Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef Review

Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef Review

Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef review
Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef Review
Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef Review

Smoking hookah is an attribute of luxurious pastime and Khalil Mamoon adds a traditional touch to it. If you’re a connoisseur of hookahs but the unknown of KM’s hookah lineups, you’re probably living under the rocks.

But don’t worry if you’ve never heard of KM!

What we’re going to show you now is one of the elegant products from KM’s flagship line – Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef Hookah. And you’ll be lucky enough to own a hookah which has been one of the legacy KM products for ages.

For a seasoned smoker, KM Black Shareef hookah is a symbol of class. With the delight of Egyptian aesthetics and the smoking experience it offers, it’s irresistible for them to not have one. The king-sized apparatus with an all-black and sturdy appearance can strike anyone with its commanding presence.

Khalil Mamoon makers from Cairo have a cultural practice to prepare handmade hookahs. The level of craftwork KM’s in-house artisans bring to their products is quite unmatched. The legacy is inherited from generation to generation and that’s the best-kept secret behind the phenomenal performance of KM hookahs.

So what makes KM black Shareef hookah worth buying? Let’s understand the parts of hookah you’ll receive in your package and how they perform once set up.

Materials and Components of KM Black Shareef Hookah

The overall aesthetics of KM hookahs defines the status symbol and art of appreciating leisure times. Therefore, to bring the art into the experience of smokers, each KM hookah is individually handmade and not industrially produced. And so you’ll find that each KM hookah has a slightly different finish. But that doesn’t compromise with the performance at all.

Now let’s take a look at the components of KM Black Shareef hookah.

When it is completely set up, the hookah stands 39” tall from base to bowl.

Base Review

Khalil Mamoon black shareef base 1

Given the aesthetics of KM hookahs, the base comes in three choices with the traditional Egyptian design. Black-colored glass engraved with the gold-painted design complements perfectly with the black-painted upper body of the hookah.

Blue-colored glass with a golden design is yet another eye candy. The blue color represents “life” in Egyptian culture and adds meaning to your hookah set. Partially clear glass with a golden design adds a classic look to the Black Shareef.

KM’s base is handcrafted using frosted glass. So you may expect some irregularities like air bubbles, dimensions, or designs that are in no way going to affect the quality of the base.

Stem Review

Khalil Mamoon black shareef shaft 1

Connected to the base is the stem/ shaft that has a characteristic Egyptian style length and design. The stem uses fused medium-grade steel sculpted with a vertical array of bulges that makes it a sturdy material to sustain the test of time. This kind of design really helps to:

  • Maintain the quality of the flavor while keeping up with the intensity of airflow from bowl to base
  • Easily purge excess or stale smoke during the session
  • Moderate the amount of heat and cool down the smoke throughout the session

Purge Valve and Hose Pipe Review

Khalil Mamoon hose and ice tip

The stem features 2 ports: one for the hose pipe and another for the purge valve. Just like a safety valve on the pressure cooker, the purge valve makes sure you don’t have air leaks in your system. However, it also lets you vent harsh smoke while maintaining your flavor profile.

You’ll generally receive a rubber grommet in the package. Moreover, to make the purge automatic, a bearing-based grommet is also available separately. On the other hand, you have a standard KM black hose, which is a nice 72” food-grade silicone pipe. The black handle compliments really well with an all-black hookah body. Note that the KM’s hose pipe isn’t washable but can be used for a while using a washable mouthpiece.

Bowl and Ashtray Review

Khalil Mamoon black shareef bowl 1

Khalil Mamoon’s traditional clay bowl is yet another trademark feature made to fulfill your hookah appetite. You can easily pack 15-25 grams of shisha. The specialty of these clay bowls is that you won’t feel the odor of the material throughout the session. It doesn’t form any stains and is easy to wash.

Down the bowl, the stainless steel tray fits snug on the stem and keeps your place clean. You can also find Khalil Mamoon’s initials to confirm the authenticity of the product.

In addition, you’ll receive every accessory that requires you to perfectly pack your hookah up air-tight. These accessories are mainly coal tongs, a mouthpiece, rubber grommets, and a cleaning brush.

KM Black Shareef Performance Review

KM’s state-of-art detailing perfectly reflects in its performance. With the ability to produce some of the densest clouds, Black Shareef proves that traditional art can never be replaced.

It’s like each component has been designed to add perfection to every aspect. Just take an example of its hose pipe. The long and wide-gauge hose makes it easy to take smooth pulls while holding more volume of flavor in the pipe. The draw feels as easy as breathing and you can really hear a gentle gurgling sound while taking a draw.

Things get pretty interesting when the dense smoke from your Black Shareef engulfs you completely as if you’re on cloud 9. One of the factors that play a crucial role in its cloud performance is the Clay Bowl. It’s a standard custom for Egyptian hookah makers to use clay bowls that sit well on most of the hookah brands. Also, the fact that metal bowl tends to overheat, burn your shisha, and make the smoke warmer. But the clay material maintains heat management that evenly bakes your shisha.

All you need is to pack the bowl with the shisha of your choice and mount a couple of coals to let it bake. Note that you need to wait for 5-10 minutes to really start receiving a good smoke output. You can expect a nice 1-hour session.

Now if you’re talking about cloud performance, you just can’t ignore the stem. The taller the stem, the better it allows the smoke to cool down. The taller stem of the KM hookah also helps you to hold more puff than the shorter ones. So an airflow system like this isn’t a big surprise because this is what KM is made for.

Maintenance and Portability Review

Assembling and disassembling the accessories is pretty easy. But you may need to put in extra effort to clean, especially the long stem. You can run hot water or wash them normally in the sink. Make sure to handle your bowl carefully to avoid any cracks. You may also use vinegar with water to clean any harsh residue in the bowl. Also, note that it features a non-washable hose pipe.

So don’t think about cleaning with water unless you get a washable hose. The heavyweight may not be a good fit for portability, though it adds stability throughout the session. With normal cleaning methods, you can expect a longer shelf-life for your Black Shareef.

Quality vs Price

With a host of features, ease of maintenance and power-packed performance, KM’s Black Shareef hookah is definitely a bang for the buck. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned smoker, you’ll have both quality and a century-old legacy at a reasonable price.

  • Hose With Large Bore Hole to allow for easy draws
  • A stylish charred black exterior
  • 36“ tall to support even the tallest person in the room
  • Complimentary sets include clay bowls, mouthpiece, cleaning brushes, and more
  • Honestly, besides the heavyweight – the only con we found is that it supports one hose

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Overall Thoughts About KM Black Shareef Hookah

With such features and performance levels, having the Black Shareef hookah feels as if you’ve inherited a century-old heirloom. It makes a nice decor and is definitely something to be photographed with.

KM’s legacy is so rich, you don’t have to worry about weak draws. You’re going to receive only the densest and most flavorful clouds from this traditional masterpiece. Although modern hookaholics have an attraction for the latest CNC-designed hookahs, the classic Black Shareef is still the statement maker on the market.

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