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hookah foil or metal screen

Hookah Foil or Metal Screens: Which One is Better?

Every hookah preparations need a separate layer between the coal and the tobacco. Aluminum foil is the most common cover for hookah bowls. The foil offers mediation between tobacco and the coals used to heat. As an alternative, …
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hookah history

Hookah History: Learn About Hookah Origin From A to Z

The Hookah or: shisha, pipe, water pipe, peace pipe, hubble-bubble, chillum, narghile, kalian. These are all different names for the same thing that come from different parts of the world. Nargile has always inspired poets and writers, but let’s go back to the origin …
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substitutes for water in the hookah

20 Substitutes For Water in The Hookah

Hookah Water Replacements If you want to take your smoking session to the next level you can experiment with a lot of things, including flavors mixes, choosing different shapes and sizes of hookah, maybe trying flavored coals or some …
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