What is Shisha? - Learn Quickly Everything You Need to Know

What is Shisha? – Learn Quickly Everything You Need to Know

What is Shisha?

Shisha or hookah tobacco is a mixture of dried fruits or herbs, tobacco, glycerin, and molasse. It is used for relaxing and enjoyment for centuries.

Nowadays there’s a lot of good shisha flavors available on the market and sure you should explore and find your own mix but today we’ll talk about the basics. This may sound silly but many people still asking how shisha is different compared to hookah, so let’s answer this.

The best way to explain what is shisha is to make a difference between hookah and shisha. So what is hookah and what is shisha?


Hookah is the name for a water pipe also known as (hubbly-bubbly, hookah, shisha, narghile.) Originates from Persia, although it is often mentioned that the country of origin is India and Turkey. The hookah is an integral part of Middle East culture and this is the object that serves for enjoyment and relaxation. The traditional hookah consists of the Water jar, valve, hose, gasket, body, plate, bowl, charcoal, wind guard. Modern hookah is made of different materials such as glass, wood, metal, and a combination of these materials. Today is very popular among young people for enjoying with friends or relaxing after a busy day. Although hookah and shisha related words and are often mentioned in the same context actually mean a different thing.

How does hookah work?

The metal tube that descends to the vase where the water is located passes from the top to the end of the hookah. The bowl is covered with a metal foil sheet. Hot coals are placed on top of the foil. When you inhale at a high temperature, the tobacco starts to burn and is ready for smoking. By sucking on the hose smoke passes down and goes under the water or any liquid that you choose that is in the vase. The smoke then rises, passes through the hose, and comes straight into your mouth. The smoke left in the vase is released through the filter although this is not necessary. Now we understand what is hookah and how it works, so let’s figure out what is shisha?


The shisha is the same as hookah tobacco, in most cases when speaking of shisha is thought to be on the hookah. Most people think they are the same thing, but that’s not true. Obviously, there is no difference between hookah tobacco and shisha. Shisha is a popular name for hookah tobacco, generally fruity flavors that contain a high nicotine dose. The combination of aromatic herbs or fruit flavors and tobacco with nicotine is as old as hookah. There are many different companies that make hookah tobacco, some of them like for example Nakhla exist for a very long time. Because of the high dose of nicotine, you will have a feeling of relaxation and that’s what its purpose is. There are also blends without nicotine. In modern times companies started making shisha without nicotine, which can be a good substitute for real hookah tobacco, and it’s a little bit healthier.

Now we know the difference between hookah and shisha. So we can move on.

 What is E-Hookah?

It is also known as shisha pen, this is a hookah of modern times It is an electronic device similar to electronic cigars. Most people think they have benefited from it because it’s a healthier substitute for smoking hookah.

How Does Shisha Pen Work?

The electric shisha pen collects heat and converts liquid into smoke that can be inhaled. The device is similar to an electric cigar and some are called a safe hookah replacement. You can find it for single or multiple uses and is available in various flavors. The hookah consists of four parts: batteries, a liquid which it is filled and which replaces a shisha, a heating part that heats the liquid and leads to a vapor and smoke generation, and a plastic part which looks like an e-cigarette.

What is Shisha Pen Liquid?

There are two types of e liquids, with nicotine and those which are made without nicotine. The main ingredients of most e-liquids are fruit flavoring, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine if it’s made with it.

Is it Really Safer?

These liquids are approved as safe for use, but the opinions about these ingredients are different. It should be noted that it is safer than consuming a shisha that contains lots of nicotine or classic tobacco that is in cigars. There are still no clear studies showing whether is safe for long-term consumption.

Shisha vs E-Liquid

If the e-liquid appears to be a safe replacement for shisha, it has not yet proved to be quite safe for use in the long run. If you use it with nicotine the only difference is that you take a lower amount of nicotine than it contains in shisha. The classic tobacco and shisha contain over 4000 harmful substances that you breathe when you take a smoke.

Some say that one charging of hookah is harmful as 100 cigarettes. The shisha tobacco is packaged at a dose of 25 to 30 grams which can contain much more nicotine than the liquid that is placed in a shisha pen. Natural shisha is made of natural things and can be used safely but smoke is not in human nature so it should be avoided in the long run.

The nicotine-free liquid is the same thing as nicotine-free shisha.

True or false?  Estimate yourself.


It damages health but most people really enjoy consuming hookah including us and many more people. We recommend to you if you smoke hookah, you do not overdo it. We think that in small quantities it is not so harmful so we can process it after a busy day.  Our goal was to clarify everything you should know if you start smoking hookah. So the next time when someone asks you what is shisha, keep this in mind. If you have questions about this article, please leave a comment or contact us.

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