20 Substitutes For Water in The Hookah- Smoking Shisha On a New Level

Substitutes For Water in The Hookah

If you want to take your smoking session to the next level you can experiment with a lot of things, including flavors mixes, experiment with the different shapes and sizes of hookah, maybe trying flavored coals or some alternatives for it, put fruit to replace the bowl ormake hookah flavored water.

The plain water is still the king but in case you want to replace the water, maybe at a party or on the beach with friends, or just to have some fun, It’s good to know what can be a good and cool replacement.

Here we want to show you what are the best liquids to replace the water in the hookah, we make a list of 20 different liquids that are definitely worth trying fancy looking and flavor changing. We want to explain to you which water substitute is best to mix with shisha flavors and so on.
You are maybe wondering.

What Can I Put in The Hookah Base Instead of Water?

So, first of all, let us answer this question.

The answer is simple, you can use literally everything that comes to your mind. We would not recommend only carbonated drinks instead of it use flat soda.

Carbonated drinks simply can not be put in the base because when you inhale the smoke you create pressure that will create a “fizz” and you just do not want it, because that can ruin your smoking session if it comes to the hose.

Also, be aware that putting alcohol in the base can be potentially dangerous so don’t go too crazy with alcohol, be sure not to put pure alcohol on the base.

You can put on base only the liquid that will take your smoking experience to the next level, want some ideas?

What Are The Best Substitutes For Water In The Hookah?

Here’s the list:

1. Ice

ice cubes

This is a very standard addition to the base, smoke from the ice becomes cooler and thicker and with all this, you can use it with any flavor.

Word of warning is ice will kill the flavor and you will feel a little weaker taste, another important thing is that after using ice, you cannot wash the base with warm water, it can get a weakening of the glass and eventually it will burst.

2. Lemon, Watermelon, And Ice

glass with lemon and watermelon juice

An excellent choice on a beach or in the hot summer day is the addition of tropical fruits and ice.
An excellent combination of lemon and watermelon will give your hookah fancy look and you will get the perfect tropical taste that you can mix with the taste of mint or some other tropical taste and the ice will give you an extra feeling of cooling.

3. Orange juice

glass with orange juice
Orange juice is our choice but you can put any juice in the base, the thicker the juice the thicker the smoke will be.
If you choose orange juice to replace the water, then the orange shisha is great. Lemon juice and strawberry or blueberry shisha is another killer combination.


cup of wiskey
Adding a little bit of whiskey in water can change the smoking experience way better. Mixing the whiskey with peach shisha flavor or coca cola flavor is something that you must try.

5. Vodka

bottle of vodka
On crazy summer parties with friends, you can add vodka to your base. The vodka has a neutral taste of alcohol so you can mix it with any flavor, for example, a mint.  We repeat,  do not go too crazy with vodka, it has an adverse effect so be careful.

6. Coffee

cup of coffee
Cup of coffee and smoking hookah simply goes together, but adding 50% coffee in 50% water can be a great combination.
Putting a coffee in the hookah base will get nice flavor especially if you combined it with a chocolate or vanilla flavor even Starbuzz caramel apple or Al Fakher cappuccino flavor can be amazingly good. This will give a great note to the flavor.
But remember this can ruin your hose in the long run.

7.  Vanilla Extract

vanilla extract

Scattering a few drops of vanilla extract in hookah base with water can be a great experiment. For lovers of vanilla flavor, this will be a hit. The natural vanilla sticks are also a good option.

You can use this if you want to give yourself a stronger flavor of vanilla, a combination of cappuccino, chocolate or caramel shisha flavor is also a great mix.

8. Food Dye

This doesn’t have a special flavor but adding something like this can give a great contrast. For example, if your hookah is the blue color with a transparent base adding food dye in blue color can be very nice and attractive.

9. Milk

glass of milk
Some people said that milk is not a good substitute for water in the hookah some said it does, but we said that mixing milk with water can get thicker smoke. Mix with half milk half water is a really good option but as same as the coffee can’t be good in the long run.

10. Pina Colada

pina colada cocktail
This famous cocktail has a great flavor, sure this is an expensive substitute for water but from my experience mixing this beautiful tropical cocktail with some shisha like Fumari ambrosia or Starbuzz queen of sex is really good especially on the sunny beach.

11. Frozen Fruit

frozen fruit
This combination can be really good because it will give you a cold feeling and thicker smoke. At the same time a beautiful fruit flavor. We recommend that before you put it in the base, gently squeeze the fruit, this will lead to the release of great fruit flavor. You can mix this combination with any fruit flavor, for example, a Starbuzz blue mist.

12. Wine

glass of red vine
Wine can be a great alternative for water in the hookah you will get a beautiful taste and a great color. The recommended taste is the Starubuzz blue mist. Do not use cheap wine because you want to enjoy the taste, of course, not to use expensive but make a balance.

13. Leaves of Mint

leaves of mint

Adding this to a bowl can look cool, but leaves of mint have a strong cooling feeling especially if you put the ice as well. Mixing it with every flavor you want you cannot make a mistake.

14.Red Bull

Red Bull energy drink

Red Bull mixed with  Al Fakher energy drink can greatly enhance the taste of energy drinks. If you decide to put this instead of water try to mix it 70% Red Bull 30% water because the Red Bull can make a “fizz” and potentially ruin your smoking session.

15. Herbal Tea

Any herbal tea is a good option, but we recommend you to try anise tea. It has a wonderful taste and smell, you can not go wrong with it.  Anis has a fantastic fragrance and it’s best to combine it with vanilla shisha flavor.  Fumari spiced chai is also a good option.


popsicles in different colors
Popsicles are really phenomenal, the combination of ice and the fantastic taste can’t be a failure. Since they are made in various flavors, choose the one that suits you best and go for it. On the basis of the taste,  choose the most appropriate matching flavor.

17. Soda

glass of soda with ice
Charging the base with your favorite soda will give you a sweet taste, but you need to know that the use of carbon dioxide soda can get into the hose so that we do not recommend it, instead use flat soda. Choose your taste of soda and basis of it, select the shisha which best suits you, for example, if you choose an orange soda Al Fakher lemon is an incredibly good choice.

18. Margarita

Margarita cocktail
Another cocktail on this list of best substitutes for water in the hookah is definitely margarita.  This is very easy to make and a great refreshing water replacement. Mix it with mint flavor or some tropical mix.

19. Coconut Water

coconut water
Coconut water is an excellent replacement for plain water. Its sweet taste will give you a good smoking session. Mixing with Fumari ambrosia is our choice.

20. Sugar Syrup

glass of water with sugar
Mixing of sugar and water may not give any particular taste, but the sweetness of taste surely will. With this mix you will get a thick smoke, the rule is that a little denser liquid also gives thicker smoke because less air passes through it. You can mix with which taste you want, but do not go too sharp to leave the sweetness of sugar.

What liquid to Put In Hookah Base For Thick Smoke?

Everyt hick liquid will make your smoke thicker that is because you inhale less air when you catching the smoke. Do not forget that the impact on smoke thickness will have the quality of the coals, the way you pack the bowl, quality of the hookah etc. Liquids that will surely make your smoke thicker are:

  1. Orange Juice
  2. Milk ( When you use it be sure to mix it with water)
  3. Sugar syrup
  4. Ice
  5. Coffee

We give you some of the best substitutes for water in the hookah and tips that you can put in the hookah base for a thick smoke. Now we want to show you some of the best hookah recipes that you can use to mix these liquids.
Here is the list:

 4 Best Hookah water Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind

Chocolate Hookah Water


  • 100 ml of plain boil water
  • 2 or 3 packets of hot chocolate mix
  • a little bit of cold water

Recipe: Boil the water, once the water comes to boil, add 3 packages of the hot chocolate mix, Allow the mixture to cool for 20 minutes then add cold water as well. Adding cold water is extremely important. The reason is that the mixture we get must to be cold. because your glass base becomes weaker and cracks at high temperatures.

Russian Hookah Water

This something very tasty and worth trying.


  • 50% Coffee
  • 10% Vodka
  • 40% Milk

Recipe: Just mix these three things all together in the percentages we’ve listed above and you’ll get a nice liquor for hookah base. This is something like the famous White Russian cocktail.

  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Grape
  • Ice

Recipe: Mix all together and add ice to your juice mix, this will give you incredible color freshness to the flavor and ice will make smoke cold and thicker.

Colorful Dreams Hookah Water

This is the perfect replacement if you want to impress literally everyone.  All you need is the ingredients described below.


  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Water
  • Food Dyes

Recipe: First mix water, milk and food dye all together, 50% milk, 50% water and food dye enough to get color that you want.

After that, add sugar to get a mild density, estimate how much you need but remember, it should not be too dense, this is important because without sugar your colors would be mixed. Repeat these steps depending on how many different colors you want. In the end of the day, you should get a mix as in the picture below.

Those are 4 good hookah water recipes in our opinion the best to try.
Let’s expand this topic so that we can answer one more question.

What is a Good Replacement For Hookah Coals?

Here is the list that you can use instead of coconut coals.

  • Coals for barbecue
  • Electric shisha coal
  • Activated carbon
  • Heated metal piece

Let’s say something about each one.

Coals for a barbecue.

With this alternative you need to pay attention to the hardness of the wood, harder wood burns longer and you will not have to change them frequently. It’s a good thing to put a few layers of foil in order not to burn the shisha and the smoke from this type of colas cannot come into contact with the tobacco. This option is better to use when you smoking outside than inside, but it can be used in both cases.

Electric shisha coal

This is not a bad option if you do not have any other coals, but cannot replace true quality coconut coals, of course, it has pros and cons let see.


  • There will be no flavor of coals when you smoke, only pure shisha flavor.
  • It lasts as long as you want, so you will not have to constantly be looking for new coals.
  • It leaves no mess, and it’s easy to clean.


  • Quality is not so good.
  • It’s quite expensive.
  • It can not get warm enough to get a lot of thick smoke.

As we said, it can replace the real coals, and if there is no other option, it can be a reserve.

Activated carbon (In Tablets)

This is an excellent option if you out of coals, it can be found literally everywhere and it’s very cheap. With an ordinary lighter, you can light this thing in just a few seconds.

Another good thing is that it does not leave any unpleasant taste and does not contain any toxic elements. But it also has one big con, it burns very quickly so you need to replace it every few minutes, we recommend if you use this as a replacement to have at least 20 activated carbon coals ready for one smoking session.

Heated metal pieces

This is not the best or the most popular option but trust me this thing works.  All you have to do is to heat up the metal and put it up on the top. It will quickly cool down, and you will have to repeat the procedure. It is best to have a ready-to-use pair of heated metal pieces ready for quick replacement.

How that thing works in practice you can see in this video.


We hope that this article gives you some of the good ideas that you can use as the substitutes for water in the hookah.
We tried to describe everything that you might want to put in the base, and we gave you like the bonus some of the 4 best hookah recipes, best liquids for thick smoke, and what you can use in situations when you out of coals. Hope this article is useful to you.

We’ll continue to inform you about the best things in the hookah world. Stay in touch with us, follow us on the Facebook, Twitter, as well as on the Instagram where we publish hookah related pictures, funny videos and having a good time with our followers.

Tell us about your experiences with water alternatives, we want to hear from you?

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