Top 10 Shisha Flavors in 2021 - MUST Try This Year

Top 10 Shisha Flavors in 2021 – MUST Try This Year

So you’re searching for the best shisha tobacco? Fortunately for you, here I listed the top 10 hookah flavors that are absolute must-try in 2021.

From blonde to dark leaf tobacco, from beginners to seasoned shisha smokers, these combinations of shisha flavors will not leave anyone indifferent.

And not only flavors, in the article below you’ll find some tips, recommendations, and complete review of those flavors and brands.  So, to keep this short, let’s jump to the next section of the article.

The Best Hubbly Flavors in 2021

Image DescriptionScore Check Price
Azure Lemon Muffin

Azure Lemon Muffin

2 Trifecta Natural Order

Trifecta Natural Order

3 Tangiers Kashmir Cherry

Tangiers Kashmir Cherry

4 Starbuzz Dark Vanilla

Starbuzz Dark Vanilla

5 Nakhla Fakhfakhina Flavor

Nakhla Fakhfakhina Flavor

6 Al-Waha Pan Rasna

Al-Waha Pan Rasna

Unusual flavor Nice Clouds Authentic Mint Mild Buzz

7 Fumari Spiced Chai

Fumari Spiced Chai

Best price
8 Beamer Watermelon Ice Drops (50g)

Beamer Watermelon Ice Drops (50g)

View Product
9 Lavoo Dark Mint

Lavoo Dark Mint

10 Romman Chocolate Strawberry

Romman Chocolate Strawberry

Hookah Flavor List & Review

1. Azure Lemon Muffin

pouch of Azure lemon muffin premium hookah tobacco
Azure Lemon Muffin is a part of their gold or blonde line. They are blonde leaf tobacco accompanied by the bold citrus flavor of lemon with a delicate sweet pastry-like note.

Established in California, Azure has a small-batch manufacturing process and therefore they are available in a releasable pouch with a handwritten label. Lemon Muffin is a newer brand in the Azure blonde line, introduced in early 2018.

Taste Smell, And Smoke

Typically when you get to taste the muffin-like flavors, you get a shisha flavor combination of different spices and baked items.  While smoking, you will imagine that you’re eating a spiced and baked muffin.

The first time when you open the pack and smell it, you will literally feel if something delicious is baking in here. It’s just like you pass by a bakery shop and the smell enchants you with the sweet-spicy aroma.

The lemon feels like sweet candy which really compliments the muffin taste. The cloud output is fantastic. The heat is uniformly absorbed by the lemon muffin shisha mix and consequently delivers a dense smoke.

Packing and Heat Management

Azure tobacco lemon muffin shisha flavor packed into the hookah bowl

Azure Lemon Muffin comes in a 250 gm pouch. The easily releasable pouch ensures that the shisha is freshly manufactured and packaged. Azure’s blonde line shisha always delivers its customer with ease of packing and heat management. It can be used with any heat management device.

You can easily notice the finely cut shisha within the pouch marinated with juice. So the perfect way to extract them all together is to firmly squeeze the pouch over the mixing bowl.

After mixing them, fill your hookah bowl just beneath the rim line while sprinkling them. This hookah tobacco flavor can adjust in any hookah bowl because of its versatility of packing methods.

After packing, you need to preheat the oven up to 300-350 0 and use 3 to 4 natural charcoals.

Recommended Accessories

  • Black Silicone Diffuser
  • Foil Poker or needle
  • Fork
  • Fumo glass hookah and silicone hose
  • Samsaris Vitria II bowl
  • Kaloud Lotus heater
  • Titanium or other natural coals that you like.


The nicotine content in any blonde leaf tobacco is relatively lower. You may find people complaining about its moderate buzz, but will never deny their pleasurable experience with its flavor. This makes Azure Lemon Muffin a perfect treat for both novices as well as seasoned smokers alike.

2. Trifecta Natural Order

Trifecta jar of Natural Order shisha flavor

When Trifecta released its new dark blend series back in 2015, the makers claimed this to be a secret flavor that no one has ever smoked. Made in the USA, Natural Order is that flavor that will mesmerize you with its unique dark flavor profile. They use burley tobacco leaves and the shisha is prepared handmade in small batches. And by burley tobacco, I mean good hookah flavor and a great buzz.

Smell, Taste, and Smoke

Trifecta dark shisha comes in a 250gm easy releasable jar. On smelling, you’ll get an explosion of citrus aroma with a feeling of earthiness. You will notice a juicy mixture of honey, molasses, glycerine, and natural citrus flavor.

During smoking, you will get an inviting flavor of pineapple followed by citrus notes of lemon with orange zest. Trifecta hereby balances well with the tobacco flavor. Being a dark flavor, the pungent nature of tobacco dissolves well with the gentle mixture of flavors and none of them is overpowering.

All the flavors nicely complement each other during your hookah session, thus giving you a nice buzz and a hell of lot of clouds.

Packing and heat management

jar of Trifecta shisha and loaded bowl

Trifecta Natural order comes in finely chopped tobacco leaves along with few stems. For packing, you can use any type of bowls and natural colas or the one recommended below.

Fill up the shisha mix in your selected bowl to the inner lip and avoid dense packing the mixture. Natural order works well while fluff-packed, so just tap down the shisha gently below to level up with the bowl.

You can use Kaloud Lotus as a heat management device.

Place nicely heated 2-3 pieces of natural coconut coals over the poked foil. With the suggested procedure, expect your session to be around 1-1 ½ hours.

Recommended accessories

  • Heat management device: Kaloud lotus
  • Bowls: Phunnel Bowl, Samsaris Vitria bowl
  • Coals: Titanium, Coco Nara coals
  • Hookah: KM with a washable hose, Shika Redwood


Trifecta Natural Order is a magical offering for experienced hookah fanatics. Everyone in the hookah market is a fan of the natural flavor, great buzz, and smoke it delivers. While moderate smokers must be wary of the buzz as it makes a strong feeling of sensation in your head. So this line of shisha is not recommended for the newbies.

delight but with a gentle dose.

3. Romman Chocolate Strawberry

package of Romman chocolate strawberry shisha

Romman is considered one of the best shisha brands. It is well-known for its premium tobacco offerings with an enriching aroma and taste. Based in the heart of Jordan, their blends are world-famous natural shisha flavors, and favorites among the royal communities. The Chocolate Strawberry flavored offering from Romman is an absolutely delightful treat with a mouthwatering aroma.

Taste, Smell, and Smoke

Romman makers especially consider natural flavors, rather the artificial essence. The shisha, after unpacking, delivers the burst of chocolate aroma with a hint of sweet natural strawberry odor.

After hitting the first shot, you’ll feel the flavor of real chocolate smoothly melting in your mouth. Though the chocolate flavor is the most dominant initially, you will certainly get the notes of strawberry a little later in the session. The buzz is mild though.

During the session, some inexperienced smokers may get a bitter and stemmy taste. But overall, the after taste of Romman Chocolate Strawberry is too good, just like a pure fruity taste.

The smoke is pretty thick and malleable. Romman has a distinctive feature with its smokes where the smokers can exhale some cool rounded fumes.

Packing and heat management

Romman Chocolate strawberry shisha comes in a 250g tin can to ensure freshness. The shisha texture is soft and pulpy with rich molasses. However, this doesn’t make the shisha sticky since the leaves are chopped finely with a uniform mixture of molasses.

The best bowl recommended for this shisha is Phunnel bowl. The shisha mix need not require to be densely packed. The mushy shisha easily occupies its space within the bowl.

  • Use a two-layered foil.
  • Poke some good number of holes for better heat penetration within the shisha mix.
  • 3 charcoals are good enough to start the session.
  • You can enjoy with any brand of hookah accessories or the one recommended below.
  • With the recommended packing, expect your session to last 1 ½ to 2 hours.

Recommended Accessories

  • Hookah: Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef
  • Bowl: Alien Phunnel or BudPro silicone bowl
  • Foil: Kaloud Lotus, Reynolds HD
  • Hose: Nammor or Washable silicone hose
  • Coals: Diamond or Starbuzz Coals

4. Lavoo Dark Mint

white jar of Lavoo dark mint black leaf shisha flavor

If you are familiar with Lavoo, they are widely recognized for their premium-grade handmade glass hookahs. Lavoo makers recently came out with an idea to create their own signature tobacco line with distinct features.

This US-based hookah manufacturing company has a unique formula for its shisha initiative. Their shisha is finely cut with dark molasses which gives you an impression of grounded coffee beans.

It takes a lot more effort to finely chop the tobacco and therefore Lavoo shisha justifies the texture. Moreover, the formula also implies less proportion of shisha juice, unlike other dark leaf shishas, focusing more on the flavor output part.

Taste, Smell, and Smoke

opened jar of Lavoo Dark Mint shisha tobacco

The Lavoo dark mint does give a robust earthy aroma of sweet peppermint which produces a dominant smell in the flavor. Moreover, the shisha used in Lavoo is processed from dark-leaf which leaves a hard and pungent smell.

However, the minty aroma completely overshadows the uneasy stingy smell of tobacco while spreading a soothing and pleasant fragrance. You will get a clean minty- tobacco note right from the beginning of your hookah session.

The taste of Lavoo dark mint is mostly compared with the Tangiers cane mint which also uses dark leaf tobacco. In contrast to other lines of dark leaf shisha, Lavoo shisha lines contain less juice which imparts more complexity to the flavor.

Eventually, every hit of the smoke will give you heavy and dense smoke thus making your session deliciously enjoyable.

Packing and Heat management

Lavoo dark mint shisha packed into the hookah bowl

Lavoo Dark Mint comes in a 200gm jar. The best packing style for this is to lightly pat it down the bowl. But the only issue is since the shisha is super fine cut, leaves are really lightweight.

No matter how well you pack it, you will often find the bits of shisha floating on the base water. But this doesn’t impart any negative effect to your sessions.

  • To pack a fresh bowl, you can use hands or a shisha fork.
  • Shake the jar nicely to loosen any bulk of shisha mix.
  • Semi-dense pack (sprinkle fill) the mix for 1 ½ to 2 hours
  • Densely pack the mix for 2 to 2 ½ hours
  • Use 2-3 natural coals (Coco Brico coal, Coco Nara coals)

Recommended Accessories

Silicon diffuser/ Heba Diffuser Combo, Foil Poker, Kaloud Lotus Plus Heat Management System.

Bowls: Lavoo downstem (native bowl), Alien, Harmony


The Lavoo Dark mint is really up to some refreshing treat for seasoned smokers. Since the shisha leaves you with a strong buzz with every inhale, this is definitely not a choice for the rookies.

5. Starbuzz Dark Vanilla

Starbuzz vintage dark vanilla flavor

Starbuzz, one of the best shisha tobacco has received enormous love worldwide with its arousing odor and taste. Moreover, a couple of years back, Starbuzz launched its Vintage line which comprises dark leaf tobacco.

Unquestionably the Starbuzz shisha is produced from unwashed tobacco leaves which impart a rich and earthy aroma. This flavor had been in the works for a couple of years but gained massive popularity after it landed the market. The experience it delivers is a level higher than the traditional Starbuzz flavors.

Taste, Smell, Smoke

The tobacco leaves are medium cut with the presence of a few stems. The delicious flavor of vanilla compliments really well with the native tobacco flavor and the molasses as well.

Literally, the vanilla flavor challenges the shisha makers to impart the natural sweet aroma and taste. Starbuzz’s dark line, therefore, stands up to the expectation and doesn’t disappoint.

Unlike other dark leaf shishas, it is hard to notice the tobacco tone in Starbuzz Dark Vanilla since the vanilla encapsulates the harsh tobacco flavor uniquely. While smoking, the vanilla flavor blends really well and leaves a long-lasting impact.

The smoke volume is fairly good enough with a thick cloud output that can last throughout a session. With unwashed shisha tobacco, you can always expect a strong buzz.

Packing and heat management

The shisha comes in a 200 gm pack. The Starbuzz vintage line is quite successful in the hookah market because of its ability to control the experience. It can be packed either densely or loosely.

The shisha mix contains juice which needs to be stirred well before filling in the bowl. While filling up the bowl, make sure the shisha mix is leveled up with a rim, otherwise excess content will form a bulge over the foil. Use silver-coated foil to pack the bowl firmly and gently poke some holes.

  • It welcomes almost every bowl to fit in perfectly
  • Densely packed shisha delivers an intense burst of the flavors while sprinkle packed shisha is a little lighter in buzz.
  • Use 3 natural medium-sized coals or 2 full-sized coals. Vanilla reacts to comparatively low heat than others, so avoid overheating.
  • Generally, the session lasts in the range of 45 minutes to 1 hour and cloud output emaciates within this range.
  • Lavoo MP5X, Hypo-allergenic hose, Natural charcoal (Coco Nara)
  • Heat management devices: Kaloud Lotus, Ect, Oduman Ignis


Overall, Starbuzz Dark Vanilla is a treat for someone who has a subtle experience in smoking but experimenting with something with a stronger buzz. Though, it lags behind Tangiers which is regarded for its dominance in shisha strength. But the pleasure of Vanilla flavor is somewhat unforgettable.

6. Tangiers Kashmir Cherry

Tangiers Kashmir Cherry shisha flavor

Tangiers shisha tobacco has been wooing its customers with a phenomenal range of delicious flavors and regarded among top competitors. For someone looking to get hands-on with the premium version of Tangiers shisha, then Kashmir Cherry is a hard-to-miss offer.

Classified within the Birquq line, this shisha is made of dark leaf tobacco and imparts longevity in flavor. Handcrafted in California, the shisha is ingrained with Maraschino Cherry and a good amount of juicy molasses. These ingredients together dominate the flavor and diminish the stingy harsh flavor of dark leaf tobacco.

Taste, Smell, Smoke

Tangiers Kashmir Cherry comes in a 100gm and 1kg double packed and tightly sealed pouch. After unpacking, you will smell much like Maraschino cherry along with the spicy aroma. The taste is much like its odor imparting a dark woody flavor with the burst of cherry.

It somehow resembles the Cherry Lucid line but Kashmir cherry has more depth to it with blends of floral taste. Plus, it’s reduced in sweetness than other Tangiers lines.

Tangiers never disappoints in cloud output and longevity unless you have good heat management. Though it has 0.3% nicotine content; this is relatively lower than other dark lines (0.5%). Still, it doesn’t lag behind in buzz.

Tangiers is quite sensitive to its packing and heat management methods. The leaves are short cut and have a moist appearance. Kashmir Cherry doesn’t require enough heat supply since the shisha can deliver good output in low heat. Also, because of its juicy texture, this shisha requires a particular style of the bowl to pack.

For an ideal hookah experience, prefer Phunnel bowl. Considering the traditional method, stir well the shisha mix and densely pack them in the bowl. Sprinkle pack will only deliver low flavor output, so choose accordingly. Pat the contents in the bowl firmly and make some space around the interior rim for better heat flow.

Consequently, use silver-coated foils or Reynolds HD to cover the pack tightly. Poke a medium number of holes through the foil.

Prefer Japanese Silver coated coals that impart lower heat (2-3 coals) or you can use 4 halved Coco Nara charcoals.

You can enjoy any kind of hookah apparatus. Generally, you can expect the session as long as 1 ½ to 2 hours.

Recommended Accessories
  • Hose: Synthetic Leather Hose, Narbish
  • Hookah: Mini Mya w/ HC Gold & White Base
  • Bowl: HJ Alien Phunnel
  • Heat management device: Lotus, Provost


Even though the nicotine content is slightly lower, still the shisha delivers a strong buzz similar to other dark line shishas. Consequently, Tangiers Kashmir Cherry is strictly recommended for seasoned hookah smokers.

7. Fumari Spiced Chai

Fumari pouch spiced chai flavor

Chai is a traditional term for tea, especially in India. It has been a part of daily beverage which has a nice blend of spices like cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and tea leaves. Similarly, Fumari Spiced Chai has its signature blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and black tea. This flavor is one of the masterpieces from Fumari manufacturers that tempt you to visit more often for its tongue-tickling spicy taste.

Taste, Smell, Smoke

Fumari spiced chai offers you a nice blend of cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg with subtle notes of vanilla and clove. All together, they contribute a creamy flavor that would let your taste buds contemplate around each unique ingredient throughout the session. The intensity of sweetness is quite low while giving more focus on the spices.

This shisha is considered one of the best hookah flavor combinations and comes in an easy releasable pouch as every Fumari flavor. Immediately after unpacking, you will get a burst of strong aroma comprising vanilla or butterscotch with spicy tea notes. The smokes are pretty decent, but if you’re master at the heat management part, expect an insane cloud output.

Packing and Heat management

Fumari spiced chai comes in a medium-cut texture, however, you may chop it a little more to ease while packing. But the only issue here is with its overly juicy texture which would make the shisha juices dribble down the bowl all through the session. This would make your hookah set quite messed up and harder to clean. So it’s much preferred to use the Phunnel bowl or Vortex bowl.

Remember the shisha texture! You need to pack it lightly up to the rim. Don’t pat the shisha mix in the bowl. Gently cover the bowl with single-layered foil. After making gentle foil packets using a fork, put on 3 charcoals.

Although the session lasts for about 90 minutes to 2 hours, however, you will get dense clouds for around 1 hour.

Recommended accessories

HJ Alien Phunnel bowl or Vortex bowl, Rocking KM pear, Social smoke Hose, Narine, or Coco Nara coals.

This shisha is best to consume during the falls or the chilly winters. While having a hookah session near a bonfire, sip in a cup of creamy latte chai to make your winter night more special. A pinch of coffee or French vanilla will make you go crazier. Overall, the shisha has not much buzz and can be enjoyed equally by intermediate or experienced smokers.

8. Nakhla Fakhfakhina

Nakhla fakhfakhina fruit mix shisha

Nakhla Fakhfakhina is a delicious treat for someone who loves fruity shisha mix. Nakhla is a century-old Egyptian-based shisha brand and the first-ever manufacturer of flavored tobacco. Fakhfakhina is an Arabic word that means “one step ahead of the rest”. This top shisha, delivers a solid fruit punch with a nice blend of juicy flavors like Pineapple, Lemon, Kiwi, and Strawberry.

Taste, Smell, and Smoke

box of Nakhla Fakhfakhina shisha flavor

Nakhla Fakhfakhina comes in a double sealed pack to ensure freshness of flavors and dense molasses. Initially, the smell will make you feel like an orchid and a mixture of mouth-watering fruity odor. While inhaling the smoke, you will notice a strong pineapple note and a nice compliment of lemon. Going through the hookah session, you will come across the presence of a variety of fruit presence.

The cloud output is noticeably lower than Nakhla’s other versions, but you can get little more amplified smoke while adjusting the coal input.

Packing and heat management

  • Nakhla generally comes with a normal cut shisha, but Fakhfakhina has ample juices. Mix well and pour the shisha gently into the bowl.
  • You can gently pat them deep into the bowl and level them up along the rim. Use double-layered Albal paper to pack which is quite a strong aluminum sheet and perfect to retain the flavor within the bowl.
  • Put some holes over it gently and be careful with the heat. Fruity flavors are volatile and therefore consider starting with 2 recommended charcoals.
  • With the setup, you can expect a 60-90 minutes long session.

Recommended accessories

Khalil Mamoon hookah, Nammor hose, Narine coco coals, Egyptian bowl for a real traditional hookah experience.


Some smokers might be underwhelmed with its mild cloud. But its fruity flavor is enough to keep you imbibed throughout the session. The buzz is relatively mild which makes it suitable for even those with a couple of months of experience in smoking. Though newbies could also enjoy the fruity delight but with a gentle dose.

9. Al-Waha Pan Rasna

Box of Al Waha Pan Rasna hookah tobacco

Al-Waha Shisha uses premium-grade French tobacco leaves which are generally blonde shisha. Moreover, Al-Waha offers an interesting juicy flavor, Pan Rasna which excelled itself against most of the fruity flavored shisha.

Al-Waha Pan Rasna is a creative combination of unique floral flavors and Indian spices that took a distinct place in the shisha market. Al-Waha being established in Zarka, Jordan has its widespread influence not only in Middle East but around the world.

The natural golden brown hue texture with dyed red and medium graded leaves gives a distinct recognition to this flavor.

Taste, Smell, and Smoke

50g package of Al Waha Pan Rasna hookah flavor on a desk

During the hookah session with Pan Rasna, you can feel lost deep within the traditional flavor of floral spices. It is loaded with spices from the betel nut tree and floral herbs that deliver an extraordinary flavor and aroma.

While smoking, you will notice the details with a sudden explosion of spicy menthol dose. The gentle note of mint is quite refreshing and provides a soothing sensation in the throat.

The aroma is really sweet, just as the incense sticks which adds an extra layer of the pleasurable smoking experience. Though, it delivers fat clouds at times, but still inferior to the Afzal’s pan masala in case of a longer session.

Packing and Heat management

Al Waha Pan Rasna shisha flavor packed in a bowl

Al-Waha Pan Rasna comes in 3 different sizes: 50g, 200g, and 1kg. Pan Rasna doesn’t need dense packing. So you can sprinkle the shisha into the bowl and lightly pat it down till it levels the rim. Using a single layered foil is enough to pack.

While poking holes in the foil, make sure they are not large enough which will otherwise impart less heat penetration within the shisha pack. Al-Waha melts down quickly, so you can start with 2 coals and then add an extra later on. Too much heat will spoil the floral flavor of Pan Rasna, so use coals as per bowl size.

The heat management part for Al-Waha Shisha is quite easy to set up. When your bowl is packed, burn only 2 charcoals until they are red hot and place them on top of the foil.

Generally, the Al-Waha shisha line seems to lose puffy clouds after 30-45 minutes. But, you can add extra charcoal to maintain continuous fat clouds. Moreover, the heat easily permeates the shisha.

  • Accessories Required: Foil Poker, Heba Diffuser Combo (Large & Small), Hookah Foil, Fork.
  • Bowls suited for heat management: Phunnel bowl, Sahara V2 Vortex, Harmony, etc.
  • Charcoals recommendation: Al Ajdad coals, Coco Brico, Coco Nara.


Al-Waha Pan Rasna is overall a flavorful treat for the newbies. However, it may disappoint some experienced hookah fanatics as it delivers less buzz. Nevertheless, if you feel a lighter tone of menthol, feel free to add 20% of mint to get a good shisha mix of robust freshness.

10. Beamer Watermelon Gel

jar of Beamer ice drops Watermelon flavor

Hookah among friends is always a treat and an occasion to get together. But what if one or two of your friends can’t smoke your favorite shisha tobacco with you? Interestingly, the Detroit-based shisha maker, Beamer has a solution with their tobacco-free product that fits perfectly with the hookah.

Beamer Watermelon Gel is one of a kind that delivers similar sessions just like shisha tobacco. The glycerine used in these ice drops is generally the same thing used in shisha. They are in the form of Gel drops and treated in the same procedure as with shisha tobacco.

Taste, Smell, and Smoke

Beamer Watermelon Gel has a jelly texture. While unpacking the content, you will get a natural fruity smell, resembling a real watermelon.

The watermelon gel consists of the following ingredients: Vegetable glycerine, Corn Syrup Solids, natural, artificial flavors, and hydrophilic gel material. Since there is no tobacco and nicotine, you will not get an earthy aroma, rather taste like sweet fruit candy.

As you know, the more is the glycerine, the bigger is the cloud output. This product delivers some massive clouds, even greater than the traditional shisha flavors. Moreover, the fruity taste doesn’t last long, and you’ll mostly feel a sweet sensation with a light undertone of watermelon in your taste buds.

Pack and heat management

Beamer watermelon gel is available in sizes: 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g.

Firstly, load the gel in two of the recommended bowls: Vortex bowl or phunnel bowl. Generally, these bowls are preferred over others because they hold the moisture perfectly and for a prolonged time. Or else, using bowls with holes will lead the juices to spill out more often. You can also use the company-made Beamer Wide Bowl.

Simply drop the gels directly into the bowl from the pouch and make sure not to pack firmly. The reason is that the gel pieces will allow better in-flow of heat within the pack.

This will allow the gels to absorb heat pretty well and impart the flavor at the full note. Also loosely packing the bowl will prevent clogging in the hole. Otherwise, the hole in the bowl, leading to the water base would clog and prevent the flavor inflow.

Also, don’t overstuff the bowl. Doing this would cause the coal to shake on the foil or even drop down. Just like in other shisha flavors, poke the foil gently for better heat penetration within the gel. Use natural coals. You can start with 2 coals since the gel is heat sensitive.


  • The Beamer comes with 40 different fruity flavors and they function almost the same.
  • They are easy to pack and easy to clean (no tar residues).
  • They have better clouds than normal shisha
  • It can be used as an herbal replacement
  • There is no nicotine or tobacco, which means there is no buzz. It is better suited for the starters or someone experimenting with hookah or vaping.
  • Wherever is watermelon flavor or not, you can mix these ice drops with the standard shisha. It is a really interesting combination.

Decide which shisha flavor is the best

Overall, I am inclined to something which has a balanced flavor profile and at the same time, delivers a nice buzz. I am talking about Starbuzz dark Vanilla. I know that someone of you guys isn’t a fan of Starbuzz but though I love some other flavors in the vintage line, Dark Vanilla leaves you in wonder with its delicious creamy and strong notes of natural vanilla.
The earthy tobacco has subtle strength (not as strong as unwashed shisha) and compliments well with Vanilla. That’s what I like about this flavor.

This is all due to Starbuzz’s art of shisha making. Producing vanilla flavor is something really tough task for the shisha makers and many other vanilla brands I tried disappointed me a lot.

Though Dark Vanilla requires careful heat management, every special thing requires little care. It lasts up to 90 minutes giving dense cloud output, which really fills my craving appetite for this unique flavor.

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