Khalil Mamoon Ice Chamber Review 2021

Khalil Mamoon Ice Chamber Review 2021

Khalil Mamoon hookahs are one of those old-fashioned hookahs which are on the market for years, their hookah brought many of us into the world of smoking so we decided to put one of their timeless hookahs on a list of best hookahs in 2021. We’ve collected the data and opinions from various websites and here you can find our complete Khalil Mamoon Ice Chamber review.

Reviewed Product Khalil Mamoon Ice Chamber
Hookah Type Traditional
Number of Hoses 1 Hose
Editor Rating 5 stars

Khalil Mamoon Hookah – Ice Chamber ( 2021 Review)

  • Height: 36″
  • Weight: 14 Ib ( 6kg )
  • Stem length: 18″
  • Country of Origin: Egypt


The bowl is a standard, hand-crafted Egyptian style of the bowl, it can hold 15-20g of shisha. Cleanability is a bit harder than, for example, phunnel bowl but you should not have a problem if you clean it after each use.

Note: It’s not recommended to smoke super juicy tobacco in this kind of bowl because the juice will drain through the bowl in the base which will result in losing the flavor.

Ashtray: The tray rest on the tray plate, can be easily removed and cleaned. Ashtray perfectly fits on the top of the hookah, it’s large enough to catch the ash efficiently.


According to many reviews people say that Ice tray is too small for big ice cubes, so you’ll have to crush the ice. The whole purpose of this chamber is to cool your smoke as it passes through your hookah so I would not take that as a big con. The chamber is made of stainless steel, so it will not rush.

Does this chamber really cool the smoke?

Well, people swear it does, but from my experience, there’s no too much of a difference.

Stem construction:

The stem is composed of copper in the center, and the core is made of brass while the other parts of the hookah are stainless steel, including the ice chamber.

It has an amazing looking stem hand-laid by Egyptian craftsmen with traditional Egyptian symbols. The design of the stem is typical for KM hookahs, tri-metal colors (gold, copper, and silver)  gives this pipe a unique design.

The stem is heavy, which is a sign of quality, other than that, the stem has perfect stability and the right stability will give efficient use of the hookah.

Material Type: The material used for crafting is high quality, which is typical for KM, and specifically for the manufacture of these are used copper, stainless steel, and brass. A base is made of glass as usual.

Purge Valve

You can purge your hookah fast, and efficiently, with this purge system. Khalil Mamoon has the best purge system of every other hookah and that’s for sure.

Regardless of how hard you blow, there is no way of break your hookah head. You will clean hookah from smoke in the blink of your eye and you will also quickly fill it with new smoke.


70″ (1.7 m) This hookah comes with the Khalil Mamoon signature hose which is a high-rating and quality hose with an extra-large handle. It provides really wide airflow and enables you to puff huge clouds.

The hose is fully and easily washable, the only con is that it does not have a removable tip, you will be able to add a standard plastic mouthpiece which is also included in the set, but not tips like Mystique ice tip.

Grommets: Standard grommets made of rubber.

Glass Base: Glass is thick and of good quality, a base is clear, with painted details in golden color.

A hand-blown glass base may have some imperfections like bubbles in the glass or small variations in dimensions, that absolutely will not affect on smoking experience, also, the base is hand-painted so the colors can fade over time.


Like every Khalil Mamoon hookah, the pull is super smooth. When you inhale the smoke you will not feel something like a scratchy throat, it feels like when you breathe the air, but you’ll blow out huge clouds of smoke.

If your KM hookah doesn’t smoke well check those things below.

  1. Check the Purge Valve.
  2. Check if hookah leaks air somewhere.
  3. Check if your tobacco is dry.
  4. Try with more coals.
  5.  Check if the tobacco is stuck in the holes of the bowl.
  6. Too much water can result in no smoke.


Although it is standard it has a royal look, Arabic symbols engraved on hookah look awesome, colors are perfectly integrated, looks perfect in appearance and it is great for smoking.

The base with golden color gives it an elegant look and is perfect for home decoration when it is not used for smoking.

From the bottom to the top looks great 5/5 for appearance, otherwise, this is a modern design of the Egyptian traditional nargile.

I think that this hookah will never get out of trend. It’s true, it has some sort of imperfections which only makes it natural and gives it a soul.


Like all traditional hookah, the cleaning will take some effort but this tri-metal stem is really tricky to clean.

You will need a cleaning brush but KM took care of that so you will have a brush included in the set.

Personally, for all my hookahs I use lemon hot water and soda bicarbonate for cleaning but you can use the same technic as this guy in the video below.


Great quality this is a solid and stable hookah. it smokes great I would give this hookah 5/5 this hookah is definitely made to last.

Most people are complaining about the grommets is made of thin rubber and because a stem is hollow, as well as objections, to variations in appearance.

At the same time, most people will agree about one thing, this is only for those who want a quality smoking experience, and there is no doubt about it.

If you’re not familiar with KM Hookah Before buying you should check their disclaimer.

This is our Khalil Mamoon hookah ice chamber review, I hope it helps if you need more information about KM to check out our article about the best Khalil Mamoon hookahs there you can find complete buyers guide as well.

What is your experience with the KM ice chamber?

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