stained glass lanterns that emit dim but colorful light or probably buy yourself hanging lanterns and chandeliers.

Decorate The Hookah

This is just one example, the ability to decorate the hookah is unlimited. You can decorate your hookah with colorful lights. A glass hookah is best for this kind of decoration. Another good idea is to make your own hookah you can do that very easy. It will give the party a uniqueness and you will delight your friends.

Hookah Party Music

No party is complete without music, and there are plenty of different schools of thought on hookah party song ideas. Many enthusiasts of the culture will suggest that the best music for shisha smokers is the conversation as they connect with others.

This is a good rule of thumb to abide by- your guests are there to connect with another while they smoke, so whatever music you choose should be a little more than background ambiance or a conversation starter. It should never be turned up to deafening proportions, like at a nightclub, and it shouldn’t be anything that you know some of your guests won’t enjoy.

As a general rule, you should avoid anything that lacks any semblance of a soul, so no pop music. There will be many who would encourage you to connect with the original spirit of the hookah by playing some Arabic music.

Psychedelic or rock music always goes down well, or a little instrumental jazz can si nicely in the background. Perhaps some laid-back hip-hop is more your style, or some neo-soul to bring a little sensuality to the table. This is a good example of laid-back hip-hop music you might like.

Whatever your taste, and that of your guests, you can’t go wrong with a musical choice. That doesn’t overpower the conversation but complements the ambiance you have worked with a musical choice that mind the mantra of conversation being the hookah enthusiast’s best music, and go from there.


You can enjoy shisha at any one particular time but majorly during the evening time. Inviting your friends over and enjoying yourself depends entirely on your preferences.

These are just some suggestions and ideas that aim to inspire you to make the best party. Be creative and well-organized and we believe that your party will be fantastic. Give your guests something they will always remember.

Make a party as you think it would suit everyone. If you think this article was useful, share it. We want you a great hookah party.

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  3. There are so numerous adornments that one can attempt to acquire from to make the hookah party more alluring and fascinating. Utilizing a scope of splendidly shaded tents and coverings simply behind your grass. You can blend these low sited seats and tables which gives out an extraordinary and comfortable feel.

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