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Lavoo glass hookahs and colorful cookies

Best Glass Hookahs in 2021 Here’s Why

Glass hookahs hit the market like a storm, some of these hookahs have become one of the best hookahs on the market, and my personal preference when it comes to buying hookah. The fact is, these types of …
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Pharaohs Queen B glass hookah

Pharaoh’s Queen B Hookah Review

If you prefer those special hookahs which elevate the level of the pleasure of smoking while you keep it stylish then this one is what you are looking for! Why should you buy the Pharaoh’s Queen? Thick clouds of smoke …
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loaded shisha bowl and hookah accessories

Top 10 Shisha Flavors in 2021 – MUST Try This Year

So you’re searching for the best shisha tobacco? Fortunately for you, here I listed the top 10 hookah flavors that are absolute must-try in 2021. From blonde to dark leaf tobacco, from beginners to seasoned shisha smokers, these combinations …
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Tangiers shisha bowls in various sizes

Tangiers Phunnel Shisha Bowl Review

Tangiers Phunnel Hookah Head (Reviewed in 2021) Introduction to Tangiers Shisha Bowls Tangiers is a well-renowned brand in the hookah market. The best thing about Tangiers brand is that everything is manufactured handmade whether it is tobacco or the Phunnel …
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difference between washed and unwashed shisha

Washed VS Unwashed Shisha: What is The Difference?

There is a wide range of shisha flavors on the hookah market, knowing that there’s a huge difference in a shisha brand you choose could save you from bad sessions. Choosing quality tobacco is vital for all hookah lovers. Whether …
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Starbuzz blue mist review

Starbuzz Blue Mist Shisha Flavor Review 2021

Starbuzz company has gained a lot of popularity over the years, and their most popular flavor is, you guess, Blue Mist. This shisha flavor is the most basic flavor, easy to mix, and recommendable from beginners to advanced hookah …
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