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hookah tips and tricks

9 Hookah Tips & Tricks From Pro Shisha Smokers

Many of us buy hookahs after a few nice outings at the hookah bar downtown, only to realize we may have complimented the chef for the food, but not the person who set up the hookah. Many things…

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various hookah hose tips

Best Hookah Hoses in 2021: Outstanding Buyer’s Guide

Are you searching for a good hookah hose? The shisha hoses are important in helping enhance the smoke experience. They come in various sizes, colors, styles, and prices ranging between affordable and crazy expensive. The hose is probably…

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closer look to shisha bowl made of clay

Best Hookah Bowls of 2021: Top 6 Kickass Shisha Bowls

So you’re searching for the best hookah bowls? Hookah head is an important factor when it comes to the quality of the smoking session. Bearing in mind that different types of bowls are suitable for different types of…

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three jars of the best Starbuzz flavors

14 Best Starbuzz Flavors You Should Try in 2021

Starbuzz, have you heard of that name? If you’re a hookah smoker for a while you must have heard, but if not, basically that is the number one brand in the hookah industry. Some people call it a…

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