9 Hookah Tips & Tricks From Pro Shisha Smokers

9 Hookah Tips & Tricks From Pro Shisha Smokers

Many of us buy hookahs after a few nice outings at the hookah bar downtown, only to realize we may have complimented the chef for the food, but not the person who set up the hookah.

Many things can go wrong, even for those who are experienced in making a hookah for themselves.

Let’s quickly go through a list of things you can do to either avoid certain mistakes or just improving on your hookah sessions.

Hookah Tips

No air leakage

steps you should take to avoid hookah air leaking

The most common two places where air often leaks from are where the pipe and head attachments are. Make sure your pipe and head fit tightly into their respective areas and the pipe is free from any holes. If your head or pipe does not fit, make sure you buy yourself grummets.

Are you tight on a budget?

Don’t worry because there’s a solution, simply take a long, slightly damp tissue paper, or clingwrap, and roll around your pipe.

Air leakage decreases the strength of your pull when you are inhaling from the pipe, which makes it uneasy and uncomfortable smoking as it may require more effort.

Due to the holes, the smoke generated is often lost and you miss out on quality smoke.

Avoid crowding coals

crowded shisha coals

Keeping your coals too close to each other will generate thick smoke, possibly for the first few minutes, however in the next half hour or more, this will eventually burn your tobacco too much, too soon and your session will be cut short.

To solve this, you may keep your coals close for the first 5 minutes to get your hookah heated, then keep the coals afar. This will allow the tobacco to get heated enough for your hookah to get going and then once the coals are moved afar, their heat can maintain your desired comfort.

Experiment with a heat management device

Fumo aluminum heat management system

Kaloud, the most popular brand for producing such devices allows you to save on foil (#Sustainable), allows you to save time, and saves you the trouble of learning how to poke your holes right.

Due to the thick steel structure, your hookah tobacco does not burn too quickly and your shisha sessions last longer (Win-win!). I do suggest using a Phunnel Bowl for this one.

Sprinkle, do not press!

sprinkling the shisha in the bowl

When preparing your bowl (shisha head) with the tobacco, after taking the tobacco out of its packaging, make sure it is not in chunks. Your aim is to allow all air to pass through as much of your tobacco as possible rather than the heat from the coal only heating the top layer of the tobacco.

To be able to achieve this, avoid pressing the tobacco into the bowl, but rather sprinkle it around to maximize space for airflow. This would not only increase the length of your session but also smoothen the pull when you inhale from your pipe.

Pro tip: Every 5-10 minutes, try to lightly blow into your pipe to reduce the trapped air within your hookah bowl where the tobacco is so that your tobacco does not burn faster than you would want. Flavored that sprinkled and not clogged also facilitates and eases that blowing.

Use the right coals

Ecocha charcoals on the top of the hookah

Coals facilitate the heating of your tobacco to generate the smoke and taste of your hookah.

Therefore, if your coal is producing taste and smell, it will make its way into your mouth. For this reason, you must be careful of the type and quality of coal you purchase as not all coal sold in the market is ideal for hookah smoking.

Often “quick-lights” or ones with a silver coating not only have a strong, harsh after-taste but also produce more ash than desirable. Quick-light charcoal also burns at a higher temperature which inevitably shortens your hookah session.

My suggestion would be to buy Coconut coals, as they are far more natural, which poses a lower health risk, but also because they last much longer, without unwanted charcoal flavored hookah.

Stay clean!

hookah stem cleaning

Just as we advise you to take regular showers, we also ask you to keep your hookahs clean. Many of us enjoy trying different flavors every time, the variety of choices and combinations is endless! However, hookah flavors tend to linger, which affects the quality of your next session.

For example, after having a session of Double Apple, you would taste some leftover Double Apple when you make Blueberry the next time. To prevent this, make sure you wash your base, run water through your pipe, clean your shisha bowl thoroughly.

Hookah Tricks

Want to impress your guests?

If you feel the need to add more groove to your smoking session, we have some interesting and easy steps for you to follow.


Halls mouth fresheners candy packages

Depending on your preference, you can give a cooling effect to your hookah if you toss a few of these into your water base. Remember, they can be too cold for your liking, so make sure not to put too many, better to be safe than sorry!

Led Ice Cubes

LED ice cubes in various colors

Ice is always a good idea to balance the hot smoke produced from the coals to mix with the cold water in the base. Adding LED ice cubes will surely add a twist to the normal methods and make your shisha session memorable.

Lemon & Mint

Fumo glass hookah with lemon inside the base

Pick out fresh mint leaves, slice a few nice lemon pieces, and place them in your hookah bottle with the water. Not only would you get a fresh taste of flavor from your hookah, but the aesthetically pleasing look it will give will also be worth posting for your Instagram!

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My name is S. Muhammad. A Marketer by profession, a Hookah smoker by passion! I come from a house where hookah smoking is part of my culture. I have pictures of my grandfather smoking his beloved hookah too. I believe there is art in everything, and I try to depict the art I see in my hookah sessions and try my best to share them with you so you enjoy your hookah with me.

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    WILLIAM Tising FINE March 27, 2021 at 1:05 am

    It seems that inhaling charcoal is the biggest drawback to smoking hookah. Is there an electric heating coil like a car cigarette lighter that would replace the coal. ?

    • Hi William, thanks for your comment. Actually, there are electric shisha coals, but from my experience, they aren’t working properly in terms of heating the tobacco. By now, nothing can replace good coconut coals such as Cocourth for example.

  2. Thank you for your advice regarding crowding coals, my friend was suggesting this to me but he couldn’t articulate it well enough for me to understand. You explained quite eloquently how I should handle the coal differently in the hookah for the best experience. My friend suggested I buy a hookah so that I can cool off some stress from time to time, since I’ve only ever used one with the help of others I’ll have to do my own research so I can use it alone in my free time. This article was very helpful for that, here’s hoping that I can manage my first hookah solo session and that I don’t make any major mistakes.

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