Starbuzz blue mist review

Starbuzz Blue Mist Review 2019

Starbuzz company has gained a lot of popularity over the years, and their most popular flavor is,  you guess, Blue Mist. This shisha flavor is the most basic flavor, easy to mix and recommendable from the beginners to advanced hookah smokers. Here is our view of this most reviewed flavor in the earth, we represent to you complete Starbuzz blue mist review. 


Type of tobacco Washed
Type of the flavor Blueberry/Mint
Amount of nicotine Low
Rating 5 star rating
Available in – 50 Gram Tin – 100 Gram Tin – 200 Gram Tin – 250 Gram Tin – 1 Kilo Tub

Starbuzz Blue Mist review 2019

Starbuzz is regarded as a hookah smoker’s favorite treat. It is among the top bestselling hookah tobacco flavor and universally loved. Most probably you will not hear something bad about this berry flavored tobacco.

The color of blue mist shisha is wet orangy brown. It is regarded as the world’s first hookah tobacco to provide the herbs that are grown in the Caribbean soils.

Mostly medium cut shisha is preferred, however, one can avail small cut shisha as well. It has a very strong blueberry taste with the added minty flavor.

The smell of the pack is as overpowering as smoked with hookah. The mint flavor is more of a feeling rather than a flavor giving you a cooling and tingling sensation at the back of your throat as you inhale.  After a few initial smokes, you will literary feel like drinking a glass of icy cold water.

Blue Mist Smoke clouds?

Starbuzz always delivers quality when it comes to smoke clouds. The smokes are very thick and puffy delivering you really huge clouds.

You can’t think of anything else as long as you have the best smoke output. Although, the smokers claim that you don’t need to be a fan of blue mist or blueberry flavor.

The taste

The taste just melts down in your mouth and down to your throat giving a refreshing sensation. It’s a flavor is close to cotton candy that explodes with a thick flavoring smoke.

Due to the growing demand for Blue mist, it’s sometimes hard to get this product in your local tobacco store. However, you can easily avail them online.

Generally, you will order for 100 g or 250 g wrapped in the tin tubs. Starbuzz always cares for their regular hookah lovers.

For whom is Starbuzz blue mist?

Therefore this universally acclaimed flavor is a great one for the starters as well as a treat for the experienced smokers.

Also, it is a perfect shisha for the daily sessions or special occasions. Furthermore, the Starbuzz manufacturers are quite aware of the quality standards.

Therefore there is no any artificial coloring or flavor added. Additionally, the product is free from harmful pesticides and chemicals. The nicotine content in Starbuzz blue mist is as per the standard ratio of 0.5%.

Setting up Starbuzz Blue mist for hookah treat

1. Hookah: You can use hookah of your choice for blue mist. These are the most widely used hookahs for the exotic flavor of blue mist: 22″ Egyptian, 23-inch mya acrylic with one hose, 29” Egyptian, Khalil Maamoon, Bowl Coals – 3x titaniums, Syrian Nour, HJ Alien Phunnel

2. Screen/ foil: Reynolds wrap and Social smoke hookah foil are good but Double heavy-duty foil is much more preferable.

3. Liquid base: There are choices of liquids to be used at the base like Ice and water, milk and water, honey and glycerine or just simple water.

4. Cut: Fine/Medium cut, juicy, Lots of stems

5. Coals: 2 -1/4 Exotica Coals, 2 33mm 3 Kings QL’s, 2 rounds of 3 Coco Nara’s natural coals

6. Bowl: Medium funnel bowl, Mya bowl, small size Phunnel bowl, Tangiers medium phunnel, standard Egyptian bowl, small Egyptian bowl, Myc ceramic bowl

7. Hose: standard hose or Razan, stock 72” hose, Standard 72″ Mya

8. Buzz: The buzz is minimal, however, it is very relaxing.

List of Best Flavors to Mix With Blue Mist?

Here’s our pick of some great flavors for the mix with Starbuzz Blue Mist.

  1. Blue mist + Sex on The Beach
  2. Blue mist + Vanilla
  3. Blue mist + Grape
  4. Blue mist + Strawberry
  5. Blue mist + Blackberry + Vanilla
  6. Blue mist + Cranberry + Coconut





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