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Top Hookah Brands: List of 30+ World Most Popular Hookah Brands

We’ve already had written an article about our opinion of the top hookahs on the market but now I want to show you something better.

This guide will show you 30+ most popular hookah brands.

In our other articles, we’ve covered some of the best shisha flavors and hookah accessories and this is our ultimate guide which will help you to find the top hookah brand for you.

In a crowd of different brands, you’re surely confused and overwhelmed. If you do not want to look further, I’ve put everything in one place.

So let’s get started.

List of (Traditional, Modern, Glass) Hookah Brands

Khalil Mamoon

khalil mamoon egiptian hand crafted hookah

Every hookah smoker is at least  familiar with Khalil Mamoon and many experienced smokers consider Khalil Mamoon as the best hookah brand out there.

This is the most famous company in the industry, Khalil Mamoon hookahs are real pieces of art, handcrafted in a traditional style that has not changed for years, it’s a good choice to introduce yourself with best smoking experience out there, you can also use KM as the decoration in your home.

Why should you choose Khalil Mamoon hookahs over any other brand?

This hookah brand is NO 1 on market because of their quality hookah manufacturing skills. It is the best brand for those seeking a traditional Egyptian hookah experience. They have the best heavy duty hookah stems, beautiful traditional hand-made hookah styling, and a great air-flow.

The hookah is also easy to set and use. KM hookahs are known for their unique hoses, authentic craftsmanship, and ultra-wide and easy draw. KM hookahs are made to last and give hookah smokers the best hookah smoking experience.

Recommended For:

Beginners/ Intermediates/ Experts/ 


starbuzz modern design hookahs in different colors

Starbuzz American made hookah brand which dominates the market for over 13 years.  Thanks to the great quality of their product they quickly spread the business and today we have literally everything in one place from them.

The great success they experienced in 2010 with their bold line of flavor which has added some creativeness in the sleepy hookah flavor market.

In addition to the excellent bold line, there are also very successful acid, standard and vintage lines, creative flavors are something that makes the Starbuzz stand out from others. We’ve created a list of top flavors from Starbuzz check it out.

Also one of the best hookahs in the world

Starbuzz work is greatly beautiful and artistic. They are the perfect combination for beginners and experts in the hookah smoking world.

One of the reasons why the majority of smokers prefer Starbuzz is because the smoking apparatus is simple and easy to set. The package comes with stylistic smoking hoses and perfect flavors for your smoking experience.

Starbuzz hookah tradition has a wide selection of best shisha flavors in the market. The process of buying Starbuzz hookah and other accessories in the market has never been easy like it is in the current technology.

Just notice the size of the hookah and purchase flavors and tobacco varieties for your smoking occasion.

Recommended For:

Beginners/ Intermediates/ Experts/ 

Al Fakher

al fakher white glass hookah with black details medium size

Al-Fakher is Established in the United Arab Emirates, definitely belongs to the group of the top 5 world famous companies for shisha and hookah accessory.

Although they are recognizable exclusively by shisha, few people know that they produce great hookahs both traditional and modern.

In addition to their timeless standard line of flavors with which they entered the market since 2014 there is also their brilliant aAl-Fakher special edition with which they have just improved already a good standard line of flavors.

more than just a shisha brand…

Are you a fan of Al Fakher flavors? It may surprise you but AF design and manufacture high-quality hookahs. The company has to offer great hookahs in a traditional style similar to Khalil Mamoon and with similar quality.

What makes their traditional nargiles unique is their “double tray” style, according to which their hookahs are the most recognizable.

Besides that, the base of the hookah is heavy duty, a stem is made of stainless steel, and it has a really good draw. all in all, a good competitor to KM.

The modern ones such as this glass hookah on the image above are perfectly shaped, comes in AF carrying case, and it’s all hand-made. And yes, the quality of glass is similar to others glass hookah brands, this is not surprising since it comes from Al-Fakher.
With all the experience and expertise, you can expect from AF high-quality products for your smoking needs.

AF hookahs are Recommended For:

/Intermediates/ Experts/ 

Social Smoke

social smoke hookah-shisha brand

Another company worth mentioning is Social Smoke. Social Smoke company was founded in 2003 by two ambitious brothers passionate about hookahs. They started with shisha, but they quickly expanded their business and the hookah manufacturing was the next step.

Obsession lasts more than 15 years

Social smoke is American handcrafters making quality hookah accessories. The company is pushing the boundaries of shisha flavors with their new extensions and introduction of new shisha flavors.

Their tobacco is 100 percent American made. The company also features one of the widest flavor selections in the world and it’s most closely competitor of great Starbuzz.

One reason why the majority of smokers like Social smoke hookahs is the ease of loading and high durability. I don’t see any reason why you should miss the social smoke experience.

 Recommended For:

/Intermediates/ Experts/ 



fumari hookah shisha brand

Fumari has founded in California in 1996 and since then they are highly respected brand on the shisha market.

Their shisha is made of the finest tobacco also one of the juiciest shisha brands, but besides the shisha, they can also boast with very good accessories and fantastic design hookahs.

Their nargileh design is very similar to the Starbuzz. It’s very difficult to say which brand is better because they are both phenomenal.

Recently, Fumari has expanded its range of products, so now you can find literally all products related to hookah from this brand.

Few more thoughts about Fumari hookah/shisha brand

Fumari shisha must be in our lineup for the most outstanding shisha makers in the world. Their tobacco is regarded as the finest tobacco in the Hookah community.

You can never go wrong by choosing Fumari hookah accessories because the company has a wide variety of delicious flavors and silky smooth smoke.

To enjoy Fumari the most, you should use coal as a natural style. Their shisha is packed in an airtight pouch to ensure that it stays fresh for longer.

Fumari is a great brand in the market destined to ensure that their customers get the highest customer experience with their products.

Recommended For:

Beginners/ Intermediates/ Experts/ 


shapes top hookah brand

Shapes is another very competitive brand in the market known for producing high-quality shisha accessories. Shapes have its own online shop which has gained a reputation over the time due to the quality provision of services and high-quality Hookah.

They have been on the market for a long time making quality hookahs for all shisha lovers in the market.

They were the first company in the world to start manufacturing glass hookahs. You should expect a unique shape of hookah and a very durable glass made hookah for safety during transportation.

The Best water pipe from Shapes Brand

There are many Beautiful and unusual design of water pipes made by Shapes. One of their most recognizable hookahs are definitely Alien which is very good looking and eye catchy pipe earned a reputation for a very short time.

Made from high-quality materials such as glass, stainless steel, and silicone, and the result is a modern and very good looking mini pipe.

Recommended For:



pharaoh's beautiful colorful hookah

Pharaoh’s company was founded in 2002 with the aim of bringing quality hookahs to the market at affordable prices.

All their hookahs are handcrafted in China, and besides quality nargiles in their offer, you can find every hookah product under the sun.

Apart from the combination of traditional and modern looking nargiles, they also make high-quality glass hookahs. This company trying to satisfy every hookah of smokers from their existence, in the Pharaoh’s offer you will definitely find something that suits you.

Why is Pharaoh’s taken into consideration as the best hookah brand?

Pharaoh hookahs are there to meet all your smoking expectations. Their hookah pipes offer optimal performance at an affordable price.

Most of their products have excellent performance, starting with coals, bowls such as pharaoh’s hydra, to the hoses, what really characterizes them is an excellent price-quality ratio.

They are also able to configure with up to 4 hookah pipes. What this means for you is that you can invite friends to come along and enjoy together.

Recommended For:


Sahara smoke

sahara smoke black hookah

Sahara Smoke is another Middle East company that has been in the market for more than 30 years.

Since their establishment up to now, they are trying to stay competitive on the market, by supplying smokers, with only the best nargile and nargile accessories.

In their offer, you can find from traditional to modern styles nargile as well as various accessories and parts.

The fact that they have been successful in the market for more than 30 years speaks enough that this is a reliable company.

More about Sahara Smoke Hookahs

Sahara hookahs are a form of quality and artistic traditional designs. Their hoses are unique and of high quality featuring unique stems and exotic hand-made glass bases.

All their hookahs come inclusive of Vortex Hookah Bowl. The Sahara hookah can also be broken down for storage and transportation.

Setting up the hookah is also simple and easy. It also features finely threaded joint sections with each connection point featuring a tight seal to prevent leakages.

Recommended For:



gstar small black hookah with clay bowl

Gstar is probably  in top 3 best cheapest hookah brands on the market. They are affordable and at the same time offer flawless smoking experience both at home and at the parties. Complete your party with this affordable hookah and you will not regret.

Gstar hookahs are exactly what you are looking for to complete that day and make your friends remember the day for good.

It is an 11’’ quality hookah offering a good example of traditional and modern artworks. It is easy to disassemble for transportation and storage and also easy to assemble for use.

Is it worth it to invest in Gstar hookah?

Well, all Gstar hookahs are manufactured in China, and they are made of cheap materials.

The main problem is the possibility of quick rusting but on the other hand, this hookah is a good choice for someone who has a limited budget and for beginners.

Really, you can get a good smoking session with Gstar but this hookah isn’t made to last forever.

Recommended For:



blue hookah with rotating system and multiple hoses

I do not know much about this brand except that the patent looks great. Rotating nargilehs are beautifully designed, you can find it with one or multiple hoses.

This is just amazing when you decide to smoke with your friends. Rotating system are really popular, they’re made of stainless steel which is great.

This satisfies everyone’s taste because of quality, unique looks, and very interesting rotating system. You will kick your friends off their feet when you invite them to a rotating smoking session.


green tonic hookah with yellow details


unity hookah with gold color neck glass base and multiple hose

Great looking and super modern brand, The Unity hookah combines high-quality material with a timeless and unique design.

Like a bullet in the world of guns, I can say that for Unity in the smoking world.

Definitely, This hookah will blow your mind.

If you prefer modern hookahs more than traditional ones this is just for you.


beamer mini blue hookah with coals, ice drops

The famous American brand well-known in the world of smoking.

Except that they are known for making parts, coals and quality non-herbal shisha they also make excellent hookahs.

Cheaper than others but quality can surprise you.

This is another of those brands where you can find everything from A to Z, for smoking, not only hookah but also any other smoking accessories that you may need.

Nammor Hookah

nammor blue base hookah with messing neck and blue washable hose

This brand is very famous because of a unique style of making hookahs.

Fascinating bases with excellent outlines that are not accessible on some other brands and the Nammor hose accompany each hookah, so you get a launderable hose that is effectively cleaned.

When you hear the name of this brand you can be sure that this thing is good.


Fumo is a brand that has been on the market for nearly 10 years.

Specializing in creating modern hookahs, with the aim to bring the best possible smoking experience through a quality hookah.

These hookahs are very attractive and good looking design made mainly of glass, brass, and stainless steel, which are also the best materials for making nargile.

The experiences are different, but I’ll definitely give a chance to this brand.


Nakhla is the oldest hookah company producing shisha since 1913.


Fantasia also has a place on the list of most popular hookah brands in the world.

Their shisha flavors are perfect and you will really enjoy Fantasia.

 Also, they’re manufacturers of e-hookahs and e bowls something brand new on the market the idea seems good but they are not yet perfect.

They’re following the trends and you can get from them unique good looking hookahs and modern devices.


Tangiers is a US-based company with a strong reputation among hookah smokers. They are on the market for over 10 years producing only the best quality products.

Their most famous products are hand-made clay bowls which come in three sizes (small, medium, large). Many people consider their bowls as the best, but they are especially known for their brilliant shisha that comes in 4 different lines.

Their unwashed shisha is one of the strongest on the market which means that contains more nicotine than the others. Although they producing washed shisha with lower amount nicotine, their shisha is not recommended for someone who just starting out.

Recommended For:


9 Top-Rated Glass Hookah Brands


lit hookah brand

Lit hookah is made in the USA using ‘’A’’ class materials to ensure flawless operations during the task.

Lit Hookah manufacturers have a ‘’thinktank’’ of experts to facilitate the process of manufacturing LIT premium Original Glass Hookah.

This team of professionals combines their know-how to ensure that Lit hookah is safe for use. The process of manufacturing, materials used and the designs are the top notch in the market.

It measures about 13’’-14’’ tall and it is usually sold as a complete set.

Made of stainless steel and glass to ensure that your product lasts long to serve the purpose.


lavoo all glass modern design hookah

Lavoo is fantastic brand focusing on great design all glass hookah and glass accessories.

Really modern designed and unique products, there is definitely no chance you will not be very satisfied with their design and quality.

Convincingly the most modern product is this hookah in the picture above if you want to buy it then hurry because it’s a limited edition.


evoluton modern design medium all glass hookah

Another brand name and I must say that is a little bit expensive but that beautiful design must be on our ultimate list of top hookah brands.

Their focus is on glass hookahs which become quite popular nowadays.

They craft them in different sizes and different shapes, with their excellent design many brands can be jealous.

Evolution also offers hookah accessories in all glass style.

Glass hookahs are very easy to clean and if you decide to buy this brand you’ll be more then happy to not have much problem to clean it if you keep it clean regularly.


Aurum all glass hookah brand

Aurum manufacturers introduced the 2017 A series hookah with a plate-shaped ashtray instead of the bowl-shaped ashtray.

The base is thick to ensure durability and make your hookah safe during transportation. The A series 2017 is a mixture of traditional and modern designs which makes it highly attractive.

Whether you’re in a party or smoking at home, Aurum Hookah will stand out by performance and looks. 2017 Aurum hookah model is 27’’ tall including the bowl.


Oduman glass hookah brand

The new Oduman Hookah N5z brings us close to a levitating hookah experience.

This hookah measures 18.5’’ with a traditional bowl port at the top. Oduman is a Hookah manufacturing and designers in Turkey.

The company uses high-quality glass and stainless steel components to create something that every hookah user will enjoy.

However, Oduman N5z hookah package doesn’t include a hookah bowl or grommet.

Though, the bowl port makes it compatible with most popular bowls on the market. Oduman is made of stainless steel and corrosion proof setup to ensure that the hookah is durable and doesn’t rust.

The glass body will act as your base and the central hub for all your hookah components. N series arrives with a 5ft silicone hookah hose which is fully washable.


zahrah glass hookah brand

Zahrah is a company in the USA designing and manufacturing quality hookah for worldwide users.

You cannot afford to not use this hookah due to its specific lounge design and its personalized smoking. So you can fetch your friends and get smoking.

If you were to be given a chance to use it, you may have to pay more to just get a chance of using it first.

Every glass hookah goes through a quality assessment test and hence you are guaranteed of high-quality hookahs and smoking products.

You cannot experience any flaws when using Zahrah Lounge Hookah.


tianyuan glass hookah brand

Tianyuan Hookah is one of the most popular Hookah brands on the market. It is made of washable glass to make it taste clean and fresh.

It is designed and manufactured by Huailai Tianyuan Special Type Glass Co.

The company has been producing high-quality hookahs since 2002. The company headquarter is located near Taihang Mountains in China.

This hookah brand serves the designated purposes either at home or at the parties.

It stands out both in performance and beauty. In addition, Tianyuan has a 19mm joint and it is 6.5cm/2.55 inches diameter ideal for all female joints.


al-haj glass hookah brand

Al-haj is a trusted name in the Shisha industry. The hookah is crafted from heavy-duty materials to make it durable and safe when carrying from one place to the other.

It is available in 5 different colors for you to choose from. Al-haj is 100 percent glass and comes in a hard lock case.

If you want to impress your friends with a 100 percent glass hookah, then this hookah style is perfect for you.

It has got that good look that you have been seeking to complete your party.

 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Mya Hookah Brand

The Mya Saray Company has been around for more than 40 years and initially influenced bohemian precious stone to a product.

They’re presently known for creating probably the most looked for after and rich hookah pipes on the planet!

From the littlest Mya Petite to the transcending Mya Colossus hookah, and even hookahs with bohemian precious stone bases, for example, the Crystal Mya Hookahs, known as the “Moves Royce of Hookahs.”

Quite a long while back they propelled another line they named the “Econo” line, which are hookahs created with more financially savvy fabricating strategies.

The stem is made out of solid aluminum rather than steel, and the glass is made in China rather than Europe.

The quality is the same, and they are good with all other Mya segments, for example, hose connectors.

The most up to date Econo Mya hookah to hit our racks is the Mya Acrylic II Hookah.

This is the primary Econo Mya Hookah with an acrylic base, which is less inclined to breakages were it to be coincidentally dropped, and with no grommet to tinker with, guarantees a hermetically sealed seal each time you smoke!

Another well known Mya Hookah with an acrylic base is one we’ve lovingly named the Mya “Artoo” Hookah since we once conveyed a sidekick hookah in gold that we called the “Threepio” Hookah.






Best Unique Hookahs Which We Can Find

In the following section, I’ll give you a list of the best unique hookahs that you can find on the market.

These hookahs are mostly Chinese production and maybe not as good quality as the brands we listed above.

These are the one that will surely delight your friends. Many bars and nightclubs using such hookahs for one reason, because they’re very attractive.

Here are the list and a couple words to say about each one.

Skeleton skull hookah

skeleton skull unique hookah black and gold color

When we talk about the design, we’ll all agree that is incredible.

If you looking for really unique hookah this is the real thing for you.

Made of stainless steel, comes in a metal box, the bowl is ceramic which is not that good but it has a unique design of a skull and the base is made of glass which is typical.

The hose is not with unchangeable mouthpiece, so if you want a special tip, you will need to get a new hose.

Summarized, it’s worth the money, and it’s pretty good for a gift, or for a Halloween hookah party.

Ice Gun Hookah

ice gun unique hookah medium size with golden gun neck

Very good design for a really small amount of money seems like a good deal but let see.

This hookah was made in China and for the money it’s satisfying.

Comes with clay bowl and washable hose which is not so bad and pistol itself is made of stainless steel.

About 24″ long which makes it a medium size nargileh.

In any case for that money, you can get a cheaper brand or Chinese nargile, but this one is in a gangster style and for those who like unique and modern design this is a good thing otherwise just skip it.

Ak-47 Hookah

AK-47 golden neck hookah with black base and washable hose

The AK-47 hookah is made in China and comes with a removable mouth tip hose and Egyptian clay bowl.

The hookah itself is pretty heavy, it’s made of metal and it’s actually really good quality.

The glass base is also surprisingly good, It’s not some cheap option.

On the top of everything, it looking like a real piece of art, really good and unusual hookah.

For dense smoke lovers, this is not the right thing, because I’ve found that the tube is small and because of that you will not be able to make huge clouds of smoke.

Taking everything in consider this is definitely our winner among the best unique hookahs.

Armand De Brignac Hookah

armand de brignac of spades gold hookah

This hookah is made from a recycled bottle of the well-known champagne Armand de Brignac.

Everyone will agree that looks very eye catchy and really unique when it’s on the table.

It comes with the ceramic bowl but they can not boast about the quality of the hose, it’s unwashable and you can not remove the mouth tip but it’s wooden and it’s easy to clean.

We’ve done a lot of research and found that they have a very good rating, but in my opinion, it’s a bit overpriced.

In any case, this is one of the best unique nargiles out there so if you want good looking stuff, yes, this is for you.

 Top Hookah Brands and Accessories to Buy in 2018

At last, I’ll tell you my opinion of the best choice for a traditional hookah that you’ll ever choose.

This table will include bowl, coals, flavor and hose, everything you will ever need for a great smoking experience.

These are my winners.

Editor’s Choices



Khalil Mamoon

khalil mamoon hookah authentic sadaf
Mystique ice-tip
Coco Nara

Mint is a very classic flavor and Al-Fakher is probably the best brand out there for an affordable price.

This is most authentic and best mint flavor on the market.

Smell is not strong, instead, it's very pleasant.

The shisha is not too wet, but it's just as it should be. You'll get perfectly packed shisha, so, it will preserve the taste and smoking Al-Fakher mint will surely last for two hours.

In combination with ice tip and iPuff bowl, your smoking session will be, you know, perfect.
For every serious smoker iPuff is the right choice.

Once you try it, there is no chance to return to the clay, silicone or any other bowl.

Except it looks irresistible, it is very easy to clean, you'll get more smoke, and because of the windguard your shisha will last longer.

With this perfect bowl you can say goodbye the taste of coal because it will not be anymore.

With Khalil Mamoon hookah makes a perfect combination.
Look at this beast, everyone who smoke hookah must know about KM Egyptian hand crafted art work.

This piece is a chance to have a authentic KM hookah for a fair price.

With this beauty you will also get an Egyptian clay bowl, Egyptian hose and beautiful glass base.

It also has a ice chamber that will give you ice cold smoke, so it's great to combine it with a Mystique tip.

That ice chamber is not necessary to use to make the hookah work perfectly.
This great tip cools your smoke for about an hour.

It's very easy to use, everything you'll need is a hose with removable tip and it's ready to cool down your smoke.

This tip it self is 13" long and it comes with ice gel which cools down your smoke for 25%.

It has a decorative tape in the Moroccan style. The original of the fake can be identified by the logo of this company or by the watermark.
Coco Nara's are 100% natural coals made of coconut shell.

If you don't want to experiment with different colas, these are only coals that you ever need.

If you use burner they need about 5 minutes to burn, leaving a minimal taste of the charcoal. Those coals can last up to an hour perhaps even more.

How much coal you need depends on you or depends on how many people are smoking hookah.

Coco Nara is always the right choice and currently one of the best coals on the market.


My opinion is that this is definitely the best choice you can make for a royal smoking experience.


You’ve reached the end of this article, I hope you learned something.

I try to cover every single brand that we think is worth mentioning.

If I missed something please let me know so we can improve this list, because we want to give our readers the best information out there.

Also if you have any questions comment below we’ll try to answer any questions, dilemmas or suggestions regarding this list.

If you like this article please give us a like or share, and we’ll continue to strive to give you the best possible information on the hookah market.

What is your list of the best hookah brands?

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