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guy smoking hookah and hookah hygiene tips

Hookah Hygiene Tips For Safety Smoking During COVID-19

So far, Hookah had been a reason to get together and share the joy of smoking shisha. But things are different now. Due to COVID-19, hygiene and safety concerns have completely changed our lifestyle. This forced many businesses…

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Fumo Design glass hookah with steel stand

Fumo Pod Hookah Review: Is It Really Worth The Price?

Fumo is definitely one of the best glass hookahs whose craftsmanship makes everyone stop by and simply appreciate the beauty. At first glance, Fumo hookahs don’t look like classic hookahs that you used to smoke. Even I was…

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Best Al-Fakher Flavors in 2021: Review & Buying Guide

Everyone knows about Al-Fakher, it’s because this is one of the most popular shishas of all time. Their products are made of the finest tobacco varieties, and that is something that every hookah smoker needs to try. In…

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beginners hookah guide

Beginners Hookah Guide: Everything You Want to Know

So you’re just starting out with hookah and you got a lot of questions? We’ve all been there, this best hookah guide is made especially for beginners, after reading this article you’ll get the knowledge you’re looking for….

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Lavoo glass hookahs and colorful cookies

Best Glass Hookahs in 2021 Here’s Why

Glass hookahs hit the market like a storm, some of these hookahs have become one of the best hookahs on the market, and my personal preference when it comes to buying hookah. The fact is, these types of…

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Pharaohs Queen B glass hookah

Pharaoh’s Queen B Hookah Review

[wpsm_reviewbox title=”Pharaoh’s Queen B Hookah” description=”Excellent quality-price ratio, this hookah will satisfy all your needs, the quality of the glass is pretty good and easy to clean after use. This hookah can offer an enjoyable smoking experience for…

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