6 Tips On How To Avoid Hookah Sickness

6 Tips On How To Avoid Hookah Sickness

Have you ever felt unwell during or after a typical hookah session, and wondered why this is happening to you? Hookah sickness is the pandemic for hookah smokers, one which we all try our best to avoid.

Common symptoms of hookah sickness: Nausea, headache, stomach pains, dizziness.

We will do our part to tell you what precautions you must take to prevent this from happening because let’s face it, it can ruin your day!

Here Are 6 Steps You Can Take To Avoid Hookah Sickness

Avoid smoking with an Empty stomach

Remember, the hookah tobacco you are smoking most have nicotine. According to Harvard Health (2019), nicotine is a stimulant that also increases your blood pressure.

Such factors often lead to a reaction from the stomach, therefore, make sure your stomach is settled by ensuring you have sufficiently eaten or are eating some snacks while smoking.

Your body will be well prepared to tackle any weakness that comes with the influx of nicotine from your hookah.

Use Only Natural Coals

pack of Coco Naras and two charcoals on the table

Due to the high levels of carbon monoxide in coals, especially “quick-lights” which have additives that allow them to light up quicker, produce harmful fumes you absolutely would not want to be inhaled along with your smoke.

Make sure you try and buy natural coals (This is the list of the best coconut charcoals I always recommend), and they remain well lit, in other words, you want your coals to be red when you start smoking so that they, evenly burn your tobacco.

This will not only improve your session but also save yourself from the nasty charcoal flavor you do not want to be tasting in your hookah.

Smoke in Ventilated Room

people smoking hookah outside

As mentioned earlier, the burning of your hookah through the charcoal means there are some levels of carbon monoxide being inhaled by you.

However, when you find yourself smoking with others, especially in an environment that is not ventilated, you will increase that intake of carbon monoxide by significant levels because of second-hand smoking.

For these reasons, you may feel nauseated, dizzy and a headache when smoking around others. We always encourage you to take your smoking outdoors, or in a room that has adequate ventilation, so the smoke does not linger around the environment you are sitting in.

Open your windows, so that your oxygen levels are kept in check!


This tip is the easiest to follow, but it might annoy some of your friends if you are sharing your hookah with them. Since smoking hookah momentarily disturbs the flow of oxygen in your body, it is advised you take a few breaths in between your puffs.

Avoid rushing into your puffs, as that would start to make you dizzy much quicker than you would expect. Catching a breath in between your puffs will allow your body to match pace with the inhaling of your hookah.

This will prevent the sudden rush of dizziness that you would sense in your head as the changes in oxygen levels would cause it to feel heavier.

Easy on the tobacco!

shisha bowl with dark leaf tobacco

When you first start doing most things in your life, you are always asked to start with the smaller steps, tasks, or activities, then slowly move on to bigger ones because you will become more familiar with them.

Similarly, with hookah, different brands offer different levels of nicotine, some higher than others, such as Nakhla (unwashed tobacco), which has notably higher levels of nicotine than many brands in the market, while Starbuzz (washed tobacco) has significantly lower.

Learn more about the difference between washed and unwashed shisha.

Therefore, our advice to our fellow smokers is that, if you are new to smoking hookah, try to keep an eye out for the nicotine levels of your hookah tobacco brand and compare them to others. If it is high, then that could be an answer to why you may feel unwell while smoking, so, switch to a lower nicotine level, get yourself accustomed to the nicotine first.

Stay hydrated!

Do we even need to tell you this? Drinking sufficient water to stay hydrated is a habit that is vital for all of us. Smoking hookah or any doing any activity while being dehydrated is always discouraged and is never a good idea because you become prone to fainting.

What are you waiting for? Go hydrate now!

All in all, do not be upset if some of these things happen to you. After all, we are all different, and so we will experience things differently. Try to make these changes in your hookah session, let us know what changed for you

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