Tall VS Short Hookahs Which One Is Better? (Myth Busted)

Tall VS Short Hookahs Which One Is Better? (Myth Busted)

You walk into a hookah store to buy your very first hookah, your second hookah, or heck, your 10 the
hookah! You are always coming across so many different sizes of hookahs in front of you, how do you
know what to choose?

One hookah is the size of your arm, the other is the size of your leg.

The question always arises, is there a difference?

Is one better than the other?

In this article, we will try to figure out what the fuss is all about by evaluating the differences between a tall hookah and a small hookah. Let’s get right to it!
here’s what you’ll learn

Difference Between Small And Large Hookahs

small hookah compared to tall hookah

The small hookah has a small base and stem. Both these factors affect the temperature of the smoke. A large base will hold enough water to effectively cool down the smoke unlike the base of a small one. A large hookah has a long stem and a big base with more water.

Give the smoke enough time to cool down and enough water to effectively cool it, making a smoother session longer. A small hookah is easier to store rather than a large one, it can be kept away easily but a large one requires more space. A small hookah may also look better as a decoration piece as compared to a large hookah.

Does Hookah Height Really Matter?

Fumo hookah size

The height of the hookah matters depending on what kind of smoker you are. If you are a heavy smoker
who smokes for long durations, a small hookah will be something to avoid as it burns quicker, however,
if you smoke occasionally and not for long durations, a small one will work just as fine for you as a large
one as you will most likely be done smoking before the hookah becomes too hot to smoke.

Does The Size of a Hookah Bowl Matter?

hookah bowl and question mark

Whether you have a tall hookah or a short, small one, the purpose of your hookah bowl simply acts as the tobacco holder. Therefore, you can have a tall hookah, a small bowl, a short hookah, but a large bowl. To put it simply, the smaller the bowl, the lesser the tobacco, the larger the bowl, the more the tobacco.

However, more tobacco does not always mean that the performance of the hookah will be better. One could argue that you can try to be more efficient with a smaller quantity in a smaller bowl.

The size of the bowl does matter, yes, but also upon what type of session you are having, a long session, or a session with multiple smokers?

If you simply like to have a quick smoke session, probably by yourself, then you do not need to waste too much tobacco in a large bowl, as you could get the same performance in a short time in a small bowl. Therefore, we would advise buying more than one hookah bowl, so you can experiment to see what suits you best, and also have one for special occasions!

Are Bigger Hookahs Really Better?

huge shisha smoke clouds

The bigger the hookah is, the more water it can hold, water cools the smoke down to its own temperature, having more water means that it can sustain the heat of burning tobacco longer than a smaller hookah base, making it stay cooler for longer durations, making your sessions go on for longer than they would on a small hookah.

Moreover, it has a longer stem, meaning the smoke has a longer distance to cover before entering the water in the base, the smoke also cools down in this process, putting less heat to the water, making it stay cooler for longer durations of time. This overall gives you a boost in time duration. Therefore, a larger hookah is better for longer sessions.

Do Small Hookahs Work Well

two men smoking shisha from small and tall hookah

Don’t get it wrong, a small hookah is a hookah nonetheless. Its mechanism is built the same way as a tall hookah is, just at a smaller scale.

A smaller head, less water, but smaller stem, shorter pipe. Therefore, the lesser water cools down smokeless, and the smaller stem also reduces the distance the smoke travels to effectively cool down the smoke.

Not to mention, the longer you smoke, the smoke also heats the water, making it ability for the water to cool the smoke down ineffective if the base holds less water.

However, a small hookah does deliver and is able to produce a decent hookah session. If prepared well, it is likely to give you thick smoke too. However, since you are likely to only be able to fit a small hookah head/bowl, that means you were unable to put the same amount of tobacco as you would have put in a standard-sized hookah.

For this reason, it can be argued that the smaller hookah’s performance may be great, but its sessions may not last as long as a standard-sized hookah.

If you are buying a smaller hookah instead of a larger one, make sure you are not buying a home decorative furniture item, because many times, small hookahs are kept in furniture stores to simply look nice, but do the function for smoking. Ensure the stem has the necessary holes, and a pipe has airways!

So, Which is Better, Small or Large Hookah?

A large hookah overall has a better performance in general, however, the size is not a necessary factor, if you are a heavy smoker or a large group of smokers, then a larger hookah is better but a small one can be used just as well if its something you only have on occasions or by yourself, alone.

Tall vs Small Hookahs – Q & A

Is Tall Hookahs Hit Harder than small hookahs

Tall hookahs do not hit harder than small hookahs, smaller ones hit harder because they heat up the smoke quicker than large ones but they also burn faster.

Are Large Hookahs Produce More Smoke Compared to
Small Hookahs?

The smoke volume depends on how you pack your bowl, what flavor you use, and how you set up your hookah. The size of your hookah may not be the biggest factor behind thick clouds.

Does a Tall Hookah Cool The Smoke More Than a Small Hookah?

Yes, the longer stem gives more time for the smoke to cool down and the water also cools down smoke to its temperature.

How Large of a Hookah Base Do I Need?

That depends on the kind of smoker you are. Heavy smokers require larger hookah bases as they will be smoking for longer durations.

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