Tangiers Phunnel Shisha Bowl Review

Tangiers Phunnel Shisha Bowl Review

Tangiers Phunnel Hookah Head (Reviewed in 2021)

Item Reviewed Tangiers Shisha Bowl
Type of The Bowl Phunnel
Material Clay
Editor’s Rating 5 stars

Introduction to Tangiers Shisha Bowls

Tangiers is a well-renowned brand in the hookah market. The best thing about Tangiers brand is that everything is manufactured handmade whether it is tobacco or the Phunnel bowls.

Regardless of the fact that it delivers premium quality products, the inconsistencies vary from batch to batch. When it comes to smoking, people recommend Tangiers’ bowl apparatus.

Because these bowls are handmade, there has been a lot of variation in its designs and sizes over the years. You will find a variety of materials used to make Phunnel bowls in the market.

Materials Review

All you require is to pick a durable and little heavy bowl in order to last longer. Based on the user’s experience, here are the types of bowls and their reviews:

  • Earthenware: Great
  • Clay: Great
  • Glass: Good
  • Ceramic: bad
  • Metal: bad

After the quality pick of tobacco, it is very important to opt for a quality bowl to ensure the longevity of the session. Phunnel bowl, therefore, has a winning factor because they don’t have holes at the bottom of the head.

Consequently, when the molasses or honey within the tobacco liquefies, it doesn’t drain out at the bottom of the base as compared to the traditional bowl which has spilling issues.

This ensures longer sessions and better flavor retention.

Sizes of bowls:

 Tangiers Small Phunnel Bowl

2.5-inch diameter (from inside rim to rim)
4.5 inch tall (from base to top)

Tangiers Medium Phunnel Bowl

2.875-inch diameter (from inside rim to rim)
4.75 inch tall (from base to top)

Tangiers Large Phunnel Bowl

2.65-inch diameter (from inside rim to rim)
5.5 inch tall (from base to top)

Shisha Used For Reviews:

The hookah tobacco used for the reviews of Phunnel bowl is Tangiers. However, shisha brands like Nakhla are equally exceptional.

How Much Each Shisha Bowl Can Hold

Following are the details of bowl sizes and their standards:

  • Large: The large Tangiers Phunnel bowls can hold up to 100 g of hookah tobacco.
  • Large-Medium: The bowls in this category holds around 70 g of tobacco.
  • Medium: These shisha bowls have the capacity to hold around 50 g of tobacco.
  • Small/ Medium: The Small/medium category bowls can hold approximately 40 g of tobacco.
  • Small: These phunnel bowls can hold around 35 g of tobacco. Their size increased gradually over the years.
  • Mini: It has the capacity to hold 25 g of shisha tobacco.
  • 7ico: It has a slightly bigger size than the Pico bowl. Its capacity is between 15 to 20 g.
  • Pico: Pico phunnel bowl is regarded as the standard shisha bowl and it has the capacity to hold 13 to 15 g of tobacco.

Experience clean up:

The cleaning process of the Tangiers phunnel bowl is pretty simple. Let the remains of molasses soak in the water for few hours and then use a spatula to scrape off them. To ensure perfect cleaning use a cleaning brush down the bowls.

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