Here's How To Pack Hookah Bowl The Right Way

Here’s How To Pack Hookah Bowl The Right Way

How To Prepare Shisha Bowl

There are many ways to pack hookah bowl some are effective some are not. Everyone has their own system, and beginners probably do not know anything about it. For this reason, we wrote an article on 5 best techniques to prepare a hookah bowl properly. First of all, you’ll need a good bowl to complete your smoking experience. As we said, there are many ways, but here we listed the 5 most efficient ones. So let’s get started.

Lighten Pack

The lighten pack is one of the most famous strategies, and it’s intended to take into account the additional wind stream to get to the tobacco. Using this method you can pack brands like Social Smoke, Al-Fakher, Fumari, and Starbuzz. To accomplish this, you just gently sprinkle the tobacco into the bowl, try not to pack it too tight by any stretch. You need to ensure that there’s a lot of wind current getting to the majority of the tobacco and don’t squeeze it down by any stretch. How high you’ll pack it will be reliant on the particular sort of tobacco, however, most perform best with a pack simply under the edge of the bowl.

Semi-Tick Pack

Semi-thick packing you can use for brands that require a considerable measure of warmth, similar to Haze,  Nakhla, and Beamer. This sort of pack is accomplished comparably to the lighten pack, however, you’ll need to pack the tobacco into the bowl significantly more. You don’t need it squeezed too tight, however, nor do you need it to be super feathery. It’s a cheerful medium between a lighten pack and a thick pack.

Thick Pack

The thick pack is one that is practically saved solely for Tangiers and is regularly alluded to as the Tangiers pack. This sort of pack is refined by firmly pressing the tobacco into the bowl, leaving for all intents and purposes no space for wind current. Ensure that it’s level no matter how you look at it, and only a hair underneath the edge of the bowl. Once more, the main sort of tobacco that should be stuffed like this is Tangiers, as it’s truly implied for this sort of pack. Some other sort of tobacco will consume effortlessly with this sort of pack.


Overpacking is both a style of pack and also a misstep that can be made when pressing. The distinction is truly in a unique situation. For instance, on the off chance that I said “you’ll need to complete a slight overpack with this tobacco”, it implies that you ought to pack the tobacco marginally finished the edge of the bowl. In any case, in the event that I said “that tobacco looks overpacked”, it implies that you’ve pressed your tobacco too high, and should pack it lower. The overpack is otherwise called the “Fletcher Pack”, as Fletcher Knoxville is famous for doing crazy overpacks with this bowl.


The Underpack is fundamentally the same as the Overpack in phrasing, as you can complete an Underpack style of pack, yet your bowl can likewise be under packed. The main genuine sort of tobacco that I would prescribe completing an under pack with is Social Smoke, however, so as a rule, it’s utilized to state that your bowl is pressed too low.


These are some of the best ways to pack your hookah bowl. We hope it helps. In case you need help or have some suggestion or something to add, feel free to comment below. Until then, we wish you a lot of great hookah experience. These guys also do a great job, so take a look at this video too.

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