Lit Hookah Review: Should You Buy It in 2021?

Lit Hookah Review: Should You Buy It in 2021?

Editor choice Lit glass hookah with black silicone hose


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Lit Hookah Review: Should You Buy It in 2021?
Lit Hookah Review: Should You Buy It in 2021?

According to many good ratings for this brand, we decided to order and test this hookah in order to make a complete Lit hookah review. Well here’s our report.

Lit All-Glass Hookah Review in 2021

  • Glass Male Bowl: 19mm
  • Glass Down Stem: 24mm
  • Glass Purge Valve: 14mm
  • Glass Body: 13″ 14″

The size of the base is perfect. On the first look, I can tell that Lit hookah has made of very quality glass, the glass is thick and heavy, you don’t need to be an expert to see that.

The shape is not perfect, but every Lit hookah is handmade so none of them will be the same shape.

Overall the glass body is better quality than 90% of glass hookahs on the market it can be compared with some expensive brands like Fumo and Lavoo.

Lit Glass Bowl

The bowl is Phunnel style, generally, glass bowls are super fancy, but some of the big cons of all glass bowls are they don’t produce good heat management.

This one is smaller than the usual glass bowl it can fit for about 15 g of shisha, on the other hand, glass is very thick just like the body of the Lit hookah.

We’ve smoked Starbazz Blue Mist, semi-dense packed, for about one hour. I would say that the clouds are smaller compared to the clay bowl, but far from the poor.

Anyway, you can always replace Lit bowl with your favorite bowl, every standard bowl should fit.

After the session, the bowl is extremely hot to be careful when it comes to removing. Cleaning is super easy.

Glass Female Bowl Adapter

19mm This female adapter fits perfectly on the Lit glass bowl. 19mm is a standard size for the adapter it can fit easily on every glass hookah and bowl.

Be careful with an adapter because ours is very fragile and if it falls it will be broken for sure.

Silicone Lit Hose

1m 84 cm The first impression is that the hose is very elegant, The silicone does not look cheap, there is no smell like a hose on Chinese hookahs.

The aluminum handle looks great and high-quality, it’s heavier compared to some plastic handle. A connector is 14mm made of aluminum as well, it should fit on most of the hookahs.

The seller said that the hose will never bend regardless of angle and we can just confirm that.

Although I would not say that on the first impression, this hose is fully washable and very easy to clean.

We use lemon, water, and soda bicarbonate to keep it clean. Soon we’ll write a review only for the hose so stay tuned.

Steel Coal Lid

The lid is stainless. There is no worry for strain and hardship trying to remove it, we’ve smoked with 3 coals, they were really close to each other, but we didn’t burn tobacco.

It should be noted that tobacco takes longer to burn due to the lid, much longer than when you smoking with the foil. The big CON is there’s no ashtray, we hope that Lit team will include one in the set.

Stem construction

24mm. The glass stem it’s very fragile so be careful how you handle it. The 24 mm hole is standard, enough to enable us to have a perfect smoke flow.


The main job of a grommet is to achieve an airtight seal, I can only say that this one does its job.


Very fancy appearance, I love how it looks. It has high-quality parts and the height is just perfect.

Definitely leaves an impression on the table.  We’ve put orange food color to get a look at the image.


Glass is very easy to clean. It actually takes just a couple of minutes to get done.


This is one of the best hookahs on the market, it produces clean smoke, we love the shape, we like what is handmade, and it’s really good quality. It is a 5/5 hookah.

In comparison with the quality, it has a really affordable price, it can be really compared with expensive brands of glass hookahs for everything except the price.

Another great feature is that it can be smoked by multiple people because of two hose option. Despite all the great features that hookah has, we’re not satisfied with the bowl heat management.

One more downside for Lit is that the ashtray is not included in the set, so you will have to put your own, Everything apart from that is great.
Check The Best Deal

In the case you broke something you can always order new parts from their official website, they have very responsive customer support, you can get parts for Lit at really cheap so don’t worry.

This is our Lit glass hookah review, we hope it helps, soon we’ll include more images.

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