Hookah Tips For Beginners Every Newbie Should Know

Hookah Tips For Beginners Every Newbie Should Know

Hookah smoking tips for beginners

1. Add some ice in the base

When trying to smoke, start by making the water ice-cold, you can do that by adding some ice. The reason for this is to make it smoother for a breathtaking smoking experience. The other thing is to know how to set up a hookah as well as how to smoke a hookah, while some of the people inhale the smoke, others smoke it the same way they would smoke the cigar.

1. Do NOT place charcoals at the center of the bowl

When you are starting your move to smoke the hookah, avoid placing the charcoal at the center of the bowl. Place it outside the bowl and work it around the edges of the bowl.

3. Set & drill aluminum foil properly

The next thing is to ensure that the hookah foil is placed with the shiny side facing down so that the foil will get enough heat from the charcoal. Once you pack the bowl, take a square of aluminum foil and wrap it over the top so that the surface is tight. Use punchers or another sharp thing that can make tiny holes in the foil.

4. Some coal tips

Place coals to the foil but first of all, ensure that It’s not covered by a fine layer of ash. The reason for this is to ensure that the water is not contaminated by charcoal flavor.

Brow the smoke that piles up on the glass time to time to prevent it from becoming stale. This will also prevent the charcoal smoke from accumulating the flavor on the hookah.

For an even better experience, take some particles of the charcoal and place them on the sides of the bowl for an even burn. Remember not to use so much of the coal because it can give you that smoky charcoal taste.

5. Pack your bowl like a pro

The foil lining prevents the flavor from soaking into the clay bowl. After the above steps, break up your shisha and place it lightly in your bowl to make sure that there is plenty of aeration.

This is the place that many beginners fail. In case there is not enough air on the bowl, the shisha will not be heated the right way. This will make it difficult to draw through your hookah. here are more tips on how to pack the bowl.

6. Place stronger flavor at the bottom of the bowl

The other thing that you should take into considerations is that you should load strong flavors at the bottom. The flavors above will pick up the strong scent of the flavor below.

What this means is that as time goes, you will notice an increase in the strength of the flavor during the cause of your smoking. Always ensure that you have enough cold water in the fridge of your hookah to ensure that you always have enough cold water for refilling your bowl.

If you like fruitier flavors, add juice to your glass vase to get that specific flavor. For an intoxicating effect, add wine to the water. Also mix some of your favorite flavors of hookah such as Pineapples, Cherry and Colla, Mint and Strawberry or even Orange and Lemons. here is the hookah water substitutes list.

7. Clean your hookah with water

Clean your hookah with clean water and a soft brush before using it for the first time. Also, make it a routine to wash it whenever it gets dirty. Disconnect all parts at first and clean it perfectly.

Stir the shisha before fitting it to the hookah. Shisha is just tobacco packed in liquids. This gives it a flavor and makes it emit thick smoke. If you are using a hookah for the first time, try and use tobacco-free hookah molasses to practice the setup. if you want to know what is shisha check out here.

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  1. For beginners, it is advisable to set up the hookah with some normal knowledge as it can be easily set up by using the aluminum foil and adding the ice to its base as ice will make the flow of smoke continually without any disturbance. Make sure you check out accessories which will work accordingly on your hookah.

    • Thanks for your advice, setting up a hookah is an easy job, just by following these simple steps everyone should be able to make hookah ready for the smoking session. What can make hookah smoking more enjoyable is choosing the good hookah accessories and our recommendations for the best one on the market could be found in our other articles.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. That information is really useful for beginners. Keep posting.

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